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Seeing the doubt in Gu Qingchens eyes, rong yu laughed, “Why Are you doubting my ability”

Gu Qingchen nodded her head impolitely, “Yes, regarding this point, I do have some doubts.”

Rong yu laughed even louder, “Dont you know that your man is talented and erudite Its just a dance, do you think you can defeat me”

Gu Qingchen thought about it.

Although what Rong Yu said sounded a little narcissistic, it seemed to be true.

Anyway, until now, Gu Qingchen really did not find anything that Rong Yu could not do.

Rong Yu was like an encyclopedia, as if he knew everything and everything.

“Are you sure… you can do it”Gu Qingchen asked doubtfully.

Rong Yus eyes darkened, and a bright light flashed across his eyes.

He said in a staccato voice, “Whether I can do it or not… we have to try before we know.”


Gu Qingchens mind was in a mess again!

Why did she feel that what Rong Yu said didnt sound like dancing, but more like..

No, no, no! She couldnt let her imagination run wild anymore.

Rong Yu had just said that different people would have different reactions when they heard the same words.

And what came out was the true thoughts in their hearts.

Could it be… that she was really too perverted

Why didnt she realize that she was so perverted before Anyway, after meeting Rong Yu, she was always a little abnormal.


It must be that Rong Yu deliberately used such ambiguous and ambiguous words to tease her, and in the end, he still insisted that she was thinking wrongly!

This Rong Yu… was too bad!

“Lets try, whos Afraid of You! Anyway, this is the Rong familys banquet.

Its also the Rong familys shame to lose face.”

Gu Qingchen raised her chin slightly and looked at Rong Yu provocatively.

However, Rong Yu burst out laughing and said softly, “I dont know who just stood up and said that he was the head of the Rong family.

Dont you think its too late to cut ties now My dear wife.”

Gu Qingchen glared at Rong Yu.

It was not that she really wanted to take charge of the Rong familys affairs.

It was Old Master Rong who insisted on her managing it.

She could only reluctantly take over.

But now it seemed that the identity of the head of the Rong family was quite useful.

According to Old Master Rong, she could manage the internal affairs of the Rong family.

Even the monthly salary was managed and controlled by Gu Qingchen.

In other words… Hehe, in the future, if Rong Cheng and Luo Qiaolian wanted to spend the Rong familys money, they would have to ask her to apply for it.

Only if Gu Qingchen agreed, Luo Qiaolian and Rong Cheng could use the Rong familys money.


Gu Qingchen also agreed to take over the Rong family after hearing this.

Gu Qingchen even felt that old master Rong did it on purpose.

He knew that she did not want to take over the position, so he said this just to make her fall in love with him.

It seemed that Rong Yus personality was not like his father, Rong Qingtian, but more like Master Rong.

“Cut the crap.

Come On!”Gu Qingchen reached her hand into Rong Yus.

Rong Yu held Gu Qingchens hand like a gentleman and went to the middle of the dance floor.

“Please, my wife!”

“Im not afraid of You! Come On!”

The two of them danced to the music.

Gu Qingchen was still a little nervous, but she was surprised to find that Rong Yus dancing skills were really good.

Basically, all the rhythm and steps were controlled by Rong Yu.

Every time before he moved, Rong Yu would move his upper body first, as if he was directly telling Gu Qingchen what to do next.

This way, Gu Qingchen did not need to look at her feet from the corner of her eyes.

“I didnt realize that you were really a master.”

Gu Qingchen had never been stingy with compliments.

She had a lot of admiration for Rong Yu.

Rong Yu smiled very gentlemanly, but his expression was like a fox.

“In other aspects, Im also a master.

Dear wife, do you want to give it a try”


Gu Qingchen knew that some people could not help but praise him.

Once he praised him, he started to be indecent.

“But Im a little curious, when did you learn to dance”

Gu Qingchen did not need to be afraid to say anything in front of Rong Yu.

Rong Yu had indeed been “Paralyzed”for many years, how could he have ever danced.

“Do you still need to learn to dance As long as you know how to watch.”


Rong Yus self-confidence and slightly narcissistic look really made people..

Hehe, they admired him!

Damn, to be able to dance so well just by watching, he was definitely a genius.

“But speaking of which, I just saw Luo Qiaolian looking for that servant just now.

That servant, was it really not arranged by you”

Although Rong Yu said no, Gu Qingchen was still a little curious.

That servant appeared at the right time, but she did not have the time to read the servants mind, so she did not know whose servant it was.

“I just said that you are smart, why are you so confused Havent you guessed whose servant it is”

Gu Qingchen shook her head, frowned and thought for a while, but she still followed Rong Yus footsteps.

Rong Yu smiled.

He tightened his grip on Gu Qingchens waist, and Gu Qingchen moved closer to Rong Yu.

“Ill give you a hint, Rong family.”

Rong family

Gu Qingchen certainly knew that this kind of thing was definitely done by the Rong family, but soon, a persons shadow flashed through her mind.

“You mean… Rong Rui!”

Gu Qingchen was a little surprised, and Rong Yu smiled.

“Sure enough, he has become my smart little fox again.”

Gu Qingchen thought for a moment and said, “Rong Rui is just a side branch.

Even if he can come to the mansion here, it is not easy to buy people here, right”

“Money can make the devil move, let alone people.”

Rong Yu was very clear about this kind of dirty thing, so he did not find it strange.

Gu Qingchen thought too much of the Rong family, so she did not think in this direction.

“This Rong Rui is really thoughtful.

He even has his own spies in the Rong familys mansion in city y.

it seems that his intention to fight for the Rong Group is not small at all.”

Rong Rui really wanted to fight for the Rong Group.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have made a move on Gu Qingchen and Rong Yu.

“This is also good because he has the intention to fight.

Seeing the situation that Rong Cheng encountered today, he naturally couldnt sit still and wanted to make a move.”

Rong Yu was very familiar with Rong Ruis character.

Gu qingchen chuckled, “Hes quite fast.

Youre just sitting and watching them fight.”

Rong Yu shook his head and said, “Im clearly standing and watching.

Or rather, Im dancing and watching at the same time.”


Gu qingchen smiled helplessly, “Do you think that villain is tight-lipped Will Luo Qiaolian interrogate him a few times and bite Rong Rui Out”

Gu Qingchen was more concerned about this.

She wanted to know how Luo Qiaolian would react if she knew that Rong Rui was involved in this matter.

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