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He leaped across the air, scaling past the ten floors of the structure in nearly an instant, and landed on the rooftop.

Gustav instantly spread out his perception covering the entire vicinity and all ten floors of the building in a few moments.

At the same time, he proceeded to activate God Eyes.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

His vision turned red as he stared down and saw through the floors one after the other.

Gustav controlled the see-through ability of the God Eyes in such a way that he scanned one floor after the other.

He could see the place crawling with the genetically disabled.

They were free to wander within the internal structure of the place.

However, none of them felt the need to go out since the world probably didn\'t treat them well, especially when some of them couldn\'t move because of their genetic disabilities.

Some were even a danger to other people due to their occasional uncontrollable outbursts, but this place was well structured, and procedures were put in place to prevent such happenings.

Some with more severe genetic conditions were in their room being tended to by medical staff, while some were playing games or engaging in one activity or the other.

It seemed like quite the lovable place due to the safe vibe it exuded.

Gustav continued scanning each floor one after the other.

The rooms, the offices, the staff, the toilet, bathroom, and every single space within without missing one.

As he approached the bottom floors, Gustav spotted something in the middle area of the fourth floor.

This floor was already a weird one since Gustav couldn\'t find any genetically disabled on this one.

Only one or two staff members would occasionally arrive here and go back, so Gustav thought it was maybe a staff room.

The middle area of the structure where there was a curve was completely secluded.

As Gustav scanned around the room, he found out why.

His eyes slightly widened in realization as he spotted a familiar figure sitting in a cross-legged position in front of a small bed.

I\'ve found him, Gustav voiced out through the communication device.

The others all across the region in different locations heard Gustav through the communication device and instantly stopped whatever they were doing at the time.

Squad leader, where Fiona was the first to ask.

Somewhere we never thought he\'d be, Gustav voiced out while squinting his eyes.

The Mug house, 

The moment he said that their eyes widened in disbelief.

He was in the Mug house this whole time Mill stated from the other end with a disbelieving tone.

From the looks of things, he lives here in a small space all by himself.

Truly a humble setting, Gustav said while looking around the room.

Besides the bed, there was a poster on the wall and a kitchen, bathroom as well as a small living room.

This looked like the kind of place a person who had just moved out of their parents\' house and starting real adult life would rent.

Squad leader, we\'re coming, Darkyl voiced out.

The others began to make their way towards the Mug house as they heard Darkyl voice that out.

He may already be dead before you lots arrive here, Gustav responded and disconnected the communication.

Fiona\'s expression changed as her face squeezed up a bit after hearing that.

She wanted to connect back to Gustav and ask him not to kill Chief Brad, but she knew very well Gustav would only do what he wanted, so it would be pointless.

Purplish wings sprouted out from her back and flapped once with intensity...


Fierce winds blasted across the surroundings sweeping up dust and forcing people to the side.

Fiona\'s body ascended across the air like a rocket, zooming off into the sky.

While everyone headed to the Mug House, Gustav moved towards the curved middle part of the rooftop and approached the ledge in front.

He looked down at the ground, which was a far distance away, but this was nothing compared to the heights he had scaled.

He turned around, standing on the ledge with just his toes area.

Pushing one leg backward...


Gustav\'s body descended with speed along the side of the building while facing it.

The moment his body reached the windowpane area of the fourth floor, he activated Hover.

[Hover Has Been Activated]

His body paused in mid-air, causing him to float right in front of a closed window.


The countdown began as Gustav proceeded to conjure an Atomic Blade.


He pierced right through and slashed in a rectangular format as quickly as he could.



The rectangular-shaped glass pane fell out the windowpane, and Gustav proceeded to catch it before it could fall towards the ground.


Deactivating the atomic blade, Gustav reached out and grabbed hold of the sides from the hole he had cut.

Pulling himself forward, his entire body went through the hole, and he arrived within a small corridor.


He deactivated Hover at this point and descended towards the floor.

[Silent Advancement Has Been Activated]

He began walking forward along this silent corridor.

Besides him earlier was a door that led to the exit of this particular floor which meant that right ahead was the place where Chief Brad was residing.

Gustav remembered exactly where to go from what he had seen above.

He arrived in front of a door and could already sense the presence within.

He touched the door and the walls by the sides and was instantly able to tell how sturdy they were.

Gustav\'s eyes glowed a milky color as he conjured two long atomic blades radiating with more energy than normal.

They sucked up even the air around them and caused a weird force of attraction around Gustav.

Raising both hands up, Gustav\'s arms transformed into that of the boar, becoming extremely muscular, brown, and large.


He slashed out in an \'X\' format with intensity.

The atomic blades tore right through the door with the amount of force used, disintegrating the properties the door was made of.

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