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The Bell of Chaos jingled pleasantly on the little foxs neck; Lu Yun didnt turn her request down. He was effectively defenseless, armed with neither treasure nor weapon. If he encountered any danger, the Bell of Chaos would play a crucial role in saving him.


Suncrows Plain was vast, spanning eastward and bordering the East Sea. According to Lu Yuns observations, the entire grassland had become a giant tomb. Standing upon the plain was no different than standing upon the great tomb.

That was why he hadnt believed that the tomb buried only the great god Yi and spirits of nine suncrows.


As soon as Lu Yun descended from Qingqiu Mountain to Suncrows Plain, ten arrows whistled through the air and stabbed into the ground before him.

“Human from the river tribes, how dare you enter Suncrows Plain Do you court death!” A powerful yell was followed by the emergence of thirty young men with feathers on their heads. They rose from the bushes and notched their bows, aiming their arrows at Lu Yun.

The edge of Suncrows Plain marked the territory of the Dongyi Tribe.

The human race was split into three main factions. The river tribes mainly resided in the Yellow River basin, the Dongyi tribes were found in Suncrows Plain, and the Cloud Dream tribe at the Great Southern Marsh.

The three factions were each others worst enemies, and war between them had lasted tens of thousands of years. Not even Fuxi could resolve the situation.

The human race was the descendent of the Great Pangu, so there were too many factors to be taken into consideration.


Fixing his eyes on the speaker, Lu Yun saw that the burly Dongyi tribesmen had all attained a beginners understanding of the connate great dao, and that the arrows at their bows flickered with strong inner energy.

Those had been warning shots. If he really dared set foot into Suncrows Plain, they would immediately fire more arrows and kill him.

“Out of my way!” Lu Yun snapped, his brows furrowed.

Shockwaves of great power rumbled out in all directions, sending the Dongyi flying like dandelions on a breeze. Lu Yun had reached peak golden core great dao, which rivaled the peerless immortal realm in modern times.

The difference between him and the tribesmen whod just been initiated into the connate great dao was greater than that of heaven and earth. Lu Yun wasnt in the mood to kill anyone, or he couldve disintegrated them with a simple huff.

“The entrance to the tomb should be at the center of Suncrows Plain… There should be a great mountain there.” Having driven away the Dongyi, Lu Yun took a closer look at his surroundings and came to some initial conclusions.

The little fox shook her head slightly. She didnt know the plains that well. Although Qingqiu Mountain bordered Suncrows Plain, the plain was considered a location of ill omen ever since Taiyis injuries. Not even the great connate gods would choose to venture near this place, let alone the little fox.

“To seek a dragon of mountains coiled, those deathly cliffs with mysteries roiled!” Lu Yuns eyes turned pure gold as he applied the Dragonsearch Invocation to them. The shadow of a feng shui compass flickered in and out of existence above his head, while Suncrows Plain was projected straight into his eyes.

“The luopan… is in my body and has become a part of me” Delight flashed through his eyes. Hed thought his luopan was lost, but itd actually become a part of him!

Merging with his luopan somehow perfected his grasp of the Dragonsearch Invocation, enabling him to see through the feng shui layouts before him with just his eyes.

The dao of burial was still in its infancy in this era. Its layouts were at their most primitive, but this was a layout of heavenly burial! However, it was much more intricate and dangerous than the dao of burial to come in the future.

“How about the Dragonshift Method and Dragonpike Litany” Lu Yun didnt give into his reckless impulse, despite his pounding heart.

Both the Dragonshift Method and the Dragonpike Litany might lead to unexpected consequences. The former shifted dragon veins and could trigger the backlash of the world, while the Dragonpike Litany...

Lu Yun still recalled how the Exalted Immortal Sect and the Exalted heavenly court had been destroyed… He didnt think it a mere coincidence that all of it had happened so quickly and on such a magnitude after hed inserted the spike. The Dragonpike Litany was not to be trifled with.

Although the Dongyi were enemies with the tribes of the great river basins, Lu Yun didnt see them as such since he was from the future.

He let the Dragonsearch Invocation peter out and identified a safe route, making his way to the great mountain at the heart of Suncrows Plain. There was a great mountain there as hed speculated, but he could tell that it was in fact an enormous corpse.

“Suncrows Plain has gone through some changes. The Bi Fang suddenly appearing outside Ning Village escaped from the grassland!” he muttered. “I wonder if that was Xing Chens doing.”

Traversing an immeasurable distance, Lu Yun found himself halted by a roiling river. It was greater than even the Wei River; Lu Yun recognized it as the Yellow River with a single glance. The river cut through Suncrows Plain and meandered east until it met the ocean.

Lu Yun had been travelling southeast rather than due east. That was why he crossed paths with the river. The Yellow River, however, gave him a foreboding feeling. Something terrifying resided within its depths.

“Can it be its river god” He stood at the riverbank, his brows knitted slightly. “Suncrows Plain is impoverished, much more so than the Wei River basin… Why would the river god of the mighty Yellow River settle down here instead of the fertile midstream”

Puzzling over this, he rose into the air to cross the Yellow River, but a panicked and angry voice cried out, “Stop! Stop at once!” 

The protest came with an overwhelming surge of power that smashed him back down to the ground.

“What do you think youre doing Are you trying to destroy all of the Dongyi Tribes!”

Lu Yun turned around to find a powerfully-built old man wearing nine golden feathers in his hair. He glared at Lu Yun with murderous fury.

“Barbarian from the great river, how despicable and evil you are to resort to these lowly tricks. Youre here to destroy the Dongyi!” In his hand was a drawn bow as tall as a man. Pitch-black, a notched white bone arrow was aimed at Lu Yun.

Lu Yun could sense great power from the arrow… It reminded him of curses from the shamanic race!

That was it. It was the power of the shamanic race. The Dongyi are the ancestors of the shamanic race!

“You misunderstand. Im simply making my way east and nothing more.” Lu Yun cupped his hands at the old man.

However, the old mans face remained grave, ready to let loose the bone arrow.-

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