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“Whatever that was… is that what you were hurt by” Qing Yu withdrew her three connate spirit roots before asking.

“Not quite,” the Azure Dragon King chuckled ruefully. “I was injured by a rotten kun from the underworld… dont worry, Ive slain it already.”

“A rotten kun” Lu Yun blinked.

“When a kunpeng dies in the underworld in its fish form, it turns into a corpse. When decay sets in, that corpse transforms into a rotten kun—an extremely powerful zombie. If it was allowed to enter this world, its corpse poison would pollute everything it made contact with. Both earth and sky for millions of kilometers around would be turned into zombie spawning grounds.

“Thats why I had to kill it,” sighed the Dragon King. “The underworld is on the brink of disaster too, it seems. A rotten kun…

“Send me back into the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals. I feel like my body is about to fall apart again.” The Azure Dragon King opened his palm, producing a tiny gold dragon in his hand. It was the ancestor vein hed taken with him prior.

“Why did you mention the Blood Sea, then” Lu Yun was dumbfounded. He thought that a creature from the Blood Sea was responsible for the Azure Dragon Kings injuries, but if it were something from the underworld… that made much more sense.

Holy Lord Ashu was evidence enough of what kind of terrors lurked in those depths. The so-called rotten kun had likely swum out from Ashus domain.

Qing Yu complied with the request. Upon returning to the scroll, the Dragon King turned into a mountain that served as the paintings dragon vein.

“Roooaaawr!” an immature growl suddenly sounded. A flash of golden light later, a tiny dragon no more than a meter long had… gulped the floating vein right down. With a satisfied burp and a swish of its tail, it tunneled into the void and disappeared.

Lu Yun traded a bewildered look with Qing Yu.

“Did… did it just eat Nephrites ancestral vein” He asked, still not entirely sure what hed seen was real.

“…yes,” came her stunned reply.

After a lengthy silence, Lu Yun screamed at the top of his lungs. “Liu—Qing—miao, get out here right now!”

On the other side of Dao City, the baby-sized Liu Qingmiao pulled the tiny dragons tail as tightly as she could. “Did you get in trouble again, little guy”

“Rooooaaawr!” The dragon whelp growled as innocently as it could, then glowed and leaped onto Liu Qingmiaos arm as a new tattoo.


In the end, Lu Yun didnt press his disciple about the kerfuffle with her pet. After all, hed never intended to return the ancestral vein in the first place. He hadnt expected the tiny dragon to eat it in such an unexpected manner before the Azure Dragon King could make use of it, but that was no matter.   

The tiny dragon hed brought out from the North Sea skydragon tomb had accepted Liu Qingmiao as its master. Liu Qingmiao was his number one disciple, having completely divorced herself from the Panorama Pavilion to join Dusk Province.

She displayed little respect even for the Pavilion lord, much less the rest of the merchants. However, there was nothing the Panorama Pavilion could do about it. Dusk Province had robbed it of the girl formerly slated as its heiress.

Of course, the trading guild and the province were diehard allies now. It was all thanks to Dusk Province that the thirteen mercantile organizations had been able to form their alliance.

The Panorama Pavilion was a business association with fairly loose ties. Its members were unified solely by the pursuit of profit. So, too, was the motivation behind the recently formed merchant alliance.

If possible, they were more than willing to integrate into Dusk Province as one of its component parts. That was also part of Lu Yuns plan.

The lord of Dusk was unconcerned with the rotten kun or the footprints upon the Blood Seas other shore. There were other, more important people who could shoulder that burden even if the skies caved in.

His reputation had spread far and wide, but he still considered himself weak.

Increasing numbers of cities opened up in Dusk Province. Each of Lu Yuns ten Yamas oversaw their own city; every cultivator and immortal was accepted, no matter where they originated from.

The thirteen members of the merchant alliance received individual cities to headquarter in as well.   Though he hadnt wanted to do so originally, the quickness with which they backed him at the foot of Mount Exalted had changed his mind.

The natural qi inside the province multiplied at an astonishing rate. Its abundance soon rivaled that of Life Province, the heartland of Nephrite Major.

Immortal qi inside the three hundred and sixty-five cities was comparable to any capital of the nine majors. Dao City had risen above that long ago, to incredible, unprecedented heights.  

One day, Lu Yuns second disciple Zou Longxiu suddenly returned. He brought with him the Yellow Springs emperors decree to formalize their alliance.

Having been tricked once by the little fox above the North Sea, the Yellow Springs emperor was forced to be a bit more forthright this time. Otherwise, he would make an enemy out of every side.

Lu Yun ignored the invitation in the decree that Zou Longxiu had brought with him. He would go to Yellow Springs Land sooner or later, but now was not the time.


“Finally, its time!” Lu Yuns eyes lit up. He bounced up from his seat, pacing back and forth in an effort to restrain his excitement.

“What have you thought of” Qing Yu was thoroughly confused.

“Dongfang Hao… his tribulation is very soon.” A sinister grin stretched over Lu Yuns face.

“His tribulation” Qing Yu blinked. “You…”

“He wields the Sword of Chaos and grasps the ancient divine courts heritage. His tribulation has gone beyond immortal dao and its a complete toss-up whether he survives it or not.” Lu Yun snickered. “I stopped him from intervening in Zhao Wushuangs tribulation last time, and now its his turn! The lightning rods I made were for him!”

Although the rods he sold were casual refinements of first-grade treasures, far inferior in quality compared to the one hed made for himself, they nevertheless contained his Thunder Palmstrike art. He could use the Tome of Life and Death to sense all of their positions.

Dongfang Hao had purchased a full three hundred sixty-five lightning rods through various channels. All of them were now gathered above the West Sea. That was where he intended to undergo his tribulation!

Through the Tome, Lu Yun could clearly sense Dongfang Hao sitting straight in the middle of all the lightning rods. He wasnt making use of the rods out of cowardice or fear. Quite the opposite—his sword intent was sharp enough to pierce through the sky. His heart held far more steel than the majority of other geniuses.

No, it was precisely thanks to his excellence that Dongfang Hao remained keenly self-aware. Without outside help, his heavenly tribulation would surely result in his destruction!

“Ill come with you!” Qing Yu knew what Lu Yun wanted to do and clutched his arm resolutely.

“No need, Ive sent my Xing Chen replica already,” Lu Yun remarked offhandedly.-

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