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Chapter 9: Elements Of Metals [I]

Iron is for gold, tin is for wood, copper is for water, silver is for fire, and gold is for soil.

In Huangji Shaking Records, each metal has a corresponding attribute, and the same attribute contains a wide variety of metals, so metals with the same attribute have different levels. This level just corresponds to the level of cultivation. Before reaching the required strength, it is impossible to absorb the five elements of fine gold of high-grade metals.

At present, Chen Han only knows the mental method of the foundation-building stage, and the five elements of metal needed for the first realm of self-cultivation are exactly the twenty tons of steel in front of him.

The mental method presented in his memory is only the tip of the iceberg. This part of the practice is to the extreme, and it is probably a step worse than his heyday. The road afterward is completely unclear. However, when the dantian is broken, it is already a blessing to be able to cultivate. What more can you ask for

In fact, he also vaguely guessed in his heart that the follow-up mentality will only appear when he has risen to the corresponding level.

“Or not!”

A full two hours have passed, and he operates the mind method according to the method recorded in the secret tome, but he cannot sense the existence of the aura of pure gold.


In the blink of an eye, it was one oclock in the morning, and Chen Han couldnt find the aura mentioned in the secret tome.

Running in the virgin forest for several days, the physical and energy consumption is very huge, and it is easier to get tired without the support of infuriating qi. Three hours of unmoved concentration made his tense spirit extremely sleepy, and he really wanted to fall asleep on the soft bed.

The mundane world is far from being as simple as imagined. Qin Yang is only a springboard for adapting to the mundane world in the early stage, and he has no ability to protect himself. This world is full of crises, and the current strength is far weaker than before, and it has lost the protection of the division. If you dont work hard, how can you survive .

Thinking of this, he withdrew his right hand from the steel plate, and used his fingernails to sink into the flesh of his thigh. A piercing pain came, and most of his drowsiness was instantly eliminated.

The mind method still operates in a fixed way, and Chen Han, whose spirit is obviously much better, suddenly feels a slight pain in his palms. It was an indescribable feeling, as if a knife had penetrated through the skin into the muscle, but it wasnt as painful as a real knife cut.

Metallic Five Elements Fine Gold!

This kind of energy called Gengjin Qi is the main killing one, and it is the most active among the five elements of pure gold.

“This... Could this be the Qi of Gengjin I succeeded!”

The Qi of Gengjin, which is full of sharp aura, rushed along the meridians at an extremely fast speed towards the lungs of the metal row in the five internal organs, which is also the place where the Qi of Gengjin was stored.

The Qi of the Five Elements Pure Gold is contained in all kinds of metals, and when it is absorbed into the body, it is still very mixed.

Chen Han was excited by the presence of the sense of qi, and tried his best to extract the spiritual qi from the steel plate.

After about three hours, there was no more spiritual energy from the steel plate in front of him, and he withdrew his hands.

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When I opened my eyes, I saw that the steel plate, which was originally white and greenish in color, had turned into a strange gray-white color. Reaching out and poking it lightly, it immediately turned into gray-white powder and scattered, similar to volcanic ash.

It took three hours to absorb the aura of pure gold in a hundred kilograms of steel plates. This speed is obviously not ideal. Even if the aura stored in the lungs has been purified, it is still not enough to release the Divine Martial Seal once. According to the capacity of his lungs, it is enough to hold the essence of a ton of steel. After the first absorption experience, he became more proficient.

A total of five hours had passed by the time of dawn, and the two hundred kilograms of steel plates had turned into powder, and the speed of absorbing spiritual energy had reached the limit, locked at the level of refining one hundred kilograms of steel every two hours.

Keep practicing!

He just kept refining a ton of fine steel, the five elements of fine gold stored in his lungs reached the limit, and then he fell asleep top-heavy. After sleeping for more than ten hours, his energy and spirit returned to the best state.

Opening the door lightly, I didnt expect that there was a brand-new dining car outside the bedroom door, full of fresh meals.

“Viagras character is still very good, hehe...”

Showing a wicked smile, he stuffed enough food for three people into his stomach, and his hunger disappeared.

With a sharpened sense of hearing, he heard Daweis deep breathing and the womans scream from the study, Chen Han, the first brother, immediately rushed into the bedroom and closed the door tightly.

He pressed his right hand on his chest and patted it a few times, his eyes flashing with a firm light, and he whispered to himself: “Cultivation with heart is the kingly way, when Lao Tzu achieves a positive result, all the beauties in the world will not all take the initiative to give it away. Hug Um... I dont hear things outside the window, we are gentlemen...”

The five elements of pure gold filling the lungs are all rough billets that have not been refined. It is like smelting ore into steel, which must be processed more closely before it can be turned into a useful sword.

The Emperors Heaven Shaking Record is worthy of the top-level cultivation method!

Cultivators use the internal circulation of the meridians to refine the true essence. However, the width of the meridians is limited, and there cannot be too many auras that can pass through at the same time.

Therefore, cultivators will find ways to polish the meridians to make them wider and stronger. Not only will they speed up when tempering spiritual energy, but they will also fundamentally improve their combat effectiveness.



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