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“Return something”

“Why Are you going back on your word”

Xu Tui was stunned for a moment before he suddenly reacted.

The pearls!

Back when he dealt with Deng Wei, he had used Zuo Qingqings pearl.

At that time, Zuo Qingqing did not need Xu Tui to compensate her.

Xu Tui had to compensate her.

Later, he checked the information.

The natural flawless pearls that used the extraterrestrial meteorite powder as their core started at 200,000 yuan per pearl.

The reservation period was half a year.

He had to pay a million.

At that time, Xu Tui was very poor and could not afford it.

However, Xu Tui was rich now.

“Im sorry for taking so long.

Ill compensate you now! Ill transfer the money to you.

The starting price of five pills is one million.

Ill transfer 1.1 million to you.

You can customize it yourself,” Xu Tui said as he thought about it.

He wanted to end this matter.

“I dont want money.

I want my pearls!” Zuo Qingqin raised his head and said angrily.

“This… Ill make a reservation now.

It might take half a year…”

“I dont want the pearls you ordered half a year later either! I want my original two pearls.

That was an 18-year-old coming-of-age gift from my father.

It was a complete set and had special sentimental value! It had a unique pattern.

“I want those two pills.

Compensate me!” Zuo Qingqing threw a tantrum.

Xu Tui was dumbfounded.

Why did it feel like there was no way to discuss this matter He would not be able to get the original two pills even if he was beaten to death.

Xu Tui only reacted after a few breaths.

Zuo Qingqing was taking the opportunity to throw a tantrum and make things difficult for him!

However, his business-like attitude seemed to be normal compared to Xu Tuis previous actions.

Gong Ling saw that Xu Tui was in a difficult position and quickly tugged at Zuo Qingqings sleeve.

“Sister Qingqing.”

“Dont try to persuade me! I think hes just a petty man who wont let go of my mistakes.

I already knew that I was wrong and would remember it in the future.

Yet he still refused to let go.

“Then Ill be stingy!”

In the next moment, Zuo Qingqing threw a tantrum and extended her hand toward Xu Tui.

“Give it back to me.

Give me back my original two pearls.”

Xu Tui was speechless.

Cheng Mo was drenched in cold sweat.

Damn, women were scary when they were unreasonable.

When a woman was in the right and started to be unreasonable, it would become very, very terrifying!

No one could stop her!

After a while, Zuo Qingqing looked at Xu Tui, who had a speechless and helpless expression on his face.

She took the initiative to speak again, “Do you feel uncomfortable being unreasonable”

The depressed Xu Tui looked up at Zuo Qingqing.

“I was just throwing a tantrum just now.

I wasnt making things difficult for you.

You dont have to return the pearl.

Also, I apologize again.

I didnt inform you about this in advance.

I was wrong.

“Ill remember that in the future.

I would not make such a mistake again! I will definitely be a qualified member!” Zuo Qingqing took the initiative to give Xu Tui a way out.

She even expressed her stance in front of everyone.

It had to be said that Zuo Qingqing was a very smart woman.

First, she used the pearls and threw a tantrum to turn the tables around.

Then, she gave Xu Tui a way out and apologized sincerely.

Xu Tui was taking advantage of her.

“Little Tui, please forgive Sister Qingqing this once.

She really didnt do it on purpose.” Gong Ling also came to plead for mercy.

In the end, Xu Tui nodded slightly.

“Then Ill forget it this time.

Remember, once we reach the wilderness, we will be teammates who will live and die together.

We must not reveal our location to anyone.

That might bring about uncontrollable danger,” Xu Tui said.

Zuo Qingqing first nodded at Xu Tui when she heard that.

She then rolled her eyes at Xu Tui.

“Hmph, stingy!”

Gong Ling was suddenly stunned by her appearance.

At this moment, Gong Ling suddenly felt an inexplicable threat.

In reality, Xu Tui had made a big fuss out of nothing.

However, his experience of being used as bait in Jincheng Prefecture made him exceptionally sensitive to this.

That was why he had such a huge reaction.

“By the way, Zuo Qingqing, I think I should pay you back for that pearl of yours, right Or you can tell me a style or flower pattern.

Ill customize it for you.

Its better if I pay you back,” Xu Tui said after some consideration.

Zuo Qingqing glared at Xu Tui when she heard that.

“I dont want money, much less the pearls that you custom-made.

If you want to compensate, you have to compensate me for my original two pills! Or Ill eat you to death!”

Xu Tui was speechless.

“Hmph, Little Stingy!” Zuo Qingqing was a little smug when she saw Xu Tui suffer.

The camp that had been noisy for an hour or two finally quietened down again.

He counted his gains today.

Gong Ling found one of her mission targets and obtained a few other mutated plants.

The value of the various mutated animals and plants they had obtained when they returned earlier today was about a million yuan.

They did not gain much.

Moreover, there were some things that had to be dealt with in advance before they could be taken back.

However, to Xu Tui, his greatest gain came from the so-called “Origin Crystal” of a Planetary lifeform.

What exactly were Origin Crystals

Xu Tui sent a message to An Xiaoxue as he looked in the direction where the Origin Crystals that were hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away had fallen.

“Miss An, what are Origin Crystals”


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