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He stood before the edge and looked down at the ground from this height.

He could sense that the disturbance was coming from the ground floor because he could see people moving towards the apartment there.

The height of this building was over thirty meters

Compared to the building where he fought Paul, this was one was like a dwarf.

Gustav breathed in before jumping several feet forward.


As he descended the wind blew into his sweater causing it to inflate.

His blonde hair was also afloat due to the wind.

Gustav felt like he was flying and the freedom of falling through the air was out of this world but it didn\'t last.


Gustav landed on his feet with his knees slightly bent.

The ground slightly quaked as his feet made contact with it causing a small cloud of dust to form.

The loud sound he made upon landing alerted everyone and they turned to stare at him with awe.

Gustav was surprised since he didn\'t feel the recoil like he was supposed to but right now he didn\'t take time to analyze that since the situation at hand took priority.

Gustav turned around to face the building that housed his apartment.

There was a huge hole on the wall in front.

The insides of the apartment that happened to be situated here could be seen even though it was a bit dark.

Since Gustav practically used a shortcut to get here, he was among the first people to arrive which meant no one had gone in to check what was happening.

Four men were also approaching from behind.

Gustav stared at the hole in the wall with a look of bewilderment.

His perception was able to spread out more than twenty meters around him so he could sense something moving within the apartment.


that\'s not human,\' As Gustav perceived this, a man from behind ran past Gustav towards the hole.

The man was only a few feet away from getting to the hole when he suddenly felt a pull from behind.

He turned around to see a teenage boy with blonde hair holding onto his right arm.

Before he could even react, he was lifted and pulled back with force.

Gustav was the one who pulled the man back which dumbfounded a lot of people around but before they could say anything.


The hole in the wall blasted open wider than before.

Debris was sent flying in all directions.

Had Gustav not pulled the man back, some of the debris would have made contact with him.

But right now everyone\'s eyes were focused on what came out of the hole.

And what came out of it was something Gustav had never come across before since the time of his birth.

Tom! Tom! Tom!

The sound of the heavy footsteps resounded in everyone\'s ear while the visuals of what came out of the hole gave them a huge fright.

It was a 2.5-meter tall creature with brown furs all over its body and Dark red eyes.

it stood like a human on two legs that were bent backward.

Four sharp claws dripping with blood could be seen on both its paws and its body had a kind of robust physique.

Its facial look was similar to a wolf while its body was a bit similar to a bear\'s due to its robustness.


An arm that had been uprooted from a shoulder dropped from the mouth of the creature.

It was dripping with fresh blood


-Blood wolf Mixedbreed!!!!

-Someone, call the cops!

The entire place became chaotic immediately after the source of the disturbance was revealed.

People started running from place to place in fear.

\'So this is how a mixed-breed looks\' Gustav had only read about them but he had never seen how they looked.

It didn\'t cross his mind to check it out on the web since he had been busy trying to find a job in the last three days.

The mixed-breed glared at people in the vicinity and started walking forward.

About twenty people had gathered around here but none of them were mixed-bloods.

They were mostly normal humans.

Gustav and the mixed-breed exchanged glances.

Grrhhh! The mixed-breed growled with a look fierce look as blood dripped from its fangs that were about nine inches long.

The men behind Gustav had looks of wariness and were slowly moving back as the Blood wolf Mixedbreed stepped forward.

Some people had gone to carry anything they could use as a weapon even though they knew it was futile when facing a Mixedbreed.

Gustav observed the creature for a few more seconds.

\'I can take it,\' He said internally but before he could step forward someone ran to his front from behind.

She stood in front of him.

It was a beautiful teenage girl sporting silver and pink hair.

Angy, what are you doing Gustav exclaimed after noticing that it was Angy.

I will take it on till the cops arrive, please get the others to safety, Angy said with a fierce look.

At this moment there was no smile on her face.

She looked even more strong-willed than the men around.

Before Gustav could reply to her, she had already dashed towards the blood wolf mixed-breed.

The blood wolf mixed-breed also ran towards her after noticing that it had a challenger.

Gustav wanted to stop Angy earlier on but he noticed something.


He noticed that Angy\'s speed was almost as fast as his.

The people in the vicinity also didn\'t try to stop Angy which was surprising to Gustav also.

[Emergency Quest Has Been Issued!]

Gustav suddenly saw a notification appear in his line of sight.

[Emergency Quest: Protect the neighborhood]

[Emergency Quest rewards: Hidden]

[Punishment For Failing Quest: Hidden]

Gustav was surprised again to see this quest as he had never been given such a quest before.

\'Wait, protect the neighborhood\' Gustav thought internally.

\'That means the system wants me to defeat this Mixedbreed,\' Gustav came to this conclusion after seeing the quest.

This was his plan initially but Angy had already taken the initiative and wanted to drag out the fight till the cops got here because she knew she wouldn\'t be able to defeat it and she thought no other person around here would be able to defeat it either.

As Gustav was in his thoughts a battle was already playing out in front.

Angy was faster than the Mixedbreed from the first exchange observed and one could see that she seemed pretty experienced.

Slash! Slash!

The blood wolf kept slashing at her but its claws kept passing through the wind generated from her body movement.

Angy jumped around the place dodging the attacks of the mixed-breed with ease but she wasn\'t able to cause it any damage even if she tried.

-Why are the cops not here yet

-Those bastards won\'t arrive until we\'re all dead!

People lamenting from the background could be heard as the fight between Angy and the Mixedbreed continued.

Angy parents and her siblings watched from the background with worried expressions.

They would have gone to stop the battle if it was possible but they knew how stubborn their daughter was when it came to this kind of situation.

Trying something like that now might even get her killed so they kept calling the cops to arrive as fast as they could.

The battle went on for about five minutes and Gustav noticed that the mixed-breed was getting fiercer and fiercer while Angy was getting slower and slower.

\'She must be running out of stamina,\' Gustav noticed this and was about to step in when the large blood wolf suddenly leaped several meters over Angy\'s body and landed in front of a man watching on the sidelines.

The sudden action surprised Angy as she had not expected the bloodwolf to just leap over her head.

The man who was holding onto a large metal pipe was scared **less when the wolf landed in front of him.

He couldn\'t even swing the weapon he was holding.


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