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Chapter 20: Advancement Metal [II]

The middle-aged man looked at Qin Yang and said apologetically, “Mr. Qin, some metals here are very precious, so just look here, right”

Without Qin Yang to speak, Dawei took out a cheque that he had prepared a long time ago and put it on the table: “500,000 is enough to buy these samples. Even if there is something missing, it is enough to pay.”

Carrying the box, he rushed into the master bedroom as if flying, Chen Han took out all the more than 20 kinds of metals, and the description of the required metals appeared in his mind.

Ninety percent were quickly eliminated by color, density, and texture. After screening, only five were left. Unfortunately, when he tried to absorb the spiritual energy inside, he found that none of them were what he wanted.

Seeing him walking out in a dejected manner, everyone had already guessed the result.

The middle-aged man carefully checked the metal in the box, pushed the check in front of Qin Yang, and said, “Mr. Qin, Im sorry, I couldnt help.”

As the boss of the city metal material company, the other partys identity is not comparable to that of ordinary small bosses. Qin Yang gets up and shakes hands and will send him out in person.


At this moment, the young man in his early twenties who followed the middle-aged man said to Chen Han, “Sir, can you describe the metal you need”

“Silver white in color, light as a feather, floating on water, soft in texture, light yellow when gasified...”

“Lithium!” Before Chen Han could finish speaking, the young man hurriedly said, “It must be metallic lithium! Its just that lithium is not easy to store, and it will react chemically when it encounters air, so I didnt bring it here.”

Everyone was overjoyed when they heard his affirmative answer. When the middle-aged man saw that there was a business to do, a smile appeared on his face: “This is great, Ill let someone take a sample. President Qin, I dont know if I want to do it. How much If the company doesnt have enough stock, I can get someone to help.”

“The more the better, at least fifteen tons!”

Chen Han didnt know how much he needed. He used more than ten tons of steel for the foundation building period. Maybe the amount needed this time will not be less. In the middle-aged mans surprised eyes, he added: “There is also tin, just a little more than lithium.”

The middle-aged man swallowed and murmured: “Lithium is not steel. Not to mention that the output is much less, do you know how much a ton of lithium costs”

He suddenly mentioned the issue that Qin Yang was most concerned about, and he took over: “Mr. Zhang, you cant charge me too much.”

“Its not a question of whether its expensive or not. There is less than a ton of inventory in key companies, and this thing is not a commonly used metal, and general metal material companies dont have it at all.” The middle-aged man looked helpless.

“There is no other way”

“I will find a way to contact other companies, and I should be able to get fifteen tons within ten days.”

“Ten days”

Chen Han shook his head like a rattle and said, “I cant wait for this. We dont have time to wait for ten days. How soon can it be done”

Suddenly I thought of the obstacles, not only the future of Jingyunhui, but also the lives of these people present. What is the use of caring about things outside the body now

Qin Yang put the check on the table into Mr. Zhangs hand, and said in a deep voice, “Mr. Zhang, consider that I owe you a favor, and do everything possible to get it in the shortest time possible. Money is not a problem.”


Putting the check into his pocket, Mr. Zhang nodded and said, “Tin can be shipped at any time, at a cost price of 20,000 yuan per ton. As for lithium, I will contact other companies for air transportation, so that the other party may take the opportunity to raise the price in a hurry. The market price is nearly 400,000 per ton, and you have to prepare at least 7 million.”

7 million!

I dont know that the price of lithium does not mean that Chen Han has no concept of money. He is very clear about the meaning of 7 million in the world. Didnt he see that Qin Yangs face changed

Having been in the underworld in Tianhua City for so many years, the Jingyun Club has been established for several years. On the surface, it looks like a beautiful scene, but only a limited number of people know the real situation.

All kinds of black income and gray income, plus the income of the formal industry, together make profits for at least two thousand years each year. However, there are so many younger brothers to support, and younger brothers are often injured. The amount of medical expenses in one year is staggering. As the boss, he cant be too shabby, and the cost alone is not a small amount.

In short, the money that is really saved every year is divided into several peoples hands, even if Qin Yang is divided into two million at most.

“There are more than four million in Cary, and money is not a problem.”

As soon as Mr. Zhang left, the ghost hand threw a bank card to Qin Yang: “The password is the date of the first hacking, dont be so embarrassed, youre afraid that you wont be able to make any money after you get the Jiushamen”

Seeing his unconcerned appearance, Chen Han nodded solemnly: “Brothers, everything you have done will be kept in mind by Chen Han, as long as...”


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Before he could finish speaking, the door of the living room was smashed into pieces by a strong force, and three figures appeared abruptly, and a cold and arrogant voice sounded immediately: “Is it because you injured Yunfeng Very good, not a single one is left. It saves me having to go looking for them one by one. Self-destruction is waiting for the fate of the cultivation base, and maybe the Sect Master will save a small life if you dont know about it!”

Hearing such an arrogant tone, Chen Han, who was interrupted by his words, had a murderous intent, and a mysterious sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth, and he directly activated the Heavenly Power Seal...



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