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It was possible that Master Yuans phone wasnt at his side, but Master Pei believed that Master Yuan knew why he called and didnt want to help him.

It was true that the Yuan family heard that Pei Jiangchao was arrested for abducting Dai Xiongyu.

Master Yuan was very mad at Pei Jiangchaos actions.

He was helping the Pei family, but then the Pei family caused serious trouble.

So Master Yuan was angry and unwilling to help Pei Jiangchao.

Currently the Yuan family was in a mess, so he was exhausted too.

Master Yuan didnt answer Master Peis call right away, but it was impossible for him to watch them collapse.

After all, the Pei family had a close relationship with the Yuan family.

The Yuan family even wanted to help the Pei family climb up to a higher status, which proved how important the Pei family was for the Yuan family.

If Master Yuan did nothing, the Pei family might be heart-broken and wouldnt support the Yuan family any longer.

He couldnt help Pei Jiangchao get away with the crime because there was solid proof.

If the Yuan family was involved, they would be dragged into trouble too.

The Yuan family had too much trouble to deal with already!

Therefore, he could only help Mater Pei and Pei Jianghai out, but he wasnt sure whether it would succeed.

Anyway, he didnt want to disappoint the Pei family, otherwise the Pei family wouldnt support the Yuan family any longer.

Master Pei didnt give up and called Master Yuan again.

He hoped that Master Yuan didnt answer his call previously because his phone wasnt at his side.

In the end, Master Yuan picked up the phone so Master Pei felt relieved.

“Hi, Brother Yuan! Have you heard of what happened to my family” asked Master Pei.

Although he thought the Yuan family would have already heard about it, he wasnt sure.

After all, it didnt happen too long ago, so he needed to ask first.

“Yeah, I just heard about it.

Can you tell me some more of the details” asked Master Yuan.

“Jiangchao abducted Dai Xiongyu.

It was his own actions.

We had no idea.

We just spoke about the abduction last night and noticed something wrong with Jiangchao.

We didnt know that it was his order until we asked him about it.

We didnt want him to end up in jail, so we decided to make someone the scapegoat.

If the bunch of men betrayed Jiangchao, we could place the blame on someone else.

Well, it would have been best if Jiangchao wasnt betrayed, but unfortunately those men revealed everything last night.

And they even have a voice recording of our conversation,” said Master Pei.

“Have you investigated the voice recording What have you found Is there an undercover agent in your family Or was it done by other families” asked Master Yuan.

“We did an investigation once we heard the news.

From the surveillance cameras, I dont see anyone going into my study, but the surveillance cameras outside my study were all broken.

I believe the person must have recorded our conversation from outside the window.

Were investigating whether anyone was absent at that time.

If no one was absent, it must have been done by an outsider,” said Master Pei.

“Do you have evidence from before the surveillance cameras were broken” asked Master Yuan.

“No, so were trying to figure out how the surveillance cameras were broken.

Were also checking other surveillance cameras to see whether we can find any clues,” said Master Pei.

In that case, Master Yuan asked nothing else.

“The Pei family sides with the Yuan family, so I must do something, but I can only help you and Jianghai.

Im afraid I cant help Jiangchao out.

After all, the Dai family has the Leng familys support.

And you should know the Yuan family is in a mess recently,” Master Yuan said before Master Pei asked him for help.

In fact, Master Pei only called Master Yuan to protect himself and Pei Jianghai.

He understood that it wasnt easy to protect Pei Jiangchao, especially when so many families were watching them.

Nevertheless, he was still a bit disappointed when Master Yuan said it aloud.

After a moment, he composed himself and didnt show any dissatisfaction to Master Yuan.

“Well, its enough if Jianghai and I can get away with it.

As for Jiangchao, he has committed a serious crime.

There is solid proof as well, so hes definitely going to be punished,” said Master Pei.

“Ill try to help, but dont expect a lot from me.

You still need to rely on yourself to deal with it.

I can only assist you,” said Master Yuan.

“Of course, I understand.” Master Pei replied.

After all, it was the Pei familys issue.

If only Master Yuan stood out to deal with it, the Dai family might get even angrier at the Pei family.

“Then what should I do right now” asked Master Pei.

“Well, you cant be tough.

I think you can apologize to the Dai family with Jianghai first.

Tell them that youre too protective of your son, so you had the thought of making someone else the scapegoat.

Pay them compensation.

Dont care too much about your face at such a moment.

Protecting yourself is the most important thing.

As for Jiangchao, you shouldnt defend him.

Tell the Dai family that they can punish him as they want.

You only sheltered him.

It isnt serious.

Ill stand out for you, so the Dai family might let you and Jianghai get away with it.

After all, theyre busy now,” said Master Yuan.

That was exactly what Master Pei had in mind, but he felt hopeful when Master Yuan agreed to help.

“Great, Ill go to see Dai Qinhua right now,” said Master Pei.

Dai Qinhua was Master Dai.

Before Master Pei left home, the butler watched all the surveillance videos and finally saw a black shadow climb over the wall of the Pei familys house, but the person was totally wrapped with clothing.

It was hard to see whether it was a woman or a man.

Anyway, they believed it was a man, because in their opinion women were usually too weak to do something like that.

Master Pei ordered the butler to do a further investigation, while he called Pei Jianghai again.

He told Pei Jianghai not to go to work today, instead he should visit the Dai family with him first.

Pei Jianghai then left his workplace.

Because Pei Jianghai was the leader, he had much more free time than other people.

If there was nothing important, he could leave at anytime.

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