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Since then the neighborhood was exposed to danger.

None of the mixed-bloods in this neighborhood were Zulu ranked.

There was only one person who was Zulu ranked but that person wasn\'t a combat type mixed blood.

The neighborhood had occasional attacks of lower leveled mixed breeds like once every month but before old man Daki died the creatures started appearing every week.

He was able to manage the situation before it went completely out of hand but when he died it became a ** storm for the neighborhood.

There were about fifty-seven buildings in that particular area where old man Daki protected.

With Old man Daki gone, a Mixedbreed manage to infiltrate a building and slaughtered an entire family.

Angy was the only one that could stand up to the Mixedbreeds but she could only drag out the fight till the cops arrived and killed it off with modern weapons.

Now that Gustav had arrived in the neighborhood and they saw how he was capable of killing a Mixedbreed, they decided to make him an observer.

They thought he was a step four Zulu ranked like old man Daki.

Gustav didn\'t bother explaining to them that he wasn\'t.

He let them believe they were right.

Of course, they knew Gustav still attended school so patrolling all night would be impossible but the job didn\'t require Gustav to patrol the neighborhood all night.

He only had to do it till midnight.

According to the twenty-five-year history of this place, mixed-breeds never appeared around midnight.

The closest to midnight they had appeared was around eleven pm.

If Gustav patrolled till twelve and no irregularities were noticed, he would be done with the job for that night.

Gustav and the men in the coffee shop had a lengthy conversation about this.

These men were well-known figures in the community so they were practically representing the neighborhood with their choices.

Gustav charged them thirty thousand a month.

Old man Daki used to collect fifteen thousand every month but Gustav felt it was too low.

Although his goal for doing this wasn\'t completely because of the money, he wouldn\'t do it for such a price talkless of doing it for free.

The men had no option but to accept Gustav\'s price since he wasn\'t backing down.

Gustav walked out of his apartment towards the balcony area.

He moved towards the edge where he could see the buildings in the surroundings.

Some buildings were taller than this in the vicinity but they were only a few.

Most of the buildings around here were no more than ten stories tall.

He looked around noting the structures and streets.

\'From now on this neighborhood is under my protection I guess,\' Gustav smirked while saying this internally.


He started his new job this same night.

Gustav used that night time to know the neighborhood better.

He had every single building color, structure, location etched into his head.

The alleyways, streets, intersections, e.t.c.

He had memorized every part of the neighborhood.

He also patrolled deeper into the sparse forest area behind.

He discovered that the forest of trees wasn\'t sparse the further he traveled.

The deeper he traveled into the forest, the denser the forest of trees became.

Gustav had discovered something yesterday and he wanted to confirm it.

When he got to a particular depth, he could see blue and green glowing lines forming a wall up ahead.

The blue and green glowing lines were more than a thousand meters from his position yet he could see them.

The wall they formed was more than six hundred feet in height.

He immediately figured that this was the border they were referring to.

The second border since according to his research there were two borders.

One blocked the mixed-breed within the city from entering into human territories while the second which was still up ahead served as the division between Plankton city and Atrihea city.

The distance between the two borders was said to be about three thousand miles.

This made Gustav wonder just how many mixed-breeds were in between for there to be that much space.

There was a long road towards his east that led to the outskirts of the city.

The blue and green glowing lines barricaded the road on both sides which proved that the road was safe to travel on since it cut through the middle of the forest ahead.

This road was well constructed and it also led to the city behind.

If a person was to find themselves within the second border, they would be transversing through the territory of mixed-breeds.

Gustav didn\'t move close to the glowing lines to check them out because from his position he could sense immense danger coming from those lines.

He decided to turn back after observing the border for a few more minutes.

The rest of the night was uneventful and by midnight he headed back to his apartment to have a good night\'s rest.

-Three days later

Nothing interesting had happened during the last three days.

Gustav had been doing his job as expected but nothing had happened recently.

He still researched about the borders in his free time and had learned more about them in these past three days.

Gustav was now interested in traveling through the second border after everything he discovered.

The only issue was he couldn\'t leave the city right now.

He wasn\'t chanced due to all his activities.


The next morning Gustav was up again around five am as usual.

Today was a Thursday which made it another school day.

Gustav wasted no time in getting ready for school and in about ten minutes he was done.

When he came out of his apartment, Angy was at the door waiting for him.

He wondered why she would decide to go to school this early just so she could follow him but he couldn\'t find the answer.

He just felt she was pretty weird.

They headed for school together and went their separate ways after taking a bus to the nearest stop to both their schools

Gustav headed for his favorite kitchen to go do his morning job.

Today was a pretty boring day in school again.

Gustav was starting to get bored with school work.

He couldn\'t wait for the MBO entrance test to take place but that was still three months away.

Miss Aimee told him not to slack in channeling his Bloodline because Zulu rank may be the threshold for taking part in the test but that didn\'t mean only Zulu-ranked mixed-bloods would be participating.

When Gustav heard that he suddenly felt a rush of excitement.

He had been focusing more on the system than channeling his bloodline because he didn\'t want to become way stronger than the participants of the test.

He didn\'t want to arouse intense suspicion so he was channeling his bloodline slowly especially after he found out that with every increase in rank came about a substantial multiplication of strength.

He wanted to get enlisted into the MBO camp before he would go full force on increasing his bloodline strength and coupling it with the system altogether.

Now that miss Aimee had said this, he decided to reach the next rank before the entrance test took place...

The Serial Rank!

School ended today with exciting announcements.

There will be a Three days exchange event between high schools holding in, Atrihea city high school, one month from now!

Echelon Academy has been invited to participate!

Class three students will be attending this exchange event!

The principal of the school sounded this announcement in the ears of the students within the school hall.

Gustav who was seated far behind had a smile on his face as he heard the announcement.

\'Just the chance I have been waiting for to cross the border...\'


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