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Wen Keer came closer and saw the scar on the womans face, which made her feel very uncomfortable and a little disgusted.

She felt that if she looked like her, she would definitely not be able to live on and not dare to show her face casually.

Wen Keer did not recognize the woman, but Feng Yunan had already recognized her.

He had asked someone to investigate the incident of Qiao Ruoxi saving Mu Yunlis mother and the scar on her face.

Therefore, he had already guessed the identity of the woman.

She was Mu Yunlis mother and also Mu Xuans wife.

But he could not guess why she was here to celebrate the old mans birthday.

What was her relationship with the Wen family

Wen Keer called out sweetly and interrupted their conversation.

When Wen Houde heard his granddaughters voice, he turned around and smiled.

“Oh, my granddaughter is back.”

“Grandpa, today is your 70th birthday.

I wish you the best of luck.”


Wen, I wish you happiness and longecity,” Feng Yunan said after Wen Keer finished.

At the same time, she asked someone to send her a congratulatory gift.

It was a piece of Longevity Peach that was carved from ruby and jade.

It immediately attracted everyones attention.

A knowledgeable person could tell at a glance that this set was priceless.

Perhaps only Feng Yunan could afford such an expensive gift.

“Thank you, thank you.


Feng, you are too kind.”

After Wen Houde invited Feng Yunan and Wen Keer to take their seats, he turned to the woman and introduced her to her.


Mu, let me introduce you.

This is my precious granddaughter, Keer.

And this is her boyfriend, Feng Yunan, the president of the Fengtian Group.”

Old Mr.

Wen had met Feng Yunan a few times in private and thus, recognized him.


Mu turned to look at Wen Keer and Feng Yunan.

She nodded lightly and praised, “Youre so lucky, Sir.

Your granddaughter is a big star and your grandson-in-law is a business genius with a net worth of hundreds of billions.

The two of them are a match made in heaven!”

“Hahaha… Mrs.

Mu, I heard that your son, Yunli, is also very promising.

Why didnt you bring him here”


Mu smiled.

“My son might be arriving soon.

He heard its Grandpa Wens birthday and said he would come no matter how busy he is.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

I havent seen him in years.”

As they were chatting, they heard another commotion at the door.

Then they saw the tall Mu Yunli walking in.

If one looked closely, they would notice that there was a girl beside him.

Because the girl was not wearing a gown and was dressed simply, others thought she was his accompanying assistant.

The crowd gasped immediately.

“Look, the president of the Mu Group, Mu Yunli, is here too.”

“Mu Yunli is so handsome.

Its completely different from Feng Yunans handsomeness.

The two of them are comparable.”

“I only had Feng Yunan as my Prince Charming, and now I have Mu Yunli.”

“Is Mu Yunli married Whos his date”

“Hes still single, a very eligible bachelor.

That female companion should be his assistant!”

“Look at Mu Yunli, he has good taste.

I guess the suit hes wearing is worth at least a million.”

“Youre wrong.

Ive read the report that Mu Yunlis suits are handmade.

Theyre worth at least 10 million yuan.

He likes Xiao Kebais brand just like Feng Yunan.”

‘Why are they staring at me like that

He actually said that the suit Mu Yunli was wearing was worth tens of millions

Qiao Ruoxi could not help but complain in her heart.

Now she finally understood.

Some people wont look classy even when dressed in expensive clothes but some people could still look noble even if they were wearing a sack.

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