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General astonishment reigned. What was going on here The last bit of light dissipated, revealing a slightly frail figure. 

Qing Han!

The disguised girl remained where she was, completely unfazed. Not even her clothes were ruffled.

Disbelief took everyones breath away.

That perfect combat art would allow a void realm cultivator to fully tap into the power of their realm, bestowing upon them the power to render even an arcane dao immortal into ashes. Qing Han was but an unravelled void realm cultivator, which was nothing special after the Sovereign Meet, given that void realm cultivators could be found by the handful on the streets.

However, shed taken the flawless attack head-on without twitching a muscle.

All the hype thatd built up for the Fangyang youth came crashing down. He froze, not knowing what to do. Hed presented himself with the superiority of giving Qing Han a lesson, but now he was regally bestowed a hundred attacks instead.

Though many wanted to laugh, they couldnt give voice to their mirth. Even the dao immortals watching from outside Dusk Province grew wary.

How powerful was Qing Han Was this the true strength of the young dao sovereign appointed by the Dao Flower

“Impossible!!” Galvanized by witnessing the inconceivable, the Fangyang youth attacked Qing Han with reckless abandon like hed lost his mind. Again, he deployed flawless immortal dao combat arts, thirty-six different ones at the same time.

Great power swept over Qing Han like unstoppable tidewater. Cultivators in the vicinity fled from the indiscriminate attack, including the ten lords and other thirty-five champions.

“That Fangyang boys character is too weak!” someone lamented from outside the province.

Previously, the young man had stated he would have Qing Han take three attacks from him, but hed actually planned to kill Qing Han with a single blow to triumphantly announce the return of the Fangyang Nobles. All of that was a lost cause now that a frenzy had overtaken him in a moment of weakness.

“Hmph!” a Fangyang heavyweight huffed and reached into Dusk Province.

The young man hadnt hurt Qing Han at all. She remained where she was, smiling faintly with no intention to make a move.


The Fangyang dao immortals hand arrived in the province. It appeared to be just a giant hand, but it was also a flawless primordial method, combining the power of heaven and earth and the immortal dao to conjure an image projection.

The attack encompassed all of Dusk City. Plainly, the dao immortal intended to destroy the city along with Qing Han.

However, snowflakes fluttered from the sky and enveloped Qing Han in their wake, disintegrating the powerful hand upon contact and leaving only a gust of wind in its wake.

“Would you like to die” A girl dressed in mans clothes walked out of the air and descended upon the wall of Dusk City. She wore no rouge or powder, but there was a dashing grace to her all the same. It was as if she were the heart of heaven and earth simply by existing.

“Mo Yi!” Countless immortals and cultivators shifted ardent gazes to her.

“Fairy Mo Yi!”

“It really is Fairy Mo Yi! She showed up!” Cheers and shouts roared out from the cultivators.

From his hiding place, a highly envious Lu Yun could see thick currents of goodwill streaming into Mo Yi from all directions. If he could collect all of that goodwill, hed be able to distill it into a strand of virtuous merit and coax another karmic fruit from the Sal Tree of Life and Death.


The Fangyang dao immortal stared at Mo Yi with an equally heated gaze. There were many beauties in the world, but very few with her achievements. Shed been the first to ascend to the void realm, then the first to ascend to immortality. And now, shed reached incredible heights in cultivation.

Her beauty ranked among the top of the world, and dressing as a man brought her a different kind of allure. Almost every man whod ever seen her would be attracted to her.

In the end, the Fangyang dao immortal schooled his expression and demanded coldly, “Are you going to shelter a demonic fiend whos stirred up endless trouble in the world of immortals”

“A demonic fiend” Mo Yi questioned with steel in her voice, casting a confounded gaze at the Fangyang immortal. “Dao Sovereign Qing Han restored the path of cultivation and brought great benefit to all lives in all the worlds. His feats are distinguished and eminent. If you call him a fiend, what does that make you”

Her retort made the dao immortals expression darken.

“Because Qing Han is Qing Yu!” A dao immortal of House Donglin revealed himself and pointed at Qing Han with a huff. “He is Qing Yu, the girl of a cosmic constitution born eighteen years ago to the Qing Clan. I dont know how she disguises herself as a man, but she is Qing Yu!

“And her Sidekick is Lu Yun! The two of them stirred up chaos in Destiny City and ruined the great Sovereign Meet. Isnt that a great enough crime!” The dao immortal spoke with righteous, pompous tones, but his eyes remained glued to Mo Yi.

“Cat got your tongue” the Fangyang dao immortal followed up. “Harboring her makes you an accomplice, Mo Yi. I suggest you two bind yourselves and walk out of Dusk Province to pay for your crimes, or all will be destroyed by the weapons of war.”

He was now after Mo Yi.

Mo Yi paused, reminded of what Lu Yun had told her in the tomb. Even if she never competed for anything, thered still be people looking to gain something from her.

“Weapons of war” Qing Han scoffed. “If you all want to die, then I shall grant you your wish.”


All of the weapons of war lining the city walls lit up and took aim at the dao immortals outside the province.

“All of you old freaks need to shut your mouths!” suddenly snapped the Dragon Lord. “This is the business of us cultivators. What the heck does it have to do with you immortals! The Sovereign Meet is our Sovereign Meet, too. We dont need you meddling in our affairs.”

“The Dragon Lord is right, this is business between cultivators. You old farts dare not even enter Dusk Province, so what else can you do other than yap yap yap outside Attacking Dusk Province with weapons of war Do you really dare do that” the lion with a sparkling mane—the Monster Lord—said with great authority, its voice dripping with contempt. “We cultivators will resolve this issue ourselves… Idiot from the Fangyang Clan, I wont forgive you for coveting Fairy Mo Yi. Your head is mine once I ascend to immortality from the void realm!”-

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