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On the second floor, the women were going crazy.

After Gu Qingchen introduced them, these women went crazy and stayed on the second floor.

They were not willing to come down.

They were all choosing beads there.

Gu Qingchens mission was completed.

She had taught these women.

Naturally, these ladies help her spread the news.

When Gu Qingchen came down from the second floor, she could already hear the sound of gasps.

The raw stones were cut open.

There was a black jade in the raw stone.

Normally, the quality of the black jade was not good.

However, this piece of black jade was completely black, and it did not have any impurities.

Not even a little bit of light could penetrate it.

It was a very interesting piece of jade.

At the very least, none of the other pieces of black jade were as pure as this piece of black jade.

Some people specifically liked jades, and this one depended entirely on their personal preferences.

Tang Feng looked at it for a long time, but in the end, he did not buy this jade.

It was Wang Yue who bought this jade.

The price of the jade was not high, so he only spent 800,000 to buy this jade.

After that, Wang Yue and Wei Hong had been chatting with Gu Yuanchuan and Liu Min since they bought the jade.

Besides, they were also classmates of Mrs.


Meanwhile, Gao Ruomin had no face to stay any longer and ran away with her tail between her legs.

For the first time in her life, Gao Ruomin was defeated miserably.

Soon, another piece of jade was extracted.

However, this piece of jade was very small, only the size of a womans palm.

Still, it attracted the attention of everyone.

“Eh Look, theres something in that jade!”

Ding Hao was the closest, so he could immediately see that this piece of jade seemed to be different from the other jades.

Many people surrounded him.

After Ding Hao dipped his hand towel into the water and wiped it a few times, an emerald green jade was revealed.

Following that was the sound of everyone gasping.

Ding Hao held the jade in his hand and slowly flipped it.

Everyone became more intuitive.

The inside of the jade was actually flowing!

What… What was going on Shouldnt the jade be solid How could something be flowing inside

Ding Hao tried a few more times.

This time, he could confirm that there was indeed something like a liquid inside the jade.

Something was flowing in the center of the jade as Ding Hao moved.

“What is this thing What is inside” Ding Hao was also puzzled.

He did not know what this thing was.

Gu Qingchen was also surprised.

When she touched the raw stone, she could only tell whether the raw stone was good or bad by touching it, but she could not know what the jade inside was.

Therefore, when this jade was taken out, Gu Qingchen was also at a loss.

Gu Qingchen quickly walked forward and took the jade from Ding Haos hand.

After looking through it for a long time, she found that there was really a liquid flowing inside.

The speed of the flow was relatively slow, and the jade was very transparent and clean.

The vice-president also walked forward.

Gu Qingchen handed the jade to the vice-president.

Among the people inside, the vice-president was probably the only one who had the greatest knowledge of jade.

The vice-president took the jade and used all kinds of special tools to study it for a long time.

After a long while, he said uncertainly, “Mrs.

Gu, this jade might shock the world.

The liquid inside is none other than the essence of jade!”

What was the essence

Jade or jadeite was formed bit by bit in the stone.

Theoretically speaking, the formation of any jade had a process.

And this process was very long.

When people found the jade and began to mine it, the jade had already formed.

No one had seen the process of the formation of the jade.

But later, many researchers put forward a theory.

They thought that the formation of some jade at the bottom of the river was formed by the jade essence solidifying in stone bit by bit.

In other words, the essence was the primordial existence of the jade.

The liquid-like thing in the jade that Gu Qingchen had just obtained might be the essence of the jadeite.

However, this jade had not completely formed yet, so there was still an unsolidified essence of the jadeite at the center of it.

Such a jade had never been seen in the world.

The vice-president knew this because he was very experienced and had heard of such an unwritten saying.

Many people in the jade world did not agree with this saying, so they did not follow it.

The people were only concerned about the jade.

They did not care about how the jade formed in the stone.

They did not expect that they would actually see the essence of an emerald here today!

Although the essence was very little, the significance of such a discovery was great.

The vice-president even believed that the jade researchers of the world would be shocked by it.

These words from the vice president were even more convincing.

The crowd did not understand what the essence of the jade was, but they had some rough ideas.

They could tell that this jade was extremely valuable!

“Little Qingchen, I want this jade.

You must give it to me!” When Tang Feng reacted, he was thrilled.

He had so many jades in his collection, but none of them were as rare as this jade.

Tang Feng held onto Gu Qingchens arm tightly, afraid that Gu Qingchen would not sell it to him.

Today, he came here and saw many good jades, but up until now, he had not gotten a single one.

Therefore, Tang Feng no longer pretended to be calm.

In any case, Master Deng had already left.

Elder Yuan had just spent 700 million to buy the imperial green.

Tang Feng was the only one who could afford the price.

Just thinking about it made him excited!

Fortunately, he did not fight with them.

As long as he had this piece of jade, everything else would be meaningless to him.

Gu Qingchen did not relent.

To be honest, before the jade was taken out, Gu Qingchen had wanted to sell it.

But after seeing the jade, she was a little reluctant to sell it.

However, she had already said that the jade would be auctioned.

It was not good for her to go back on her words now.

Gritting her teeth, Gu Qingchen said, “I had promised all of you that I will auction this piece of jade today.

Theres no reserve price and no upper limit.

We can start the auction now.”

No matter how unwilling Gu Qingchen was, she had to consider Paradises reputation.

She could only bear to part with it.

Tang Feng and Gu Qingchens moods were completely different.

Upon hearing Gu Qingchens words, Tang Feng immediately called out, “One billion! Ill take it.

How about it”

The moment he opened his mouth, he offered one billion!

It was not Tang Fengs style at all.

If it were any other day, people would think he was joking.

The highest bid just now was one billion.

Tang Feng was really crafty.

He believed that no one could offer a higher price than one billion.

And he could use the price of a Five Blessings Jade to buy a jade with the essence of jade.

Gu Qingchen was about to sigh for Tang Fengs brain!

However, would Tang Feng be able to buy this jade with one billion


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