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When the woman in black walked into the porcelain store, Xue Fanxin had already noticed her.

She found her aura a little familiar but also not.

Because of this strange feeling, she remained wary of her.

When the black-clothed woman ambushed her, she immediately counterattacked.

The Xue You Sword in her hand flashed.

While dodging, she used her sword to remove the black veil and bamboo hat on her head.

Everyone saw the attackers face clearly.

The first to speak was Zhuri.

He said in anger and surprise, “Zhuiyue, its actually you.”

Ye Yi and the others were no strangers to Zhuiyue.

After all, this woman had once been a Night Shadow Guard, and her status was not low.

She was on par with Zhuri.

The five of them had to listen to her orders.

However, they felt that this woman was ridiculous.

The Lord had ordered her to be the consorts maid and guard, but she actually dared to disobey him, even looking down on the consort.

To top it off, she did not find her actions to be a mistake.

This was bordering stupidity.

Everyone could tell how Zhuiyue felt about the Lord, but did she even think about it Was the Lord someone she could reach

“Zhuri, if you still remember our past friendship, dont ruin my plans.” After Zhuiyues identity was exposed, she was not frightened or panicked.

Instead, she shamelessly mentioned friendship to Zhuri.

“Theres no past friendship between us,” Zhuri said with a cold smile.

He felt disgusted.

He hated Zhuiyues self-righteous manner, and he hated her for being unruly and ungrateful.

If not for the fact that the Lord had saved her back then, Zhuiyue would have long been sold to a brothel and become a woman of the secular world.

How would she have had the achievements of today

But how did Zhuiyue repay the Lords kindness

She actually wanted to kill his consort.

She was an ingrate.

Zhuiyue could hear the hidden disgust and disdain in Zhuris tone.

The unfriendly gazes of Ye Yi, Ye Er, Ye San, Ye Si, Ye Wu, and the others made her even angrier.

Initially, these people surrounded her, especially Ye Yi and the others, obeying her orders.

But now… she really, really hated Xue Fanxin.

This damned woman had stolen everything from her and ruined her life.

“Zhuri, Ye Yi, and the rest, if you dare to spoil my plans today, Ill kill you too.”

“I really cant stand such an idiot and stupid woman.

If you dont move, Ill attack and slap her to death.

Living for such a stupid woman is a waste of food, air, spirit energy, and resources.

Ill slap her to death now for a greener world.” Little Lei couldnt stand Zhuiyues self-righteous look.

He was itching to take action, but he was stopped.

Xue Fanxin smiled coldly and said, “Leave her to me.

Ill let her know what self-awareness is today.”

She had only seen Zhuiyue once, yet the other party hated her so much.

She would not keep such an ignorant, stupid, and inexplicable enemy.

Yi Fentians matter had taught her a lesson.

She could not be merciful to her enemies, let alone think about this and that.

She had to get rid of them when she had the chance, in case there were any variables.


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