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This was plainly a deadly trap, one thatd been long in the making. The core elites of Exalted Major had circumvented the celestial emperor and Zhao Wushuang to reach an agreement with Donglin Taihuang and Ge Yanxia. Lu Yun was to die here, and everyone would claim what they wanted!

In addition to the two outsiders, there were ten dao immortals in the abode, all of whom were at least peak arcane dao immortals whod plucked nine dao fruit. Three of them were actually crippled origin dao immortals!

The twelve rose at the same time and unleashed their auras in unison, bearing down overwhelmingly on Lu Yun and collectively sealing off the area like a wall of sturdy steel. Caught like an insect in amber, there was nothing he could do in response.

“Stop! What do all of you think youre doing!” snarled the Exalted celestial emperor with a grave expression. Golden light flared from his body to protect Lu Yun, but a crippled origin dao immortal from the Exalted Immortal Sect pulled the golden light into a dao-grade treasure with a wave of his hand.

“You may be the celestial emperor, Zhao Luo, but at the end of the day, you are still a disciple of the Exalted Immortal Sect.” The crippled origin dao immortal looked incredibly old, his gaze derisive as it settled on the celestial emperor. “As a disciple, you must always have the best interests of the sect in mind. The Exalted Immortal Sect put you on the throne, which means we can also drag you off of it!”

Crack crack crack!

The crippled origin dao immortal casually crushed the dao-grade defensive treasure, eliciting a brooding scowl from the celestial emperor. Golden spots of light flickered in the latters eyes as the shadow of the Exalted Chart emerged over his head.

“Oh Are you going to attack your senior from the sect, Zhao Luo” Luo Ying sneered. “Dont forget where your bloodline comes from. The sect is the only master in Exalted Major!”

“Is this your idea of a coup” Zhao Luos eyes blazed with fury. Hed summoned the elites of the major to deal with their looming threat, but theyd gone after his helper instead. Adding insult to injury, theyd completely bypassed his authority as the celestial emperor!

Didnt they know how influential the boy had become!

The Lin Clan of Primus Major, the South Sea court, the dragon palace of the Unsullied Sea, the Mo Clan of Lazuli Major, and the East Sea court—all of them had blood feuds with the Exalted Major, with death the only resolution possible.

The East Sea court in particular, a monster spirit faction that could rival Primus Major, had been at war with Exalted Major for a prolonged period of time. Either side would stop at nothing but the total annihilation of the other.

However, Lu Yun had convinced the five factions to retreat simply by bowing to them!

Everyone knew the Dusk governor was now in Exalted Major. If he died here, the consequences would be dire!

Although the five great factions couldnt destroy Exalted Major on their own, there was no shortage of opportunists in the world of immortals. Once war broke out, Exalted Major would become the second Witherdew Major.


“A coup” The crippled dao immortal of the Exalted Immortal Sect shook his head. “You are still the celestial emperor. This seat is merely demonstrating who is the real master of Exalted Major. Kill!”

All twelve dao immortals launched a fatal attack at Lu Yun at the same time. Though they werent the best of the best in the world of immortals, their collective might would be enough to undermine a peak faction. Their attacks almost shattered the void, forming a black hole in the air.

“Bastard!!” Zhao Luo snarled, manifesting the Exalted Chart and tackling Lu Yun. The boy could die, but not in Exalted Major!

Zhao Wushuang made her move as well. The heart of the Sword of Chaos radiated sharp rays that cut through space, intercepting the attacks. However, shed only just ascended to immortality, so she fell short when facing the old freaks whod been around for tens of thousands of years.

As soon as the heart of the Sword of Chaos came into contact with the attacks, she was blown off her feet.


The Exalted Chart brought Lu Yun under its protection to block the deadly attacks, causing the celestial emperor to throw up a mouthful of blood. Hed already been injured by the beast within Zhao Wushuangs tribulation; the blitz from the twelve dao immortals worsened them further and immobilized him.

“Why do this” Lu Yun shook his head with a sigh. “Even you know that I must not die in Exalted Major. These immortals are no fools, they must know that as well.”

The celestial emperor chuckled wryly. Their target had been him all along, not Lu Yun. However, he couldnt risk just idly sitting by. He was the celestial emperor of Exalted Major! He represented not only himself nor the Exalted Divine Tribe supporting him, but all citizens in his territory as well.

“You really are a fool, Zhao Luo.” Crippled origin dao immortal Zhao Qin, one of the three venerated elders of the Exalted Immortal Sect, looked frostily at Zhao Luo. A ball of light emerged from his palm with a flip of his wrist, within which rested a slumbering miniature man.

A soul seed.

The Exalted celestial emperors eyes shot wide open. Soul seeds were now an open secret in the world of immortals. Sword Divine Dongfang Hao was using them to control the peak factions of the world, but he hadnt expected a venerated elder of his sect to be in possession of one as well!

“Have you all… fallen to the control of Sword Divine” Color drained from his face.

“Dont you see, senior brother” Zhao Wushuang said dejectedly, lying bonelessly on the ground. The earlier attack had critically injured her. “The sea divines betrayal of Exalted Major, Sword Divine infiltrating my tribulation… This is all part of their plan. They arent enthralled by the Sword Divine, theyve been working together since the beginning.”

“Arent you the clever one, little girl” Luo Ying smirked at Zhao Wushuang. “Sword Divine is but a lone human agent. What right and ability does he have to control all of the divine spirits in the world, and even guide the exiled divines back to this realm If not for the support of the Exalted Immortal Sect, how would he gain the heights he has today”

The Luo Clan had been raised by the former celestial emperor as a check on the Exalted Immortal Sect. However, theyd thrown themselves under the sects banner once the previous celestial emperor passed down the throne.

“Are you… betraying the heavenly court” Jaw tightened, Zhao Luo reached out to the heavenly mandate with his mind to heal his injuries.

“Heavenly court” Zhao Qin shook his head. “The court was under the Exalted Immortal Sects rule from the very beginning. We are simply taking back what was ours. As a disciple of the Exalted Immortal Sect, you will not be forgiven for betraying us!”

He stalked toward Zhao Luo with a golden longsword in his hand.

“The Exalted Immortal Reaper!” Zhao Wushuangs heart quailed.

This was a divine treasure of the Exalted Divines, capable of destroying both spirit and soul! Zhao Qin was going to cut down the celestial emperors soul and plant the soul seed into his nascent spirit!-

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