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Although there was a lot of jade in the raw jade materials, it didnt mean there must be jade in the stolen ones.

However, she heard their conversation by chance.

The man panicked a little, but still refused to admit it.

“It doesnt mean anything.

Do you have evidence”

“Right, show us the evidence!” Another man chimed in.

“Even if I dont have evidence, I can still punish you.

Do you think I care about that now I dont lack money.

Im sure that no one will know it if I kill you right here, so dont even try to cross the line.” Gu Ning sneered with killing intention in her eyes, putting pressure on them.

In an instant, the two men felt incredibly stressed and threatened.

Who was this girl How could she be so powerful at such a young age She couldnt be an ordinary girl since she easily beat them.

“Its illegal to kill us,” said a man.

Although he didnt think Gu Ning would really kill them, he wasnt too sure.

As a result, he was still a little scared.

“Illegal Isnt it illegal for you to steal my stuff Youre good at fighting.

Why dont you do something legal Why did you become thieves I dont think youre good people.

Perhaps the police can get more evidence about your illegal deeds after we get to the police station!” said Gu Ning, feeling them out.

When Gu Ning said that, the two men were nervous because it was true that they had done many bad things before.

Seeing their reaction, Gu Ning was sure that she guessed correctly.

“If you have really done many illegal things before, do you think you can survive this time” Gu Ning asked.

“I changed my mind now.

I dont want your money.

I prefer to send you to the police station instead.

If you have broken the law many times, I think you should be put in jail according to the law.”

Gu Ning suddenly realized that she shouldnt let them go if they were really criminals.

“You…” Hearing that, the two men were mad.

They were reluctant to go to the police station.

Therefore, they exchanged glances and made their decision.

“Fine, we can pay you a hundred million yuan.

As long as you let us go, we wont steal your raw jade materials again,” said the man.

They had done many illegal deeds, so a hundred million yuan wasnt much for them.

It was only half of their savings.

If they lost the money, they could just make it again.

After all, they stole her raw jade materials first and were only caught later.

On the other hand, it would be difficult for them to get away with it once they were arrested by the police, because they clearly knew how serious the illegal deeds they had committed were.

They were like desperadoes right now, but they were unwilling to die, so they chose to pay for their freedom.

“Ive given you a chance, but you didnt want it.

Now Ive decided to take you to the police station.

I dont lack money anyway,” Gu Ning said with determination.

Gu Ning didnt lack a hundred million yuan, even though it was a lot of money for her.

Among the hundred million yuan, Gu Nings loss was only about a dozen million yuan, so she didnt care about it and decided to send them to the police station.

“You…” The two men were furious.

They wanted to fight back, but they were too weak.

They didnt reach todays level until they had received devilish training for years, but a girl, who was about twenty years old, easily beat them, so their self esteem took a hit.

Zhou Jin said nothing, but he believed that he could run away after they were sent to the police station.

It was impossible for a police station to keep him.

Leng Shaoting saw him through and said, “Youre special, so you dont need to go to the police station, but youll receive a punishment that is just as serious as theirs.”

Hearing that, Zhou Jin stiffened.

He understood what Leng Shaoting was implying, so he immediately begged.

“Master, please let me go.

Im a thief, but Ive never hurt anyone.”

“I need to investigate further to find out whether youre being honest,” said Leng Shaoting.

“Hes one of us.

Why is he special Do you want to let him go” One man argued.

Because they didnt know that Zhou Jin was a monster, they didnt think that he was special.

They were afraid Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting would let him go.

After all, Zhou Jin said that he was willing to return the stolen raw jade materials to Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting from the very beginning, while they had refused.

Although they were a group, they didnt want Zhou Jin to get away with it.

It was unfair to them.

Hearing their words, Zhou Jin felt extremely uncomfortable.

He didnt expect the two men to drag him into trouble, but the point was that he wouldnt get away with it and might be punished even more seriously than them.

However, he couldnt tell them that he was a monster.

“Do you want to know the reason” asked Gu Ning with strong interest.

“Yes.” The two men replied.

“Sure, but the price is that youll be in a vegetative state forever.

Are you willing to pay the price” said Gu Ning.

If the two men really wanted to know, she could tell them before disabling them.

She wouldnt let them tell anyone else about it.

Since she decided not to ask them to pay her, it was no different whether they had to spent the rest of their life in jail or were disabled forever.

They could choose.

“You…” The two men were struck dumb.

They felt Gu Ning was making fun of them.

“Are you fooling us” A man argued.

“No, Im not, and I have no interest in it.

If you learn about something you shouldnt know, itll cause trouble if you survive and spread it,” said Gu Ning.

“We wont tell anyone,” said the man.

“Only dead people and people in a vegetative state can keep secrets,” said Gu Ning truthfully.

“You…” The two men were angry.

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