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Peerless God of Cultivation Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Steel In Hand {1}

Thinking of this in his heart, Chen Han immediately put on a calm look and said, “As a martial artist from a famous school, it is only duty to be a chivalrous person, and I cant do such a thing as a favor. It is a fate to meet in this vast forest, if there is nothing else, I will say goodbye!”

Qin Yang was shocked by these words, and hurriedly stopped Chen Han who was pretending to leave, his eyes conveying an almost flattering look.

The martial artist of the famous sect can see from the incomparable moves of the opponent, this kind of identity can never be faked!

A third-rate martial artist like him, who cultivates inferior mental methods, his lifelong wish is to gain the appreciation of famous sects and have the opportunity to practice advanced martial arts.

Obviously, this young man who emerged from the deep mountains and forests has become his hope.

“Which sect does the little brother come from Did you encounter an enemy hunter”

Qin Yang handed over the little remaining drinking water, and took out a red panda in his arms. After being rejected, he ordered it himself: “Dont get me wrong, little brother, Im just asking out of curiosity. I dont belong to any sect. The mental method passed down by my ancestors. I have always admired those masters who can cultivate in the sect. After all, they can get in touch with advanced martial arts. If the little brother can introduce me, I will definitely be grateful.”


Not understanding many things in the world doesnt mean Chen Han is an idiot.

Conversely, being able to defeat the Young Sect as an ordinary disciple is inseparable from his own efforts, but he also has outstanding talent. Coupled with the knowledge of reading a lot of books, from Qin Yangs every move, he has already seen that the other partys mental method is very poor.

He had long heard from the same door that ordinary people and third-rate warriors in the secular world were very respectful of the sect, so he pretended to leave with a hard-to-find trick. He knew that the other party would find a way to keep him.

In the past, he played a lot of pranks in the sect, and his peers and brothers were played around by him. If the sect knew that his talent was extremely high, he would have been punished by the sect rules long ago.

Therefore, lying is a piece of cake for him.

He told Qin Yang that it was the first time he came out of the division, and he was going to the world to meet the elders of the division, but who knew that he was secretly intercepted by the opponent of the division, and it took a lot of effort to escape. All these years, he has been cultivating with great concentration, and he knows very little about the things in the world. If Qin Yang can help him, he will definitely be rewarded in the future.

“Just say it, little brother, how do you want me to help you, Qin is still a little strong in the local area.”

The family tradition of martial arts is far inferior to the authentic spiritual methods of the martial arts sect, but as long as it is a person who has practiced martial arts, it is far more than ordinary people. There is no such thing as too much power, and it is not a problem to be a small local snake. Qin Yangs words are not bragging.

Chen Han, who had already thought about his words, pondered for a moment, and said, “Take me to your place, I have to heal my wounds first, and then find a way to contact Shimen. Also, find me as much steel as possible, the more The more the better.”


Qin Yang was dumbfounded when he heard this. Even if he wanted to make a sword and a sword, it wouldnt take much, right What does he need so much steel for

Seeing that the other party wasnt ready to explain, he didnt ask any more questions. If he didnt have high requirements for the quality of steel, this matter would not be worth mentioning to him at all. At present, the most important thing is not Chen Hans healing, nor the introduction of Qin Yang by turning the teachers door, but how to get out of this damn virgin forest.

With Chen Han, who has lived in the deep mountains and forests since childhood, food and drinking water did not cause much trouble. The two of them rampaged in the virgin forest of Qingmeng Mountain for more than a week, and finally touched a place not far from the edge of the forest. Contact the search and rescue team outside.

With the help of the search and rescue team, the two escaped from danger, took the car that had been waiting outside, and drove quickly towards Tianhua City, which is more than 300 kilometers away...

The night is like a curtain, and the moonlight is like silver.

Two hours later, as the car drove from the countryside into the urban area of Tianhua, the towering buildings, bright street lights, woven crowds, and large-screen advertisements played in a loop, all kinds of things that showed the modern city, immediately attracted the attention. Chen Hans attention.

When his eyes swept across the wide road, he saw a few beautifully dressed, poor clothes revealing large white flowers and fleshy women, greeting strange passers-by, his eyes almost popped out, murmured. He muttered to himself, “Brother Qin, arent they cold when they dress like this Why dont I go get them some clothes, hehe...”

Qin Yang pouted for a while in his heart, and this guy is not a good bird. The disciples of those martial arts sects who used to be all upright gentlemen.

However, this also made him think of a way to win over Chen Han.

The best way to win peoples hearts is to make the other party see you as a confidant and friend who has died.

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Give him what he needs!

Help him when he is most difficult, and if possible, on the basis of this friendship, it is more perfect to add a few othercombat friendships – carry guns together, go through everything together, and find beautiful women together.

To put it simply, not only do we have to do everything possible to help him, but we also need to bring this little brat down and make him greedy for the entertainment in the world. In this way, he has become a person who provides him with a good life, and he has more bargaining chips in addition to friendship. Spending a little money is not worth mentioning at all.



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