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After crying out for the little nun, the silverback gorilla rushed at her like he was reuniting with a family member. There were several holes through his body, and his shining, silver hair had been dyed crimson. He was in the nascent spirit realm now.

A dozen more cultivators of the same cultivation level chased after him, brandishing immortal swords.

“Help, little miss!!” the gorilla whined when he saw his pursuers catch up. Despite his six-meter-tall body, he quickly made his way to the little nun. Despair and regret crashed down on him when he saw she was alone. “Damn, Ive dragged you into this too...”

“Dont worry, just watch how I teach them a lesson.” A confident look flashed over the little nuns face. The gorilla had twice saved her back on the Ingress Path, so she wouldnt sit idly by when he was in danger.

Over the past ten days, shed been locating and fixing all the flaws shed left in herself when she first traveled this path. Although she was still a peak nascent spirit cultivator, shed made tremendous progress from the cultivator shed once been.

“Oh Look at the immortal light surging to the sky, theres a burial mound here!” The cultivators chasing after the silverback gorilla came to a halt. They didnt consider the little nun, a mere nascent spirit cultivator, a threat. The burial mound was far more important to them.

“What a great opportunity! Just look at this surging sword qi, the heritage of a powerful sword immortal must be here! Junior sister, since were both humans, well let you go if you walk away now.”

The leader of the group was a peak nascent spirit cultivator as well. His gaze was as sharp as his sword, and his presence inspired dread in others. After all, only the best of the best had survived to this point.

The little nun took a step forward and shielded both the gorilla and the mouth of the cave. “Just for that courtesy, Ill extend the same to you. Leave now, and Ill let you off the hook.”


“...what! You asked for this!” The mans sword energy reached the little nun as soon as he finished talking.


The girl raised her hand and blocked the attack with a crescent of silver moon.

“Hypocrite,” scoffed the little nun, advancing and slashing at the man with her crescent. She may be young, but she was extraordinarily experienced. She knew that if she walked away now, these people would ambush her.

The wounds on the silverback gorilla were explanation enough; hed only been injured so seriously because hed been ambushed.

“Shes good!” The cultivator bore the brunt of her attack head-on and staggered back, his arms going numb.

“Call in reinforcements!” snarled the leader.

However, that wasnt really necessary. The surging sword qi in the cave had already attracted the attention of many cultivators. A good number of them had come to the area and were lurking about, observing the situation before making a move.

Quite a few in the dark world used the radiance from the burial mounds as bait to kill cultivators.

All of these cultivators were on the same side. As soon as the leader called out, a good number of them encircled the girl and the gorilla.

“We need the plant in the gorillas hand, kill it!” transmitted the leader. Theyd been doggedly chasing after the gorilla because itd acquired a great treasure. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of slashes coalesced into one enormous patch and slammed into girl and monster like a descending mountain.

The gorilla snarled furiously and readied himself to charge them, but the little nun pushed him away.


A silver moon emerged over her head and her bun unraveled, scattering her hair down like a waterfall.

“Open!” she declared. The moonlight radiating from the silver moon rebounded the sword energy away like it was a physical thing.

“Thats the combat art of the Yue Clan from the Nephrite Major! Is she a member of the Yues” cried out bystanders in the vicinity. The crescent moon hanging in the air signified the full activation of the Yue Clan bloodline. There were very few in the clan that could reach such heights.

“A member of my Yue Clan Why have I never seen her before” a Yue Clan cultivator said with great confusion. “But the nascent spirit manifestation over her head does belong to our clan. Is she a genius that the clans been secretly raising”

Currently, the little nun faced a hundred cultivators on her own with a crescent moon hovering above her.

“It looks like this isnt a trap. Lets use this chance and make a grab for the legacy in the burial mound!” Onlookers could resist their urges no longer and sprang to action.

There were a lot of burial mounds in this land, but it wasnt easy to excavate them. Someone had even been bitten to death after unearthing a zombie from a burial mound. The surging immortal light, however, told them that the legacy buried here had already been unearthed. All of the cultivators rushed toward the cave, abandoning their reservations.

“Your master is cultivating in that cave, big gorilla. Stop them from getting in.” The little nun threw a healing pill at the gorilla, who took it with a shudder when the words registered. 

That one was cultivating inside the cave Isnt this a burial mound

Regardless, he quickly swallowed the pill and took a giant iron rod out of his storage treasure before rushing into the cave, preparing to drive the intruders away. Hed only been running away because hed been seriously injured after an ambush; the pill was enough to heal eighty percent of his injuries. Swinging his giant iron rod, he swept the cultivators rushing in backward.

“Grrr!!” Howling, he expanded rapidly into a giant monster roughly forty meters tall, blocking the way in. Although there were formations guarding the cave, Lu Yun was most likely in closed door cultivation and thus not to be disturbed. Therefore, the gorilla blocked the entry with its body.

“Get out of the way, Yuan Tong,” spoke a chilling voice.

The silverback gorilla stared at the woman whod spoken, its expression turning into one of adoration.

Tall and slim, the woman reached nine feet in height. Her silver hair glowed under the moonlight emitting from the little nuns moon. She was absolutely stunning, and her silver eyes shone coldly bright as the stars when they settled on Yuan Tong, her gaze chilling.

“Silversnow...” Yuan Tong muttered.

“Get out of the way, or die.” This woman was the top genius and greatest beauty of the silverback gorilla race, even with killing intent streaked through her gaze.

It was staggering humiliation that Yuan Tong had become the mount of a human during the first round. Now, he was going so far as to help the human fight other cultivators! Silversnow was prepared to kill him for his actions.

“I wont!” Yuan Tong clenched his teeth with a firm shake. “On the Ingress Path, master gave me pills and guided my cultivation. I am nothing but a discarded pawn to the clan, and no one has ever given me anything! This time, if the Silvermoon Wolfking hadnt taken a shine to me, I wouldnt even have had a chance to participate in the Sovereign Meet!”

The Wolfking was now Qing Hans pet.

“Then die!”


Silversnow turned into her true form and swung a giant fist at Yuan Tongs head.-

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