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Peerless God of Cultivation Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Emperor Shakes The Sky Technique [I]


As the last word sounded, the light that blocked the pool water completely disintegrated, and the pressure at the bottom of the cold pool, as deep as hundred meters, became incredible.

Fortunately, after the sealed light map was absorbed by the phantom, the cold pool lost the supply of mysterious cold energy, and the temperature of the pool water would have risen a lot.

In addition, although his dantian is broken and has no true energy, his body is several times stronger than before, and it can withstand the low temperature at the bottom of the pool in a short time.

Not long after, Chen Han, in ragged clothes, climbed up to the edge of the pool in embarrassment like a chicken in soup. All that was left in his mind was what had happened before, and everything was beyond the limit of his thinking.

A figure composed entirely of iridescent light speaks to itself...

A serious injury without the slightest hope can be recovered in a blink of an eye...


The body was completely crushed, and then inexplicably reshaped...

“At least, Im still alive!”

A cold light flashed in his eyes, and familiar faces appeared in his mind: “As long as you are alive, there is hope, and everything you give will be repaid in full one day!”

After he finished speaking, he slammed the ground beside him with a ruthless punch, and immediately fell into complete surprise.

The ground frozen by the low temperature on the side of the pool is extremely hard, and if an ordinary person hits it, it is impossible to leave any traces. Even if he didnt use True Qi, his palms would only hurt for a long time, but there was a small hole half an inch deep on the ground in front of him.

If a martial artist did not use True Qi, his muscle strength would be two or three times stronger than that of ordinary people. To do this kind of damage to the ground next to the cold pool, it would be impossible without a thousand jins of strength with one hand.

Chen Han was frightened! Not only was his arm strength several times stronger than before because he didnt use his infuriating energy, but more importantly, he found that he had completely lost his infuriating energy.

Just now, it was obvious that the conditioned reflex was used to mobilize the true qi, but after the punch was thrown, it was discovered that there was no true qi at all. Even the body has lost the shadow of true qi, and cant feel the slightest energy. It is no different from ordinary people who have not practiced.

“How can this happen...the infuriating is gone, whats going on Could it be that he was seriously injured and his qi was exhausted, or his cultivation base was abolished”

Losing true qi is equivalent to becoming an ordinary person. Chen Han did not care about the enhancement of his strength, and began to run his true qi according to his own mental method.

Its nothing if the infuriating energy is exhausted. After a few days of submerged cultivation, it will recover. The real big problem is that the cultivation base is abolished. That is to say, the strength he has cultivated hard for the past ten years has been uprooted and no longer exists. If he wants to recover, he can only re-cultivate from the original starting point.

Ten years of ascetic cultivation has been put into practice, how many ten years are there in life

With his talent, as long as the cultivation level is still there, maybe after three or forty years of hard cultivation, he may be able to fight against the entire division. But re-cultivation is another result. He is now sixteen or seventeen years old, and his initial enlightenment is far less than that of a child of a few years old.

In other words, no matter how hard he works, he has passed the golden age of enlightenment, and it is impossible for him to achieve much in the future, let alone take revenge.

The heart sinks like water, and the mind is condensed in the abdomen.

He knew the mental method that he had practiced for more than ten years, but when he escaped from death, when he ran the mental method again to mobilize his true qi, he was shocked to find that his dantian had turned into an empty space.

Its not that the infuriating energy is exhausted, or that the cultivation base is abolished, but the result is even more terrifying than these two guesses – the broken dantian will forever lose the opportunity to cultivate!

“No way... Ive always been lucky, Ive always had good luck. Could it be that the bad luck Ive accumulated in the past broke out at the same time If you dont die in a big disaster, you will have good luck, its all **ing nonsense!”

Although he didnt complain like the average person when he encountered a change, nor did he cry and scold him, he couldnt help but feel despair in his heart.

Even if Hua Tuo was alive, the broken dantian could not be recovered. In this life, he had no relationship with martial arts. If he was just an ordinary person, it would be fine. How can he face the grudges and hatreds he has had with his teacher for more than ten years


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Just when he couldnt let go of his soul, the phantom used up his last strength, and the small ball of light condensed completely merged with his soul.

The five clear golden words, as if written with gold powder, were engraved in the mind, exuding a shocking breath in the depths of memory.

The Emperor Shakes the Sky!

It was created by a genius of self-cultivation, completely out of the conventional system of self-cultivation, and completely subverted the previous peerless mentality. The prerequisite is that the congenital dantian is missing, or the acquired dantian is broken, it does not need the dantian to store the true essence, and there is no such thing as the Jindan Yuanying.

At this moment, Chen Hans mind showed the opening quotation of Huangji Shaking the Sky, and he fell into indescribable shock and excitement.

The supreme existence that surpasses martial artists who can fly to the sky!

The swordsmanship of taking a persons head thousands of miles away!

The primordial spirit that only exists in mythology travels the world out of the body!

These incredible things suddenly appeared in front of me, and my previous cognition collapsed instantly. Did I really inherit the mantle of a certain immortal

“Maybe... its true...”

Si Hai recalled the experience in the cold pool, he licked his dry lips, and the shattered loss of his dantian was replaced by a fiery golden font: “Emperor Shakes the Sky, what kind of mentality is it Anyway, Now that weve come this far, whats there to worry about”

After his dantian was destroyed, he could not practice martial arts for the rest of his life. When he fell into the boundless darkness, a brand new path was laid out in front of him.

This is a completely different method of cultivation from conventional practice.



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