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Chapter 2: A Place Called Jianyuan [II]

This was a space with a diameter of more than thirty feet. You can see sparkling light above and around your head, and you can judge whether you are in a pond or a deep pool. However, the pools of water were not even close to the body. A magical light film isolated this space. The most bizarre thing was that the dry ground was constantly flashing with gorgeous patterns.

Just like the fairy in charge of the magic pen, using the glow of the sun as ink, outlines a magical pattern.

The colorful rays of light are criss-crossed, condensed but not scattered, and constructed into extremely complex and wonderful figures with a vague pattern to follow.

Thousands of small-sized mysterious talismans lingered around the light map, exuding an icy aura.

“How can I still be alive after falling Even if I fell into a puddle by coincidence, the impact will still kill me. And also...”

Before he could figure out the strangeness of the whole thing, several talismans peeled off from the light map and penetrated his body along the heavenly spirit, between the eyebrows, and the limbs.

After a while, countless talismans gathered next to him, condensing into a human-shaped phantom more than two meters high out of thin air. Two strong rays of light shot out from the phantoms eyes and fell on Chen Hans body, like X-rays swept through, and you could clearly see every muscle, bone, meridian, blood vessel under the skin, and even the internal organs.


Not to mention the skin trauma, the muscles and tendons were contused and torn in more than forty places, and the bones were broken in ten places. There are many wounds in the internal organs, each of which can make ordinary people lose their ability to move, and even die on the spot.

“The dantian is broken, the infuriating qi dissipates, good!”

Xu Ying slapped his palms abruptly and laughed, and muttered to himself: “Its not in vain for the deity to be self-proclaimed as a disabled spirit for eight thousand years, and finally met a good seedling whose willpower is still strong, the meridians are almost completely broken, and the dantian is completely destroyed. Biyouzi, Shang Tianjun, Fanlong... and the goddess Qingxuan, the goddamn cheap servant, the grievances of the year have not been settled, and the shameless people will definitely go to get it back, haha...”

The hands formed by the strange brilliance follow the esoteric and mysterious trajectory to the void in front of them, and the talismans that form the phantom are reassembled into various unknown runes.

Those runes slowly circulated around the phantom, and finally turned into a streamer and rushed into Chen Hans limbs and eyebrows.

Chen Han, who was frightened by the sudden change in front of him, suddenly trembled violently as if he had been electrified, and fine sweat seeped out of his pores. It was a severe pain from the soul, enough to destroy the sanity of ordinary people. If it wasnt for his previous habit of scarred and painful, Im afraid he would have died in agony.


The body seemed to have been run over by a 10,000-ton hydraulic press, and the bones that had been broken in many places were instantly crushed into powder under the action of tremendous force. The tendons and veins were torn apart every inch, and the body was turned into flesh.

More and more runes were integrated into the body, the severe pain was gradually replaced by itchiness and numbness, and the body that was completely destroyed by unparalleled power was reshaped at an incredible speed.

Comatose in excruciating pain...

Waking up in excruciating pain...

In just a few minutes, he fell into a coma and woke up six times, and his appearance changed drastically.

In addition to the same appearance, the height has grown from less than one meter seven to nearly one meter eight, and the slightly thin body has obviously bulged out a piece of muscle. Of course, the muscles have absolutely no sense of high bulge, it is flawless and streamlined, like the golden ratio of artificial cutting.

The meridians were more than twice as thick as before, but the bones did not become thicker, but there was a faint glow of warm jade flowing.

The cracks in the internal organs were completely repaired, except that the dantian disappeared without a trace, and the body was several times stronger than in its heyday!

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The phantom in front of him was almost invisible, the light was much dimmed, as if it would disappear at any time, and more than 90% of the talismans that made up the phantom were lost.

Chen Han stood up abruptly, stepped back quickly, and was speechless: “Are you filming a magic movie You... you are a human or a ghost...”

“Boy, do you treat the person who saved you like this”

The voice was full of powerlessness, and the phantom waved his hand suddenly, and the light map with a diameter of ten feet at the bottom of the pool shattered on the spot and turned into countless free light spots, which merged into the body of nothingness. The phantom that almost collapsed and disappeared was slightly solidified, and the surrounding light also dimmed, leaving only a circle of light blocking the outside pool.

Chen Han, who gradually woke up from the shock, found many changes in his body, and had to accept the unbelievable fact: he escaped from the mortal situation, and it was the shadow in front of him who did not know whether it was a human or a ghost.

“Who are you”

“Theres no time to explain, and its not good for you to know too many things too early.”

As the virtual shadow spoke, his hands quickly formed various mysterious marks, the just-solid figure completely collapsed, and a small colorful ball of light lingered with countless talismans quickly escaped into Chen Hans eyebrows.

In the air, the last sentence floated, echoing in Chen Hans ears for a long time: “When the time is right, everything will be known, you only need to remember two things. Come back here before you ascend, and collect the deitys personal magic weapon. Come here before. Its useless if you dont have enough strength. Its impossible to take it if you dont have enough strength. In addition, after ascending, you must not be too ostentatious, and you must not expose the practice to anyone, otherwise it will definitely lead to death, remember... remember...”



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