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Ning Yu also saw Shi Xi.

She nodded slightly and walked to her seat.

After that, the host introduced the rules of the game, but Shi Xi didnt listen to a single word.

‘Good-for-nothing, why would Ning Yu enter the entertainment industry Shi Xi was flustered.

She wouldnt be slapped in the face again, right

System: [Ning Yu participated in this program as a gamer.

There was such a plot in the original plot, dont you remember]

Shi Xi:…A novel with a few million words, do you really think I memorized it

Even though she said that, Shi Xi still tried her best to recall this plot.

Oh ho, it was because of this plot that she couldnt understand and directly skipped over it.

She didnt expect this day to come.

The system comforted her: [Dont worry, youre not the one Ning Yu wants to slap today.]

Shi Xi:Then who is it

[Its the girl standing next to Ning Yu.

Her name is Nan Yi, and shes also a prospective freshman at the Yanjing University Summer Camp.] The system showed mercy and briefly introduced the plot, [Nan Yi looks down on Ning Yu for coming from a small place and finding fault with her everywhere.

In the end, she was completely crushed by Ning Yu.]

As soon as the system finished speaking, Shi Xi heard the sounds of people looking for trouble.

“When drinking red wine, you have to rotate the glass like this to let the fragrance of the wine come out.

Then, you can sniff the fragrance of the wine before drinking.” Nan Yi shook the red wine glass in her hand, took a sip of red wine, and looked at Ning Yu scornfully.

“A person like you who came from the countryside shouldnt have the chance to come into contact with such high-end red wine, right”

Shi Xi watched from the side and thought to herself,Isnt it good to be alive

‘Why do you have to find trouble

Ning Yu raised her wine glass and shook it.

Nan Yis eyes were filled with disdain as she smiled and said, “Its not like that.”

Ning Yu raised her eyes slightly and said, “This is Cabernet Sauvignon Rose Red Wine.

Its considered an entry-level sweet wine, 19 per bottle.”

Nan Yi: “”

Ning Yu chuckled and asked in a puzzled manner, “Do you nobles only drink a 19 yuan bottle of sweet wine”

Nan Yi: “!”

After saying that, Ning Yu put the red wine glass aside and turned around to look for clues to the mission.

She no longer paid any attention to Nan Yi.

Nan Yi was fuming.

She wanted to explain herself to Ning Yu, but she was stopped by her colleague, Senior Yan.

“Nan Yi, have you found any clues” The senior smiled gently and reminded her that she was still recording.

Nan Yi, who was stopped, took a deep breath.

“I was just about to look for it.”

There was no rush to crush Ning Yu.

Shi Xi watched the entire process from the side and gave Ning Yu a cry in her heart.

Her sister was mighty and domineering!

Li Jinfan came over and asked, “Sister Xi, have you found any clues”

Shi Xi asked, “What clues”

When the host explained the rules just now, her mind was filled with Ning Yu and she didnt hear a single word.

Li Jinfan said helplessly, “The twelve of us have to look for clues about the identities of others to use to kill the werewolves behind us.”

“Where do we look for them” Shi Xi asked directly.

Li Jinfan spread out his hands.

“I dont know.”

Shi Xi: “…” It was more or less the same as what she had said.

Seeing that they were looking around, Shi Xi began to look for clues as well.

Li Jinfan followed beside Shi Xi and said, “Shall we form a team”

Shi Xi said, “Form a team”

Li Jinfan nodded.

His black and bright eyes were pure and flawless.

“Im a villager.

Whats Sister Xis identity”

The villagers were good people and did not have the strength to truss a chicken.

Shi Xi smiled faintly.

“Trying to get my identity”

“No! What I want to say is that if Sister Xi is a god, that would be the best.” Li Jinfans eyes were clear.

“I can help Sister Xi block a knife.”

Shi Xis eyes curved.

“What if Im a wolf”

Li Jinfan was slightly startled.


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