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What a spendthrift. What a prodigious, good-for-nothing, spendthrift! No one expected Lu Yun to build an enormous garden with hundreds of trillions of crystals!

Hundreds of trillions of premium crystals!

The crystal mountains that the Deaf Prince and the five other young heirs possessed were only hundreds of billions of premium crystals, but they were already powerful enough to crush dao immortals.

Lu Yun, however, had sculpted a garden out of pure crystals, expending several thousands times more resources not to create an immortal weapon or a formation, but a useless garden.

Three hundred and sixty-eight trillion premium crystals was an astronomical number for the world of immortals. Immortal crystals were not only the main currency of the world, but also a resource necessary for cultivation.

Crystals were also required to refine pills, treasures, talismans, as well as set up formations. What was the point of building a garden with hundreds of trillions of crystals

Whether for show or cultivation, the garden was a complete waste of resources!

Upon receiving the news, the heads of the thirteen merchant guilds rushed to the construction site, but were stopped by a magnificently grand formation.

Yama Kings Feinie, Aoxue, Huangqing, and Xingzi were personally holding down the fort. Theyd set up formation upon formation with the Formation Orbs of Yin and Yang to isolate the area.

The crystal garden was prime bait meant to lure in the Ancient Tree of Life; this was too important a matter to risk any sort of disturbance. Thus, Lu Yun had gone so far as to set up formations with the Formation Orb to protect the land.

Construction was executed by Lu Yuns Infernum and bean soldiers, and he himself was in charge of the layout of the garden.

“What are you doing, Lu Yun!” demanded the head of the Panorama Pavilion.

Although the crystals were Lu Yuns personal property, as a senior and an ally, he felt it was his duty to guide Lu Yun onto the right path.

Among them, the Yellow Springs emperor harbored the most grievances. Hed extended an invite to Yellow Springs Land more than once, but Lu Yun either made excuses or dodged the invitation in the first place. It wasnt until a few days ago that his replica Xing Chen had made a surprise visit to Yellow Springs Land, but only to procure ten trillion crystals from the lands vault...

Ten trillion was an astronomical sum for Yellow Springs. The land was impoverished compared to the other nine majors and nine lands. The Yellow Springs emperor had to grit his teeth and tighten his belt to scrounge up the ten trillion.

The entire ordeal left the emperor frustrated and full of grievances. Not only had he lost his successor to Dusk Province, hed also given out ten trillion crystals without getting anything back after becoming Dusks ally!

If the merchant alliance hadnt given Yellow Springs a discount on lightning rods and crystal cannons because of secondhand guilt, the emperor wouldve torn up their treaty.

He could tell from a quick scan of the ten trillion forming the garden foundations that they were the ten from Yellow Springs! The unique energy of the land remained on the crystals; he purpled with such rage that he almost lunged at Lu Yun.


“Ah, seniors, Your Majesty.” Lu Yun turned around and smiled at the immortals clustering around the garden.

The emperor tasted blood at the back of his throat. Hed put on another disguise, yet Lu Yun was still able to recognize him at first glance and reveal his identity. Thank heavens he didnt repeat how the emperor had bestowed the honors of honor upon Dusk Province with his presence, or the emperor wouldve spontaneously deviated on the spot then and there.

“Im building a crystal garden to nurture the projection of the Dao Flower,” Lu Yun said with a smile.

“What To nurture the Dao Flower projection” Many were caught off guard.

Lu Yun had collected the projection earlier, planning to use it as bounty against the dao immortals of the Dongfang Clan. After retracting the bounty, the projection of the Dao Flower remained in his possession.

“Thats right,” Lu Yun responded matter-of-factly. “After all, its merely a projection that will dissipate given enough time. Thats why this junior is building a crystal garden outside Dao City to nurture and sustain the Dao Flower.”

Realization dawned on everyone. The Dao Flower was more valuable than the crystals. However, the revelation also turned many faces dark. With the projection of the Dao Flower, Lu Yun would still have a chance to establish a sacred land.

“I have a question,” someone said, “Are these all immortal crystals youve gotten”

“Of course.” Lu Yun nodded. “All of the crystals Ive earned through coercion and my collaboration with the merchant alliance are all here.”

“Hmph!” the immortal scoffed. “This seat risked making Donglin Taihuang my enemy to kill thirteen void-ascended immortals of House Donglin… According to your words, you should pay me thirteen billion crystals. Can you still do so”

The nascent spirits of thirteen void-ascended immortals appeared in his hand.

After a brief pause, Lu Yun checked their information with the Spectral Eye. They did indeed belong to Donglin cultivators, and they had been killed by this immortal.

Void-realm cultivation methods were now mainstream products in modern society. Many geniuses had adjusted the basic method sold in Dao City to create ones that suited them the most; the peak factions of the world had officially failed to monopolize the void realm.

It would be an exaggeration to say void-ascended immortals were common cabbages in the streets, but there was no shortage of them.

The popularization of heavenly formations had also allowed regular immortals to escape the fate of becoming obsolete. Thus, the retribution looming over Qing Yu for restoring the void realm had dissipated.

“I cant pay you in crystals,” Lu Yun said with a nod.

“Harrumph!” The immortal huffed with a deep scowl.

“If Sir Lu Yun cant pay you,” interjected the head of the Panorama Pavilion, “the merchant alliance will offer the crystals.”

“Theres no need!” Lu Yun shook his head and produced thirteen drops of tribulation essence containing sword energy with a flip of his hand. Then, he snapped his finger and sent the essence to the immortal. “I dont have crystals on hand, but I have a good amount of tribulation essence. Will this work as a substitute”

“It will!” The immortal was overjoyed. Thirteen drops of tribulation essence were worth far more than thirteen billion crystals. Only idiots would turn down the offer!

Tribulation essence could be used to reconstruct an immortal constitution, making it useful for both cultivators and immortals. Without hesitation, the immortal offered thirteen nascent spirits to Lu Yun, who crushed them without even glancing at them.

“Alright, Im making some changes to the bounty,” he announced. “A nascent spirit of a Donglin void-ascended immortal will fetch a drop of tribulation essence. The rest of the conditions remain unchanged.”-

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