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The final tumor within the immortal dao had been excised! 

It truly illuminated the multiverse now and traversed heaven and earth, becoming the overlord of the realm. A pillar of profoundly arcane light rose from Mount Xuanhuang to envelop the world, cosmos, Earth in another pocket of space, and the root of this realm.

“He did it,” murmured the two scarlet apes of the North Sea.

“Immortal dao really is the dao of all now. We monster spirits finally have a chance to lift our heads and come out into the light.” However, melancholy drifted into Goldenlights eyes. “To think… that it would still be the humans who facilitated our races rise in the end.”

“Humans are the sovereigns of the world and the spiritual leader of all things,” Silverlight answered faintly. “Theres a reason they accomplished this.”

Goldenlight fell silent. His cultivation, along with his dao partners, was increasing at a rapid clip. It rammed through shackle after shackle and soared to their prime, then slowed its rate of ascension, but still continued onward.

Every being and everything in the world of immortals thrived for a timeless moment of joyous harmony. Even rubble in the cosmos outside the world of immortals flared with exuberant vitality. The ruined husks of destroyed worlds and sterile space itself showed signs of revitalization.

In contrast, countless dead spirits keened with agony in this transformed realm, while back on Mount Buzhou, the fake Fuxi brooded ominously.

He hadnt thought that Lu Yun would completely grasp his plans and be one step ahead of him. Now that the immortal dao was fully repaired, restored, and reconnected throughout the realm, intricate plots carefully crafted through countless eons were instantaneously nullified.

The Blood Sea in the southwest of Life Province in Nephrite Major boiled over as innumerable creatures roared and snarled, venting their rage and opposition to the new status quo. In the battlefields of the yet-unconquered Witherdew Major, an enormous ghostly face suddenly formed in the sky, screeching defiantly at the heavens.

When the immortals fighting in Witherdew Major saw the face that seemed to be both laughing and crying, they immediately fled the major in a panicked retreat.

There were akasha ghosts in Witherdew Major!

Thus revealed to the world, the akasha ghosts took over Witherdew Major with the fastest speed possible.

The unexpected also occurred in the ten lands as towering figures suddenly floated out of the central tombs in each facet. Standing in the middle of their respective territories, the ten figures declared their utmost authority over the land.

Many races could be found among these ten magnificent figures—divine, monster spirit, demon, dragon, phoenix, qilin, tortoise, Black Turtle, White Tiger, and torch dragon as denoted by the tiny flame on its forehead.

They were the strongest experts of their race and all were chaos realm. Theyd been resting in the tombs of the ten lands, awakened moments ago by the emergence of the completed immortal dao. From Xuan Yuans tomb, however, emerged the guardian of the human race—the first torch dragon beneath the heavens and the one that Lu Yun had once watched over.

Lu Yun hadnt been the Flame Emperor when he first met the torch dragon, and neither had he been Lie Shan. Thus, the dragon hadnt recognized him, but thatd changed with Lu Yuns return from the great wilderness. It was then that the torch dragon learned who the infinitely small human thatd once protected him was.

Emperor Xuanyuan of the human race slept peacefully in a Hell Flower, awaiting his eventual revival. Hed scattered along the wind in order to aid the creation of Xing Chen and currently existed only in the tendril of soul force that Lu Yun had taken from the great wilderness.

A myriad of plans and contingencies from the Primeval Era fully activated upon the immortal daos rebirth, revealing themselves to seize the advantage of being first and resonating with the immortal dao to welcome a new age of peace and prosperity.


“The immortal dao encompasses the world now and supports this realm. There is no further reason for our underworld to exist.” The four holy kings looked at each other and smiled with the relief of impending release.

“The world of immortals is affecting the underworld as well. It wont be long before our domain transforms into a land of life. We will be fully alive then, instead of the living dead,” Holy King Desolation laughed heartily. “Our denizens will be just as alive as the citizens of the world at large, and all of the dead and yin spirits here will be annihilated.”


“A flower must bloom and wither for it to bear fruit, only today do I know that I am me.” In a rundown wooden shack on the ancestor planet, “Lu Yun” put down his bowl and chopsticks with a loud clatter. He threw his head back with a long peal of laughter. “A hard job well done, fellow daoist.”

Silence reigned after the spontaneous reflection; Lu Yun of Dusk Province spoke no more.

His voice would never sound in the realm, ever again.


The chaos also resonated with the immortal dao, and the influence of the realm doubled in size to extend further into this nebulous region. A fourth treasure of the chaos slowly began to form where Fuxis tomb had once stood.

“Milord, when do we return to the world of immortals” Many connate demon gods were gathered around Qiang Liang in anxious urgency. Not only was the possibility of becoming a great emperor available from this new immortal dao, but so was the chance of becoming a creator to be gleaned.

“Theres no rush.” Qiang Liang shook his head. “We return after the great war begins in eighty years.”

There was no passage of time in the chaos, but it existed in the world of immortals. These demon gods from the great wilderness likewise possessed a sense of time, so the chaos was thus impacted by their perspective.

“We almost became sinners of the world, so we must atone for our mistakes with our return. That war will be the most ideal opportunity.”


Thriving prosperity greeted the eye everywhere one looked in the world of immortals. Plans carefully laid from the Primeval Era gradually came to fruition in this moment, creating an atmosphere that the core figures of the world were about to return to the nine majors, ten lands, and four immortal seas.

In contrast, the remaining eight celestial courts of the nine majors thatd once dominated the world seemed rather sidelined. Bereft of any better option, the courts had to extend olive branches to the Dao Academy. Overnight, the so-called peak factions of the world were also rendered as commonplace and ordinary as could be. They, too, shed themselves of their previous pride and arrogance.

These masters from the Primeval Era were too terrifying! Though their combat arts and cultivation methods were far inferior to those found in the current world of immortals, their foundations ran incredibly deep and their understanding of cultivation outstripped all contemporaries.

Nephrite Celestial Emperor Zhao Shenguang voluntarily stripped the title of “celestial king” from his name and renamed himself Nephrite Lord Zhao Shenguang. The other seven celestial emperors quickly followed his example as no one dared call themselves a celestial emperor in front of these astounding Primeval Era existences.

The lord of Exalted Major was… Dongfang Hao.

Modern day divines supported him as he possessed the heritage of the ancient divine court. Thus, the Exalted Major became divine race territory.

Lu Yun disseminated his book of history to the world through the Dao Academy, fully detailing the ages of the great wilderness, human dao, and immortal dao. The fog of the unknown and confusion was thus swept away from the realms history.

Classes in ethics and conduct, as well as history, were added to the academys required curriculum. Disciples were tested at regular intervals, along with knowledge of combat arts and secret methods, on their grasp of morality and honor. Lu Yun had no desire to graduate unprincipled students whod lost their humanity. Before one could reach for the stars, one had to learn how to be a proper being.


Once the source of the curse was eradicated from the Ascension Pool, the prisoners at the edge of hell slowly settled back down. However, Lu Yun sensed residual bitterness from the abyss. Those things would stir up trouble again sooner or later.

Ge Long and the blood demon sat at the edge this time, keeping the newly agitated prisoners under control.

“Blood demon, didnt you leave any backup plans for yourself or alternatives” Lu Yun sat on one of the evil coffins and looked at the demon.

“My backup plan was the Hadal Bonefire, which that Venerated brat happily made off with. Some random bastard collected the newly reborn Blood Sea, and Fuxi and those damned akasha ghosts used my Skandha Extinction Tomb.

“I also have an Ichor Bog somewhere, but if my guess is right, the fake Fuxi in Mount Buzhou has claimed it,” the blood demon continued moodily, “As for my four blood demons… you harvested them, kid. And the four coffins…”

He looked at Ge Long, who chuckled without a word. If the blood demon hadnt manifested physically thanks to Rearbows immense strength and saw a corresponding rise in his own, he probably wouldve wanted to smash himself to death on a block of tofu.

“Lastly, my disciple Ji Du! I dont know how many resources I poured into him so that he could become a demon god, but hes now the lord of demon dao beneath the immortal dao!”

Lu Yun strove mightily to contain his laughter.

“These are yours.” He raised a hand and sent two streaks of bloody light to the blood demon.

“Yuantu, Abi!” The blood demon brightened visibly.

The two treasures had belonged to Darkriver, but Lu Yun had taken them after the battle with Darkriver and Luo Houluo. Returning them to the blood demon now was just putting property back in the hands of its rightful owner.

These two connate treasures were weapons of great slaughter. Born of the Blood Sea, they shouldve belonged to Arbiter, however, Darkriver had later claimed them.

“Id thought these two treasures were lost in that prison, but to think that youd be in possession of them,” grumbled the blood demon. Hed tried breaking into that part of the void and entering a specific cell to scrounge for his treasures because hed felt their presence there.

“That was a trap, one set by those things to lure you over,” Ge Long said coldly with a glance at the blood demon.

The blood demon fell sheepishly silent.


“This is that pathetic monster spirit sacred land” A group of overwhelmingly powerful monster spirits walked the waves to Levitating Island. They stopped in front of the hovering landmass, regarding it with derision.

“Two scarlet apes dare establish a sacred land for monster spirits You court death! Get out here and get on your knees!”


One of them raised a tidal wave with a casual wave and smashed it down on Levitating Island. The tiny movement encompassed a prodigious force that shattered the islands protective formation with one blow.

“Who dares attack the sacred land of Levitating Island!”


A black club stretched out from the island interior and broke the great wave apart. A muscular man dressed in silver armor appeared in mid air, brandishing the black club and scanning the group of visitors with a menacing glare.

“How dare a mewling silverback gorilla raise his voice in front of us” The monster spirit whod made the attack was a young man with a dark green scale embedded between his brows. He sneered with frosty killing intent as he looked at the island defender.

“Who dares We dare, get on your knees!” The young man stretched out a hand and pointed at the silverback gorilla. “Remember my name, Prince Lu Fuyao of the divine monster spirit Qingfu Nation!”[ref]Qing Fus are an insect that look like a slightly bigger cicada. Its said that the mother will come flying in search if her young are taken, and legend says to smear qing fu blood on money if the lender wants to guarantee return.”

The finger seemed as if an entire world as it bore down on Yuan Tong.

Eyes widened with effort, Yuan Tong roared and shoved his metal club at the finger.


This enormous metal club refined by the Dao Academy broke apart into tiny pieces from that singular point.-

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