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“Shooting star”

This was Xu Tuis first reaction when he saw the sudden burst of light in the sky.

Shi Hong smiled but did not say anything.

He continued to point at the sky, indicating for Xu Tui to continue watching.

Xu Tuis expression changed after a second.

It was definitely not a shooting star! If it was really a shooting star, it would only take an instant.

However, the sudden light did not disappear in a second.

Instead, in a second, its brightness multiplied.

It was as if a bright moon had suddenly appeared in the world.

The kind with a full moon.

It was illuminated by the light!

If he looked up, he might have the illusion that it was almost dawn.

When the light reached its peak, it suddenly shattered.

It exploded like a super firework.

It exploded into hundreds of thousands of light spots.

Each point of light was like a brilliant shooting point falling from the distant sky, bringing with it a ribbon of light.

Xu Tui, Cheng Mo, Gong Ling, and Zuo Qingqing were completely stunned.

This was a phenomenon that they had never seen before!

“What… is this” Xu Tui muttered to himself as he looked at the huge fireworks that had exploded in an instant.


Shi Hong was extremely detestable.

At this moment, he was keeping everyone in suspense.

Xu Tui glared at Shi Hong unhappily.

Cheng Mo immediately guessed, “The artificial satellite was destroyed”

“How big is a satellite You cant even see a satellite being blown up in space.”

“The space station” Cheng Mo guessed again.

Shi Hong still shook his head and pointed at his head.

Cheng Mo had to think before he spoke.

“Could it be an extraterrestrial base built by humans” Cheng Mo was shocked!

“Theres another one!” Suddenly, Gong Ling shouted.

In the sky, another ball of light rose.

In an instant, it exploded into a huge firework.

However, this second firework was more than ten times weaker than the first one.

Seeing the second firework light up, Shi Hong was shocked.

“This is…”

At this moment, most of the hundreds of light spots that exploded from the two balls of light disappeared when they passed through the atmosphere.

A small number of them managed to pass through the atmosphere and land in all directions with shocking brightness.

One of them actually fell in the direction of Dongan Ridge.

Seeing this, Shi Hong suddenly stood up.

“Damn, did I get lucky today”

Xu Tui, Cheng Mo, Gong Ling, and Zuo Qingqing did not know what had happened.

“I might have some unexpected gains today, so I wont keep you in suspense.

Ill be frank with you.

The light spots that exploded just now were actually two Planetary realm lifeforms,” Shi Hong said.

‘”A lifeform”

Xu Tui frowned.

“Why do you say that its a lifeform and not a human”

“Because they might not be humans! Humans are just one of the life forms on the extraterrestrial battlefield.”

“What is a Planetary realm” Xu Tui quickly asked his question.

“Above the Genetic Transmutation Realm is the Planetary Realm! That is the standard of passage for the entire universe.”

Shi Hongs words instantly opened a new door for Xu Tui.

Xu Tui wanted to ask something, but Shi Hong waved his hand and rejected him.

“What Im saying can be considered top-secret information.

Most of the teachers in the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College might not know about it.

So, that was it.

“Knowledge is the most expensive in this world!”

Xu Tui, who wanted to know more, was stunned.

“Of course, if you want to know more information, you can join our organization.

Within the organization, as long as you reach a certain level of membership, a lot of knowledge is free.

“What do you think” Shi Hong said with a smile.

“I need to think about it.” Xu Tui did not agree.

Hearing this, Shi Hong sighed.

“Kid, why are you so wishy-washy Why dont you add a companion”

Shi Hong pointed at Cheng Mo.

“Your brother Cheng Mo was not qualified to join our organization.

“However, if you join, he can also be approved as an outer member and obtain a free ability and related cultivation resources.”

At this point, Shi Hong added, “We have information on Cheng Mo.

To be honest, we happen to have an ability within The Myths regarding the genetic base points that Cheng Mo activated.

“Moreover, the advanced ability of this ability is very magical.”

Xu Tui cursed in his heart.

What a f*cking temptation.

Moreover, it also indirectly proved that Shi Hong had come prepared.

Not only did they investigate Xu Tuis detailed information, but they also investigated his social relations.

Shi Hongs words made Cheng Mos eyes light up.

However, he immediately became determined.

“Its up to you whether you want to enter or not, Little Tui.

Dont be affected by me.

Im also very satisfied with my current ability,” Cheng Mo said.

Xu Tui did not respond to Cheng Mos words.

Instead, he began to think about it.

However, Shi Hong looked very anxious.

“Xu Tui, Ill be leaving in three minutes at most.

Lets see if I can snatch that Origin Crystal.”

“Origin crystals”

Xu Tui was puzzled.

“Ill explain this problem to you when you join the organization! I can only tell you that its a very, very precious thing.

“Some people invested hundreds of millions all year round but could not buy a single piece! It is priceless.”

As he spoke, Shi Hong looked at his watch again.

“How about it Hurry up and give me an answer! We Myths pay more attention to mutual benefits with our members.


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