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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 706: Enemy

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Lu Yun was talking to the immortal emperor! Was the man real!

Empress Myrtlestar shot to her feet.

“Sit down, that wasnt me.” Lu Yuns timely warning rang in her mind. She opened her mouth, but decided against saying anything. “You should return to the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals, senior. Your soul is incomplete, which makes you highly exploitable. You cant maintain your composure facing the temptations from akasha ghosts.”

Shaking his head, he went up to her and took back the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals from her limp hands. With another faint sigh, Empress Myrtlestar vanished into the scroll in a flash of light. The treasure settled down in Lu Yuns hand.

In the beginning, both Lu Yun and Empress Myrtlestar had fallen for Lu Shenhous tricks and summoned an akasha ghost, which had disguised itself among the illusions. Thankfully, itd been driven away by the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals before further harm could occur. Only then did Lu Yun realize what was happening.

The immortal emperor created by the layout of absolute death turned to look silently at Lu Yun. Lu Yun returned the gesture.

“We lost.” To Lu Yuns great surprise, the image suddenly spoke. The Spectral Eye was revealing... something unexpected. “The entire world of immortals lost.

“Before my death, I saw a giant invisible hand piece together our torn body pieces and bury us in different parts of the world. My body is buried at the center of the world, alongside something that will determine the fate of the world of immortals!” His tone abruptly turned grave. “Find it and take it! You must take it before those people find it first!”

A tremendous aura surged from the immortal emperor, exceeding the origin dao immortal realm and even the ingress, primordial, and principal realms. His strength had entered an entirely new realm!

It was jade pure realm, the realm after supreme pure realm!

“Back from whence you came!!” snarled the immortal emperor when he looked up. Punching out with supreme might, he shattered the layout of absolute death around an akasha ghost.

The would-be assailant ghost popped like a bubble, its departure marked with a final whimper.

“All of you have failed as well! As failures, you should swallow your defeat and return to the void rather than rampage like this in broad daylight!”


One after another, the immortal emperor blasted the akasha ghosts into nonexistence. They were never alive to begin with, which meant they were unkillable. He could at most send them back to wherever theyd come from. The akasha ghosts that had been “killed” by the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals werent actually dead, either.

Something the immortal emperor said caught Lu Yuns attention. Akasha ghosts were also failures!

What does that mean Were the akasha ghosts beings like the primordial immortal emperor before their deaths

Lu Yuns thoughts were a tangled mess. However, he did notice that the immortal emperor, just like the others, was failing to see the real Lu Shenhou. The Lu Shenhou in Empress Myrtlestars eyes was an illusion created by the akasha ghosts with the layout of absolute death.

Lu Yun didnt know what the immortal emperor was. He wasnt a ghost, nor was he the lingering obsession of the emperor… He was something incomprehensible, but even he couldnt see Lu Shenhou!

“Thats right,” Lu Shenhou said with a faint sigh. “Were all failures.

“But!” Violent waves of power surged from Lu Shenhou, prompting even the immortal emperor to turn around in horror. However, he couldnt see anything at the origin of the energy.

“We wont rest easy!

“Why should we sacrifice ourselves and our dao for the sake of others!

“We refuse to accept that fate!”


Suddenly, Lu Shenhou struck the immortal emperor with a palm strike.

The immortal emperor reflexively lifted his arms to block the attack, but the palm instantly punched straight through his body and rendered him into ashes!

“Its you...” the immortal emperors voice whispered about in the air. “They are the enemies… You must be careful.”

Then, even his voice scattered without a trace on the wind. When Lu Yun turned to Lu Shenhou, the latters expression had calmed.

“Youre a pig Ive been raising as well, Lu Yun,” Lu Shenhou said leisurely. “Youre not strong enough, not mature enough for me to slaughter.”

“As for that thing,” Lu Shenhou looked at the hazy Tome of Life and Death, “It must have a weakness, just like anything that exists. We will find a way to counter it.”

“Qing Yu is merely one of our lesser pawns, one cast in a pique of boredom.” A conspiratory smile tugged at his lips. “Another piece is coming to fruition soon. I hope youll be able to save her then.”

Lu Shenhou slowly faded out of existence, like hed never been here. A formation suddenly exploded in the crystal garden, and the forge of earth and sky popped into view.

Qing Yu sat cross-legged within the forge, surrounded by black poisonous smoke. A grey pillar of light shot out of her body and pierced the firmament, seemingly connected to something above. As Lu Yun made a series of hand seals, the gray light gradually faded into pure white.


“Whats going on What are they doing!” With the formation broken, some noticed what was going on in the garden. The formation had created a seed storage to conceal Lu Yun and Qing Yu. However, Lu Shenhou had shattered the subspace when he departed.


“Off you go. Little Yu is injured, Im merely treating her injury.” Xing Chen soared into the sky and unleashed a tremendous aura.

The spectating immortals started, reminded of the moment the Ancient Tree of Life had descended upon Dusk Province. Even the demon god had been defeated, which was enough to discourage them from attacking Lu Yun in his own territory. They wouldnt be able to do anything but watch even if he did establish his dao here.





Great rumbling noises echoed from Qing Yus body. The Key of Life, Fusang Purewood, pearls of the four spirits, and essence of the Four Guardians emerged from her body. Shed turned the silver of starlight as rays of cosmic radiance streamed down from the sky to wash over her. She looked like a goddess stepping out from the light.


Snow-white light flared from her body and shattered the gray light from earlier. The true Dao Flower slowly descended upon the scene.-

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