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Chapter 15: Emergence Of Murder [I]

The super master was greeted with cold eyes. Instead of caring, the other party took the initiative to toast. This kind of mind made him feel ashamed from the bottom of his heart.

The blood of the ghost hand rushed up, the scars on his face turned purple, he grabbed a whole bottle of Maotai, twisted it open, and said solemnly: “Brother Chen Han, the ghost hand has eyes and no pearls underestimated you, and punished myself for a bottle. Brothers heart is admirable, as long as you say a word in the future, even if you have three swords and six holes, you will not frown, I will do it first!”

Goo-dong... goo-dong...

The whole bottle of liquor was blown upside down in less than a minute. When Da Wei, Gao Lao, and Xiao Fei applauded loudly, Qin Yang lowered his head and wondered what he was thinking.

The ghost hand just put down the empty wine bottle, Qin Yang suddenly chuckled and said, “Old ghost, do you have a time to convince people And Gao, you two have been with me for nearly ten years, and the Jingyun Club has the scale it is today. But have you ever thought that it is impossible to have a great future with this power alone, and at most it will be a local snake nesting in Tianhua City.”

The two veterans, who had been with Qin Yang since the beginning, looked at each other and frowned, and had already heard the deep meaning from the bosss words.

In the underworld, strength has always been respected, unless the pie falls from the sky, otherwise the gang will not be able to develop much. Let alone continue to be a local snake in Tianhua City, after another ten or twenty years, the health will get worse and worse, and the gang will eventually die.


The atmosphere in the private room dropped to zero, and after an unknown amount of time, the ghost hand slapped the table and whispered, “I agree with Brother Chenhan joining the Jingyun Club. Whats the point of staying in Tianhua City for the rest of your life”

Next, Gao Lao, Xiaofei, and Dawei also raised their hands in approval, but only the parties involved were a little confused: “Brother Qin, what is Jingyunhui”

No matter how talented and intelligent he is, he doesnt know much about gangsters. In the past, he came to the secular world to follow his elders and never came into contact with the underworld.

Now it was Qin Yangs turn and they were dumbfounded. Dare to now, he still didnt know what he was doing, or simply didnt know what gangsters were. You cant tell him that the gang is made up of a bunch of hooligans, big and small, doing those illegal activities all day long, right

“This...” Qin Yangs eyes turned around, thinking about countermeasures, and soon he came up with an idea, hehe smiled: “Jingyunhui is similar to your sect, but the sect in the world is much weaker, if you join our sect, you can have a better future.”

This explanation made Chen Han understand. It turns out that Qin Yang has also established a school, but his grade is relatively low.

After being hunted down by his masters, he has become a duckweed with no family and no sect. It is undoubtedly a dream to be able to return to a similar sect. In the future, I will no longer be alone. Even in the face of the grudge with the division, it is better to have the whole school as the backing than to be alone, right

Revitalize the sect and shine on the lintel.

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With the incomparable Huangji Shattering Records, he will become a master of the faction, and one day he will be famous in the world.

Of course, by that time, you will have to soak up all the beauties in the world!

Do not! Do not! Do not!

It should be said that the beauties in the world take the initiative to throw their arms around. With his peerless cultivation, handsome appearance, temperament and talent, is it not the ultimate goal of all beauties

Fragrant car beauty...

Villa yacht...


Thinking of this, his blood immediately boiled, and the fourth glass of wine was brought up: “Okay! Since this is the case, I will not hide it. In fact, I was chased by the master and I met Brother Qin by chance. But there is absolutely no way to go back. If you are not afraid, I will join the Jingyun Club, and we will share the blessings and misfortunes from now on!”

What! The wine glass in Qin Yangs hand fell, and it shattered into pieces with a bang. From the very beginning, this friendship was directed at Chen Hans division. I didnt expect him to be an abandoned apprentice chased by his division.

Not only is it not good to mix with him, maybe one day he will be found and hunted down by his teacher, but he will be implicated and lose his life.

The others were also stunned. Ghost Shou was the first to sober up, drank the liquor in the cup, and shouted with a cold face, “Since I have recognized you as a brother, it doesnt matter what happened in the past. , if your head falls off, you will have a big scar, damn it!”

“Damn it!” Dawei raised his head and drank the liquor.

“Fuck it!” Gao Lao and Xiao Fei were excited.

“Me too... ** it!” Qin Yang gritted his teeth and unscrewed a bottle of Maotai, opened his mouth and poured it down, his heart was full of mixed flavors.

“Everyone, dont worry, although I have abandoned my disciples, I can guarantee that Jingyun will be a blockbuster in the future.”

The secret of Huang Jis Heaven-shaking Record cannot be easily revealed. He will not forget the repeated instructions of the illusory figure, and he firmly believes that this seemingly illusory promise will one day be realized.

The existence of cultivators has been confirmed, and the ninth-order power of comprehension can destroy the sky and the earth. He has just broken through to the second-largest realm in the early stage of consecration, and he is comparable to the peak strength of the second-rank martial arts. Given time, even if it is a first-rank master, a master master, or even the strongest peerless master in the legend, what is it

As for where the cultivators mentioned in the mind method are, he is still unclear for the time being, but what is certain is that the world of warriors is vulnerable to the world of comprehension.



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