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Chapter 2131: Strong and Slender Legs

Ning Shu didnt expect that Mo Juechen would follow through with an attack aimed at her eyes.

If Mo Juechen really did land this hit, shed probably end up blind.

This bitch really was a nutjob.

They were just talking, so why did he suddenly launch an attack

Ning Shu tried to dodge, but her feet had sunk in the snow and she couldnt pull them out in time.

Ning Shu couldnt think of an effective counterattack, so she fell to the ground and reached forward, grabbing the hem of Mo Juechens clothes.

This damned mental case.

Ning Shu grabbed Mo Juechens pants and the sound of ripping cloth accompanied thethump of Ning Shus body hitting the ground.

Mo Juechen stared at her actions in shock.

Ning Shu slightly raised her head.

Her face was full of snow.

Her eyes landed on Mo Juechens strong and slender legs that were as smooth as jade.

Ning Shu glanced up at his thighs before quickly looking away.

Goodness, she shouldnt look up.

Itd scar her eyes.

“Fang Lanxin, let go.” Mo Juechen hurriedly tried to lift his pants back up, but Ning Shu grabbed onto them and wouldnt let go.

“Mo Juechen, Im not that easy to bully,” Ning Shu panted, her entire face red.

“Youd better let go.” Mo Juechen pinched Ning Shus round hand.


“Mo Juechen, Ill take you down if its the last thing Ill do.” Ning Shu grabbed Mo Juechens pants and harshly yanked them.

Mo Juechen fell backward into the snow with athud.

“Fang Lanxin, Im going to kill you.” Mo Juechens voice was squeezed out of the gap between his teeth.

He looked extremely terrifying and his expression would scare most people witless.

Ning Shu quickly got up and shouted, “Help, hes trying to kill me!”

“Shut up…” Mo Juechen hurriedly pulled up his pants.

“Whats the matter” Gu Rui came over and glanced at Mo Juechen, who was utterly discomfited.

Ning Shu quickly hid behind Gu Rui and pointed at Mo Juechen.

“He wants to kill me, he wants to kill me.”

Mo Juechen bared his teeth.

“Fang Lanxin, youd better watch out.

I wont forget this.”

Ning Shu stared at Mo Juechen thinking: I also wont forget.

The day you fall is the day Ill stomp on you and kick you while youre down.

“Mo Juechen, what are you doing Why did you attack Lanxin” Gu Rui frowned.

Mo Juechen was very irritated.

“I dont have the patience to stay here any longer.

Just have that damned girl quickly hand over the thing.”

“Gu Rui, for your sake, I wont attack this damned girl right now.

But next time, I swear Im going to murder her.

Ill drain the fat from her body and burn it in a sky lantern.”

Mo Juechen quickly left, his voice getting further and further away.

He wanted her to hand something over…

Mo Juechen really did have a motive for being here, but what was it he wanted

Gu Rui narrowed his eyes slightly as he watched Mo Juechen walk away.

He turned his head and looked at the back of Ning Shus hand, which had swollen from Mo Juechens pinch.

“Are you okay” Gu Rui asked gently.

Ning Shu smiled.

“Im okay.”

“Go back inside, Ill get you some ointment for your hand,” Gu Rui said.

Ning Shu agreed and went back to the house with Gu Rui.

Ning Shu glanced back at the snow.

Her footprints were very deep, but Gu Rui only left shallow traces.

Although she weighed more than Gu Rui, he was still a grown man.

However, people who practiced martial arts had long even breathing and could move very lightly.

Ning Shu now had reason to suspect that Gu Rui was also skilled in martial arts.

Back inside, Gu Rui took out a bottle of ointment.

He opened it and applied some to the back of Ning Shus hand.

The ointment brought a cooling sensation when it touched her skin.

Gu Rui lightly smeared it on.

Translator: LiLi

Editor: Wheat

Translator: Kaho


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