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This book about aesthetics was not thick, about 40 pages, but Yu Qingfei added a lot into the contents.

He carefully painted the inside of the mecha from a certain angle.

When attacking, it will display some traces, beautiful and delicate.

In short, it is invisibly showing off.

Each page was different in color matching, but after reading half the book, Wei San discovered that each part of the mecha used by Yu Qingfei formed the same mecha.

Yu Qingfei explained the coloring of each part of the mecha in great detail.

According to the model drawings of the parts in the book and the paint area he provided, Wei San secretly calculated the data of the parts of the mecha.

However, it was useless to have these data alone.

Without the fabrication of the mecha using data, Wei San would be unable to determine anything.

After staring at this coloring book for a long time, Wei San thought of the design section on the Rubik’s cube forum, where data can be transmitted and then constructed.

Ever since she met the love swindler, and was very busy in reality, Wei San has not been online for a long time.

As soon as she logged in, the red dot of her DMs began to flash again.

Wei San was obsessive-compulsive and wanted to enter as soon as she saw it.

When she clicked in, there was a message: “Hello, I have money.

Can we get to know each other”

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After love is a lie, Wei San’s first reaction was that this man wanted to seduce herself.

Could it be that people could see her through the intranet

Wei San was anxious to build the mecha in Yu Qingfei’s aesthetic book, and threw over a message: “You have money, what’s it to do with me”

However, when the other told her that he had money, Wei San subconsciously did not blacklist him.

She entered the design section, placed on her brain interface helmet, and imported the calculated mecha data bit by bit according to the pictures in her memory of Chinese and American studies, and then outlined the shape.

All of these relied on perception, and were input into the design board interface of the Rubik’s cube forum through the headset brain interface.

From the head, shoulders, neck, arms……these data and shapes could be pieced together bit by bit.

Wei San was a little excited.

She has never approached the S-grade mecha so close, and her speed of calculating data was accelerated.

There was only the sound of flipping books in the bedroom.

[It’s raining outside.

The son of a b***** of a headmaster went over to Gu Yuxing to talk about things.

When I thought that he might get caught in the rain, and I stayed in the warm room, my heart was full of pleasure (cross out) sympathy, so this aesthetic note will be written to here first, and will not be finished yet.]

When Wei San flipped to the last page: “……”

Looking up at the interface of the design section, there was only one-third of the upper body of the mecha model created, and the heart of Wei San was filled with depression.

Did he dare to write more !

“Tick tock ——”

Wei San suddenly felt heat on the back of her hand.

Looking down, a large drop of blood fell on her hand, and when she looked down, there were still more drops of blood.

She raised her hand and felt the bottom of her nose in astonishment.

Her hand was warm and sticky.

Her nose was still bleeding.

Wei San thought of what Ying Chenghe spoke about.

If she forcibly constructed the S grade mecha, brain damage will occur, so she……

Wei San immediately disconnected her brain interface, got up and took the paper to wipe the nose blood, but his brain was still a little dizzy.


Her S-grade mecha hasn’t been completed yet.

Was she going to be stupid


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