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Chapter 10: Elements Of Metals [2]

However, no matter how it is expanded, the shape of the meridians themselves is placed there, and the speed is fundamentally limited.

In order to avoid the tempering of the spiritual energy, Huangji Hutianlu placed the tempering in the five internal organs because of the narrow meridians that affected the tempering speed.

Taking the heart, liver, spleen, lung, and kidney corresponding to the attributes of the five elements as the cauldron, and purifying the five elements of pure gold in the huge five internal organs, how much faster is the circulation in the narrow meridians ten times faster

In half an hour, compared to other cultivators, the quenching process was slower than absorbing spiritual energy. In Chen Hans mind, mysterious formulas, handprint, and mysterious energy running routes appeared. “God Martial Seal!”

The hands are interwoven, overlapped, and gestured somewhat unfamiliarly, and the almost invisible white airflow slowly converges into a mysterious light sign at the fingertips.

He held the light symbol that was related to the future in his heart, as if it had a weight of tens of millions of pounds. There was his spiritual imprint there, and the magical energy contained in it could be clearly sensed.

Familiar faces floated in front of his eyes, and the elders who were respected in the past were going to put themselves to death, and they continued to chase and kill for two days and two nights. With the coincidence of obtaining the Emperors Heaven Shaking Record, the people who should have died are still alive in the world, and all this is not over.


The light talisman slowly floated above the head, exploded with a slight air explosion, and turned into a hazy light rain scattered all over the body.

The power of Gengjin contained in the seal of Shenwu penetrates from the outside to the inside and enters every tiniest cell.

At this time, the power of Gengjin no longer has a sharp breath, moisturizing the body like a spring rain, and the cells are also stained with a touch of white, and there are magical changes from the cell membrane to the nucleus. Its just that the entire strengthening process of Shenwuyin lasted for less than a minute, and the white light fused into the cells dimmed and gradually disappeared.

After all, it has not officially entered the foundation-building stage, and the profound energy cultivation base is always too weak, and the time that the profound seal can maintain cannot be too long.

However, in this short tens of seconds, Chen Han could really feel that his body was strengthened at a terrifying speed, and his strength was multiplied.

Shenwu Xuanyin was activated eight times in a row, and the five elements of profound energy stored in his lungs were completely consumed, but Chen Han fell into extreme excitement and excitement: when any kind of mental method first started to practice, the speed of improvement would be relatively fast. It will also feel more obvious, but this is too fast, right

The duration of each profound seal was less than a minute, and it only took ten seconds to cast the profound seal. In addition, it took more than 30 hours to sense, absorb and refine the five elements of pure gold, and the body strength increased by nearly 50%.

In other words, the one-handed strength directly climbed to 1,500 kilograms!

At the same time, the strength of the physical body has nearly doubled, and the speed of absorbing the five elements of fine gold will also be accelerated in the future, and the amount, purity and concentration of the aura contained in the lungs will increase accordingly. From the depths of his soul came a magical message, and from this moment on, he had truly entered the first realm of the ninth order of self-cultivation-the foundation-building stage.

After calming down from his excitement, he knew very well that the future was not as smooth as he had imagined.

The more you go on the way of cultivation, the slower you improve. The most difficult thing about Huangji Shattering the Sky is not cultivation, but all kinds of metals that become more and more precious as you go forward.

Moreover, in terms of current strength, there is still a big gap from the heyday of martial arts training. Even if he has the cultivation base of the heyday, compared with the elders of the division, there is still an insurmountable gap.

He couldnt and didnt dare to slack off in the slightest. After finishing the cultivation of Shenwu, he once again devoted himself to the cultivation of profound energy.

The meridians are nearly twice stronger than before!

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The absorption speed is more than 70% faster!

A hundred kilograms of steel plate can be exhausted in just over an hour. This time, he did not wait until the energy absorption reached the limit, and then refined and refined it to activate the Divine Martial Profound Seal. As long as you absorb enough energy to activate the profound seal once, you will begin to quench and cast the profound seal.

With the strengthening effect of this time, the meridians and lungs have been strengthened, and the speed of absorbing and refining the spiritual energy is faster than the previous time. , which saves training time to a great extent.

Time passed in the concentrated cultivation, and the interval between the activation of Shenwu Xuanyin was shortened from about 80 minutes at the beginning to less than an hour.

More importantly, with the continuous strengthening of the lungs, in addition to the more spiritual energy it can hold, the quality of the five elements of profound energy after tempering has also improved.

This has led to the continuous increase in the time that the Profound Seal acts on the body, as well as the strengthening effect within the same period of time.

His strength increased slightly every hour, and he forgot about hunger and fatigue, completely immersed in this continuous improvement.

one day...

two days...

More than a week passed in the blink of an eye.

Huangjis Heaven-shaking Record uses Xuanyin to assist Shenwu, and Shenwus goal is to have unmatched physical strength and strength. Therefore, Chen Hans physical strength at the same level is far from comparable to martial artists and cultivators.

If someone knew that within more than 30 hours, he had completed the absorption and refining of spiritual energy to find the sense of aura and saturation, and successfully entered the foundation-building stage, I am afraid that the entire cultivation world would be crazy about it.

You must know that even a genius of cultivation that is rarely seen in ten thousand years, without the assistance of medicinal herbs, spiritual herbs, and top experts, it is impossible for him to do these things by himself without half a month.

Thats right!

From the moment he set foot in cultivation, he was destined to continue to create miracles!



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