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Peerless God of Cultivation Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: The Power Of One Punch [II]

One punch!

With just that one punch, Su Yunfeng flew out. If the punch hit him directly, the opponent had ten lives to get in.

It has been less than a year since Su Yunfengs rise in Tianhua City, as if he appeared out of nowhere, and attracted a group of desperadoes in a very short time. With a martial arts cultivation level stronger than Qin Yangs, he quickly grabbed a considerable piece of territory from various underworld forces, including the Xiangmanlou street, which belonged to Qin Yangs care.

If it wasnt for the fact that several power leaders were forced to join forces, the second major counterattack caused him some losses. He was afraid that there would be no place for other gangs in Hua City.

How can it not be shocking that a master who made the entire Tianhua City underworld forces have some scruples was beaten and maimed by one punch

Originally, Qin Yang didnt think that Chen Han was strong, all he valued was the so-called division behind the opponent.

According to what Chen Han said, he is only sixteen or seventeen years old now, and even if he started cultivating when he was born, it would only be a mere ten years. The strength he has shown now is comparable to those of those martial artists with excellent aptitude who have been assisted by high-quality mental methods and have been cultivating for more than 20 years.


After a while, when Su Yunfeng staggered and stood up with a pale face holding his shattered right arm, everyone woke up one after another from the shock.

“Boy, I will never let you go!”

He was full of anger and resentment, and stared at Chen Han with three-point horror, and shouted sharply: “Remember! What you did today will be returned to you in a short time, and it will be ten thousand times more painful!”


After spitting out the red blood again, his subordinates, who had just woken up, hurriedly supported him and left in embarrassment. I dont know who accidentally touched the wound. Not too far away, Su Yunfeng screamed like killing a pig again, and a little brother who was supporting him was kicked away.

Chen Han pouted, hehe sneered: “The most disgusting slug, if you cant beat it, dont go away, see if I dont squeeze your eggs into meat sauce!”

Hearing his roar like this, Su Yunfengs staggering footsteps immediately sped up a bit, and with serious injuries enough to make ordinary people unconscious, he quickly got into the car and fled in a panic.

The crowd of onlookers who were far away gradually dispersed. When Chen Han, Qin Yang and others walked into Xiangmanlou, the police who arrived late arrested a fewspectators and brought them back to the bureau. .

Its not that even the police system is afraid of gangsters, but they have their own considerations at the peak, and they usually turn a blind eye.

This is an unspoken rule between the official and the gangs. If there is no violation of the rules, no one will intervene. Once the restrictions of the rules are exceeded, will the mere gangsters turn into ashes in an instant

On the tenth floor of Xiangman Building, the private room of Tianlong.

All kinds of exquisite dishes with good color and fragrance are served by beautiful waitresses wearing silk cheongsam. There were only five people around the huge round table, and the younger brothers who were accompanying them naturally didnt have the opportunity to attend. Anyway, they also reserved seats in other private rooms so they didnt worry about eating and drinking.

Steamed grouper, braised fish lips, boiled prawns, lobster, sharks fin, birds nest, abalone are the same and many, all of which are top famous dishes in top restaurants.

Chen Han regards Qin Yang as a friend, but he is not polite, not to mention that these delicacies are a hundred times stronger than the clear soup of Shimen, and the smell of the fragrance already makes ones forefinger moved.

“Brother, brother, I respect you!”

Three or two cups were filled with crystal clear Maotai wine, Qin Yangs mood could not be described in words: “Respect you and I have a fate to meet and become brothers!”

The teachers sect stipulates that under the age of eighteen is not allowed to drink, and outside disciples like Chen Han, even if they exceed the age limit, there is not much chance to drink.

Yuan Qings face appeared in his mind, and he sneered in his heart: Can the rules of the gate still limit himself now



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The glass collided with a crisp sound, and Chen Han drank the liquor in the glass.

Before the other people had time to praise the massive amount, the pungent smell of alcohol poured into their foreheads, and they almost spit out the food they had just swallowed.

Warm tears rolled down, he hugged his stomach and bent over to cough desperately. For a first-time drinker, the taste of drinking three or two high liquors in one mouthful is absolutely unpleasant.

The violent cough immediately caused everyone to laugh, Chen Han sat back on the chair again, wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, picked up the wine bottle and filled the empty glass: “I respect this glass, and take care of Chen Han these days. will not forget.”

With the lessons learned, Chen Han grasped the essentials of drinking after the second cup of liquor, and he didnt feel as choked as before. A sweet taste spreads on the tip of the tongue, and the warm air gradually spreads out in the stomach, and I feel a little like this feeling.

“This cup, Jing Gao, Xiaofei, and Guishou, I will take care of you in the future.” He seemed to be addicted to the drink, so he didnt take the third cup.

Seeing Gao Lao and Xiao Fei hurriedly get up and raise their glasses, Ghost Hand couldnt help but feel a heat on his cheeks.

The first time I met, I didnt know the inside story, and I thought it was the second generation ancestor of an official or a big gang, and a cold face was thrown on the spot. Once an elite in the military, he was most disliked by the dandy who swaggered in the market with the help of his ancestor Yu Yin. In his eyes, only the strong deserved respect.

However, what he witnessed with his own eyes proved that he had misunderstood. This young man, who was not even twenty years old, almost punched Su Yunfeng, whose cultivation surpassed Qin Yangs.

He is the powerhouse in his mind, the kind of master who respects power!



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