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Sir Yu from Yellow Springs Land appeared to be a young man. Wrapped in a long cyan robe, he bore himself with an uncommonly noble demeanor and dashing grace. Four servants trailed behind him. Though theyd suppressed their cultivation, the presence radiating from them made it clear that they numbered among the elites of the world of immortals.


“You honor us with your presence, Your Majesty. You honor us!” Lu Yun shot to his feet and welcomedSir Yu in a booming voice. “Set up a banquet, Wanfeng! Im throwing a welcoming party in Dusk City for the celestial emperor of Yellow Springs Land!

“What an honor, truly an honor!” he continued muttering as he bounced up to Sir Yu and grabbed his hands for a hearty pump.

Sir Yu stared dumbly at Lu Yun, at a complete loss for words. Stymied by the kind of greeting on display, he was dragged to the banquet hall like a scarecrow before he could collect his wits.

Tables were quickly set for the banquet and exquisite dishes rapidly flew onto them, paired with fine wine brewed from Violet Orchids. In no time, all of Dao City and Dusk Province at large, even the entire world of immortals, learned that the emperor of Yellow Springs had come for a visit.

Caught on the back foot, the monster spirit emperor struggled for an appropriate response. Hed picked the name Sir Yu and visited Dao City in person to see what was so special about Lu Yun that his handpicked successor would call a human “master”. Moreover, the Dao Flower would soon be restored, which was the main reason for his visit.

Hed simulated many scenarios of how Lu Yun might greet him, but the possibility that his identity would be immediately revealed to the public had never entered his mind. What was the human plotting

How had the boy figured out his identity anyway Sir Yu from Yellow Springs Land really did exist, so it wasnt like the emperor had pulled the disguise out of thin air. In fact, the real Sir Yu was one of his own disciples thatd been secluded in closed door cultivation for a very long time. It shouldve been a foolproof plan for him to assume his disciples identity. Whod leaked the information to Lu Yun

The emperor couldnt sort any of it out.


The banquet hall was exceedingly spacious, and many immortals were invited to the gathering. All attendees were renowned figures in the world of immortals who mightve been hostile to Lu Yun under different circumstances, but they werent going to turn down an invitation right here in Dao City. After all, the guest of honor was the monster spirit emperor of Yellow Springs Land!

He was the most powerful among the emperors of the ten lands. Rumor had it that hed broken through the arcane dao realm and plucked a complete origin dao fruit. Even without that, hed more than proven his might to the world at large.

The heads of the thirteen merchant companies, representatives from each peak faction, and even delegates from other heavenly courts were in attendance. Hundreds of noble immortals lifted their cups in a bustling round of toasts. The Yellow Springs emperor goggled at Lu Yun, reeling from shock at the speed of how everything had developed.

“Hahaha!” Lu Yun laughed. “What an honor it is for His Majesty of Yellow Springs to visit Dusk Province! Truly an honor, an honor of honors! Servants, bring more wine!”

All kinds of delicacies and precious spirit herbs were served during the banquet, but none could take the spotlight from the immortal wine!

Wine brewed from Violet Orchids had been the imperial wine of the primordial immortal court. Rich in immortal energy, a single glass of this wine would provide one with a quantity of energy equivalent to that accumulated through months of closed door cultivation.

After discovering Violet Orchid seeds in the vault of the North Sea palace, Su Xiaoxiao had successfully planted them all over Dusk Province, which was more than enough to brew some immortal wine.

Lu Yuns command for more refreshments visibly excited the guests.

“What kind of immortal wine is this, Sir Lu Yun” an immortal asked with a hopeful expression. “How much does it cost, and where can we buy some”

“This wine is brewed by my Xiaoxiao and usually consumed only by my people. Its not for sale, but Dusk Province is so incredibly honored by the Yellow Springs emperor today! Hahaha! We gaze upon the greatest honor of our lives!” Lu Yun added with a laugh, “I serve this wine and throw this banquet today because Im in the mood to celebrate!

“Close to a thousand immortals are in attendance today and even His Majesty is here… Why dont we call this party the Banquet of Immortals” Again, Lu Yun looked at the Yellow Springs emperor and chuckled merrily. “What an honor, truly a most magnificent honor!”

The Yellow Springs emperor ground his teeth so hard that his gums hurt. Hed almost flipped the table when he heard the name Lu Yun had given to the banquet. To add insult to injury, the boy was on a nonstop repeat of those blasted words. Theyd developed into an unholy mantra that almost caused a spontaneous cultivation deviation when the monster spirit heard them for the umpteenth time.

“Hear, hear, Banquet of Immortals it is!” echoed some immortals. Although Lu Yun hadnt yet ascended to immortality, his status in the world of immortals could rival the patriarchs of some peak factions.

“Wait!” The Yellow Springs emperor finally found his voice. “Im Sir Yu from Yellow Springs Land. How did I become the great celestial emperor!”

“Oh” Silence descended upon the meeting hall. Everyone lowered their cups and turned to Lu Yun and the monster spirit emperor.

The emperor stared right back at Lu Yun.

“Hahahaha!” Lu Yun guffawed loudly. “Youre funny, Your Majesty. Oh, thats a good one. As the celestial emperor of Yellow Springs Land, your presence shines bright and brought glory to Dusk Province the moment you entered. You being here is such a great honor, truly a great honor!”

The Yellow Springs emperor almost threw up blood when Lu Yun wouldnt. shut up. with that inane. NONSENSE.

“Stop this at once!” Scowling, he picked up the cup before him and drained it with a gulp.

“Your presence alone lights up Dusk Province, Your Majesty! What an honor, there is no greater honor to be had!” Lu Yun chortled.

The monster spirit emperor didnt know whether to kill everyone, then lose his mind, or just skip all that and go straight into a fit of insane giggles.

Lu Yun waved a hand, seemingly lifting a giant veil. Blinding light erupted from the Yellow Springs emperor and spilled forth over Dusk Province.

Behind the veil, the land was cast in brilliant gold, turning it into a world of sparkling, stunning gold. Just as Lu Yun had said, his presence alone really had lit up the province!


In sheer rage at the absurdity of everything, the Yellow Springs emperor finally threw up the mouthful of blood thatd been stuck in his throat all this time.

Clearly, there was a restriction in Dusk Province that could sense the heavenly mandates borne by the celestial emperors of the nine majors, ten lands, and four immortal seas. The Yellow Springs emperor recognized the aureate radiance as the brilliance of the Yellow Springs heavenly mandate!

The facets all possessed their own heavenly mandates, with those of the nine majors being the strongest and containing heritages from their predecessors. Thus, the majors maintained their superiority over the ten lands and four immortal seas.

The heavenly mandates of the ten lands contained no such heritages, and could only empower their celestial emperors and add to their strength.

Therefore, while the entire world of immortals hailed the rulers of the nine majors as celestial emperors, only denizens of the ten lands venerated their monarchs with the same title. Rulers of the ten lands and four immortal seas were known simply as emperors of their respective race to the rest of the world.

Their heavenly mandates, however, were real, and there appeared to be a formation in Dusk Province that could sense those mandates.

The presence of the Yellow Springs emperor immensely elevated Dusk Province, and Dusk also announced to the world that the emperor had come to form an alliance at the same time!

The Yellow Springs emperor almost choked on regret. Dusk had left her dirty fingerprints all over him, and there was nothing he could do to erase them! Who in the heavens would ally themselves with Dusk Province now!-

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