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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 776: Living Titans

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Ashu suddenly shuddered and shut his mouth; Lu Yun could see that Ge Long was levying a menacing side glare at the holy king from hell. Though the two were currently in two different worlds, Lu Yun could still feel that Ge Long was looking at Ashu.

“Ge Long, just what did you and Miss Eternal do” Lu Yun asked curiously.

“Cant speak of it, cant speak of it!” Ge Long quickly retracted his glare and shook his head furiously. “It wont do you any good to learn of that now, sir, and itll attract some unnecessary trouble instead.”

Lu Yun rolled his eyes with an enormous sigh. “Which means… Ill naturally learn of it when Im strong enough, right”

“Well, I actually hope you never learn of it, sir.” Ge Long coughed awkwardly.

“Okay then.” Though Lu Yun was curious what the two had once done, he wasnt so curious that he wanted to seek death. 

After setting foot into immortality, hed become much more reverent of this world. It held many secrets that couldnt be touched, ones so strong that theyd almost pulverized Ge Long and Carmine Eternals souls. Those great taboos were so powerful that the two great heavyweights who werent limited by anything could only hunker down in hell for shelter.


Ge Long was no longer glaring and Carmine Eternal had seemed to move her eyes from Ashu as well. This afforded enough breathing space for the holy lord to recover some of his composure.

“Some things are best left unasked and unspoken of,” Ashu mumbled and hunched in on himself. “Both of the two great ones looked at me just now… Perhaps when we unintentionally discover certain things or reveal certain things, thats when certain powerhouses will look at us.”

“You are the strongest holy lord of the underworld with the potential to become a holy king. Do you not count as a powerhouse as well” the Venerated Sacrosanct Demon Sovereign asked curiously.

“Heh heh heh, even a holy king doesnt count as a powerhouse, to say nothing of me. As strong as the one who controlled my previous life—wasnt he pummeled to pieces too” Ashu quickly changed the topic. “We should head to the yin tomb. Though this yang tomb looks safe, there are many taboos here that we cant touch.”

Lu Yun and the demon sovereign nodded at the same time, not wanting to further randomly speculate about these topics. In the time before Emperors Fall, those with their level of cultivation were just the tiniest of gnats. After all, even great emperors had perished in that battle.

The final war a hundred years ago in the Primordial Era was called the war of immortals, a conflict in which immortals raised their weapons against each other. But according to various clues and signs, that war had actually been a collective defense against certain entities invading the world of immortals.

Given that, who knew what was the real truth of Emperors Fall in the Primeval Era, a conflict in which great emperors apparently fought each other


“The yin and yang tombs of the Xuan Yuan Tomb are different from those of the celestial master tomb. The ones in the celestial master tomb were two parallel spaces forcefully separated by the seventeenth layer of hell—the skinning hell.

“Though the tombs here are also parallel spaces, they are worlds fostered out of the moat snakes body. Theyre two parallel tomb realms!” Lu Yun took his earlier theories to a deeper level based on what hed observed earlier.

Ashu nodded slowly. “If theyre parallel tomb realms, itll be a bit difficult to break through from here to there.”

Last time in the celestial master tomb, Lu Yun had walked to the end of it and focused on its source to compel the two sides to come together. However, the Xuan Yuan Tomb was different in that the yin and yang tombs were a product of the moat snakes great dao.

The snake outer-coffin was the core of the tomb, and the tomb realm born of it encompassed the entire Heaven Locus Land, making that the real tomb. The two doors outside led to the two tomb realms instead of the snake outer-coffin. Lu Yuns luopan had projected the outer-coffin and the truth of the tomb.

“It wont be difficult.” Lu Yun shook his head. “The spot of connection between them is the two points of the taiji diagram. If we find the point of extreme yin in the yang tomb, well be able to use it to enter the yin tomb! The point of extreme yin is over there.”

Lu Yun pointed south to where a blazing sun hung high in the sky. Dense waves of heat and light warmed the land, and the further south one traveled, the greater the concentration of yang qi.

However, neither Ashu nor the demon sovereign objected. They all understood the theory that the extremity of anything will reverse course. When yang qi gathered to its maximum, it would become pure yin.

There was no place of extreme yin in the yang realm tomb as yang qi suffused all four cardinal directions. Life flourished everywhere, so if such a place had a spot of extreme yin, it had to lie to the south where yang qi was the thickest.

The trio took to the air and flew to where the sun blazed hottest.


“All trespassers in the Xuan Yuan Tomb will die!” An earth-shattering roar rang out as a man five kilometers tall and dressed in pelts shot up out of nowhere. He lifted an enormous stone axe and swung for the trios heads.

Hulking in figure, his strength was also fantastically great. The axe swing split heaven and earth; though it missed the trio, its strong ripples still sent the three flying. Even Ashu and the demon sovereign found it difficult to endure this terrifying might.

“Titans! Living titans!” Ashu yelled and materialized his pitch-black shortsword. However, the Venerated Sacrosanct Demon Sovereign was faster than him. The Skyturning Seal swelled explosively into a towering mountain and hurtled at the giant stone axe.


The enormous collision shook the land and deafened ear drums, razing all flora within fifty kilometers.

“The Skyturning Seal!” screamed the titan and dropped his axe, immediately running off in the opposite direction. Though it looked like stone, the axe of unknown material fell heavily to the ground, unmarked by the momentous collision with the seal.

“Invaders, invaders have come!” The titans booming voice carried throughout the primal forest, bestirring violent disturbances from the tranquil quiet. More titans wearing animal pelts and wielding primitive stone weapons charged out from the copse of soaring trees.

“Lets go!” Lu Yun immediately changed his mind and deployed Size Manipulation, transforming into a dust particle and escaped from the premises with the Wandering Step. As the demon sovereign and Ashu were equipped with his talismans, they too turned into dust particles and followed close behind him.

“Um Where are they” The hundred-strong group of titans rumbled to a stop and scratched their heads with puzzlement.-

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