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The next morning, Xue Fanxin brought a group of people to the streets.

Yes, they were only there to spend money.

They would buy whatever they fancied without haggling over the price.

Clothes, accessories, and all kinds of daily necessities were on their list.

In short, they bought the most expensive and best things.

“I want all the jars in this pile and also those large urns.

Boss, do you have any in stock in your warehouse Sell them all to me.

The price is negotiable.”

Xue Fanxin walked into a store that specialized in bowls, pots, and porcelain.

Her group almost cleared the whole street.

Every time she reached a store, she would buy everything inside.

The news had spread throughout Heavenly Saints City by now.

The store owners hoped that she could visit their shop.

Hence, when the owner of the porcelain shop saw her, he was about to go forward to greet her.

Before he got the chance though, she loudly proclaimed that she would clear the stock.

He was overjoyed.

“Alright, alright, alright.

Your Highness, please wait a moment.

Ill get the clerk to bring all the porcelain in the storeroom over.”

“Your Highness, why do you want so many jars These are of all sizes, and there are so many of them.

Im afraid it will take two storage bags to fill them all.

Weve already bought ten storage bags today,” Fuyun asked in confusion, not understanding Xue Fanxins intentions.

These jars were not that useful.

Ordinary families used them to store things or marinate food.

Wealthy families did not use them.

Could it be that the consort was buying randomly because she had nowhere to spend her money

After a whole day, they bought a bunch of things, and none of them were random.

Every item had its uses.

Buying randomly was not the consorts style.

“I plan to use these jars to make canned fish.”

Little Lei followed Xue Fanxin out to shop, but nothing here caught his eye.

Bored, he was playing with the jars listlessly.

As soon as his ears caught canned fish, he perked up.

He ran over with the jar in his hand and asked, “Woman, woman, are you planning to use these jars for that canned fish”

Little Lei became energetic.

He was indeed a true foodie.

“Thats right! There are no such cans here, so we can only use this kind of porcelain jar.

But the taste will be even better.

We can put it in the storage bag without worrying about it expiring.

You can eat it no matter how long you leave it there.” Xue Fanxin was also a foodie.

When it came to food, she was always hungry.

She planned to turn those Electric Water Eels into canned fish that she could eat at any time in the future.

After hanging out with these two gluttons for a long time, the people by her side also became little gluttons.

Now that she knew the answer, Fuyun was especially proactive.

She took the initiative to make the deal, “Boss, we want as many jars as you have in your store.

Money is not a problem.”

Zhuri, Ye Yi, and the others secretly smiled as they thought about the delicious food in the future.

They had indeed followed the right master.

Not only could they go out and see the world, but they could also eat peerless delicious food.

It was amazing.

While everyone was feeling happy, a woman in a black dress and a black bamboo hat walked in.

She first pretended to look at the porcelain, then suddenly ambushed Xue Fanxin when no one was paying attention.

“Xue Fanxin, give me your life.”


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