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Chapter 24: Huangfu Ziyan [II]

The girl pushed away the two black super police officers standing in front of her, pointed at Chen Han and shouted: “Stinky hooligan, dare to say that this young lady relies on others for support, I will let you know how to write the word “dead” today. This bird doesnt **. Miss Ben is not familiar with the place, you lead the way to find a place, dare you”

The two of them were clearly at each others throats, and Dawei felt a drum in his heart, tugged at Chen Hans sleeve, and lowered his voice to persuade: “Forget it, the other partys aura almost didnt scare me, these people are definitely not from Tianhua City. The local snake, maybe you cant deal with people, dont forget that there is a Jiushamen.”

Chen Han wholeheartedly wanted to teach the unruly girl a lesson, but he did not listen to his persuasion at all, forcing Dawei to help him find a place where no one was there, and teach the unruly girl well.

After a while, the Audi A6 came from the parking lot not far away. Just as Chen Han was about to get into the car, he saw Davids head sticking out of the car window, staring at his back, his eyes were about to fall.

“Humph! Bump, hillbilly, what are you looking at” The girl got into the car behind Chen Han.

“Stinky girl, dont think we dont have a car.”

Chen Han ran to Audis passenger cab with his head held high, and was relieved. He asked in a low voice, “Is that stinky girls car more expensive than ours”


His head was frantic like a chicken eating rice, and when the girls car turned around and followed behind, Da Wei patted his chest and said with a sad face, “Brother Chen...Brother Chen...Uncle Chen, I beg you to forget it. Every car is a Rolls-Royce, no matter how much it costs more than 5 million, and I cant find one in the entire Tianhua City, the background is too big... lets go ahead”

Hearing what he said, Chen Han felt a little worried in his heart.

At this moment, Rolls-Royce and Audi A6 ran side by side, the girl stuck her little head out of the car window and made a big face at him. “Stinky rascal, dont you want to run away”

“Run away Ill teach you a lesson. Humph!” He didnt want to be ridiculed by a little woman, he shook his fist fiercely, and shouted. “Stinky girl, wait a minute and dont say I bullied you. In addition... hehe, since its a competition, you should add some luck, if you lose What should I do I dont want to waste my time when there is no benefit.”

“You want to beat me too Keep dreaming!”

“Everyone will say big things until a loss, if I win your car, it will be mine, dare you”

“Okay! What if you lose”

“Ill give you this car!”

“Shameless, can your broken car compare to mine A treacherous villain, this lady will never let you go!”

“Youre a lady from a rich family, and Im a country bumpkin. The bargaining chips are definitely different. If you admit that youre a country girl, lets use a car of the same value as a mortgage, how about that”

“You are the wild girl in the country, I dont care about a broken car, anyway, its a win!”

The two spat at each other through the car window, one screamed more fiercely than the other, and the two cars drove by at a rapid pace, and the shouting and scolding attracted many people who stopped along the way.

More than ten minutes later, the car stopped in the compound of a garage in the south of the city.

This is one of the industries under Qin Yangs name. Dawei drove everyone to the front with a few words, and even the gate of the compound was locked. In the open courtyard with a radius of dozens of meters, there were only five people, Chen Han and the unruly girl standing opposite to each other with big eyes and small eyes, almost turning into cross-eyed.

The girl looked confident and said, “Stinky hooligan, Im sure to win anyway, I dont care about your broken car. Even if you win, you will throw it away, so the bet needs to be changed. If you lose, I dont want your broken car either, knelt on the ground and kowtows three times for me, and shouts auntie three times, do you dare”

Dawei, who was so arrogant last night, has become a good baby today. He lowered his head and retreated away silently. He flipped to Qin Yangs number with his mobile phone in his hand, and was ready to call for help at any time.

However, this did not affect Chen Hans arrogance, he jumped and shouted: “Stinky girl, I have a name, dont always call it a hooligan. Would you like to add a bit of luck No problem, the car still has to be counted, your request. I agree too, but if you lose, not only will you keep the car, but you will also have to kiss me three times and call me my brother three times, dare you”

The two of them were pin-pointed to Maimang, and as soon as the girl finished speaking, he added a similar bargaining chip.

“Damn hooligan, how dare you take advantage of this young lady” The girl blushed.

“Dont you want to humiliate me too Lets bet each other, do you dare to bet Give me a word!”

“Make a deal!”

“Good! Happy!”

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Chen Han secretly glanced at the two black super police officers, and said: “You have to swear that you cant let others help you, and you cant go back after you lose.”

The black super special policeman was ready to speak out again, but the girl raised her right hand to make an oath, and said loudly, “I, Huangfu Ziyan, swear in the name of the Huangfu family, this battle is a battle between me and this stinky hooligan, no one is allowed to help me out, otherwise you will be the enemy of the Huangfu family.”


Chen Han, who was in extreme shock, suddenly heard a sound from behind him. Just as the girls words fell, Da Wei fell to the ground.

What does the Huangfu family represent

Even Dawei was frightened into that kind of virtue, how could Chen Han, who was born in the Star Picking Sword Sect, not know

Yanhuang Wulin is headed by the four great families and eight sects. Among them, the Huangfu family living in the southeast of Yanhuang and the ancestral land of Suzhou and Hangzhou is one of them.

Chen Han couldnt even think of it when he scratched his head, that the other party actually came from a family of Huangfu, such a charming little princess, what did she do in Tianhua City, where birds dont **



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