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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 404: City Lord of Destiny

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The golden-armored dao immortal dispelled the girls entrancement with a soft yell, delivering everyone back to their senses again.

“Those two started it! They bullied me because they have the superior cultivation!” The silverback gorilla hadnt left yet. It pointed its broken iron rod at Qing Han, who was standing toward the back of the crowd.

The human cultivators shuffled to the side, revealing Lu Yun and Qing Han. Wanfeng looked at Lu Yun as well, a trace of hesitation appearing in her eyes when she settled on him. She seemed to have noticed something, but wasnt sure of her speculation.

The two looked utterly mundane. Their cultivation was only at initial transformed nascent spirit realm. Their looks were ordinary, and their bearing beyond ordinary. In short, they looked like two country bumpkins out in the world for the very first time. 

They might possess some strength, but there was no faction backing them up. Yi Tianling had gone after them precisely because hed been deceived by their appearances.

“All lives are equal in Destiny City,” the disciple of the city lord demanded with a sharp glance. “Why did you start this conflict”

“And its words are the truth just because it speaks them You believe the gorilla” Lu Yun looked at the man with a mocking smile playing at his lips.

“Whether its claim is true or not will be determined in a trial. Guards, take these two for later interrogation!” scoffed the city lords disciple.

“Understood!” A dozen immortals in golden armor showed up to surround Lu Yun and Qing Han.

“Oh no you dont!” Wanfeng suddenly took a stand and tapped her bamboo stick on the ground, sounding a clear clink. “Arresting people with no regard for right or wrong… is this what Destiny City is Is this what your so-called Sovereign Meet represents”

She cut a slim and petite figure, and her features were delicate with a gentle air. However, her attitude was anything but.

Emerald light subtly flashed over her body, and the power of heaven and earth gathered upon her, gracing her seemingly fragile appearance with an overwhelmingly strong presence.

She picked up her bamboo stick and pointed it at the city lords disciple with a snort. “Taking people away for no good reason. Arent you even going to ask what happened here”

The power of heaven and earth about her put the young man on guard. However, he only sneered in response. “Theres no need for that. The monster spirits are our guests and this city belongs to the humans. None of the monster senior brothers would stir up any trouble here.”

“So it seems youre the reason why the monster spirits have been killing humans in and outside Destiny City these days with no concern for the consequences… Take this!” Wanfengs bamboo stick transformed into a streak of green and swung at the young mans head from a hundred meters away.

“You court death!” The city lords disciple flew into a rage upon seeing the incoming attack.


His silver armor burst forth with blinding light and blocked Wanfengs attack.

Both of them grunted and took a step back. The silver armor he wore and the bamboo stick Wanfeng wielded were both powerful treasures; neither was greater than the other. Their cultivations were at a similar level as well. The clash left both of them slightly injured with no clear winner.

“What are you waiting for! Take those two down!” growled the dao immortal next to the city lords disciple.


The few dozen immortals quickly raised their weapons and prepared to kill Lu Yun and Qing Han!

Kill, not arrest.

Wanfeng was too occupied with fighting the city lords disciple to spare any attention for them.

“What a surprise,” Lu Yun said faintly, staring at the armored young man. “The city lords disciple is a monster spirit.”

He and Qing Han hadnt even moved from their spots, completely dismissing the armored immortals as threats.


A rumbling noise cascaded through the air, shaking the earth beneath them.

“Stop, all of you!” boomed a voice from all directions with great gravitas.

“Master!” Panicked, the disciple blocked Wanfengs attack and dropped to the ground, too intimidated to make another move.

Wanfeng floated back down to the ground as well.

“If anyone dares start a fight in the city again during the Sovereign Meet, death will be the only punishment. No exceptions,” said the city lord after a brief pause. “This matter ends here.”

“Understood!” The city lords disciple bowed to the air with an impassive expression, while Wanfeng twisted her lips with derision.

“You got lucky today.” The city lords disciple gave Lu Yun and Qing Han a final glance before walking away.


The cultivators in the area slowly dispersed.

“He went after you two on purpose. You must be careful.” Wanfeng walked up to Lu Yun and Qing Han to give them a warning, despite not having recognized them, then disappeared into the crowd with the girl in black dress.

“After us Can it be...” Lu Yun frowned. Had their identities been discovered

“No.” Qing Han shook his head and transmitted to him. “Its Yi Tianling.”

Lu Yun paused.

“The Blood Ganoderma was too big to be kept secret.” Qing Han sighed. “Someone else mustve discovered it, and only left it in place so Yi Tianling would continue raising it.”

Realization abruptly dawned on Lu Yun. Yi Tianling had led the two of them away, but theyd returned in one piece and the ganoderma was gone. They were now the suspected owners of the ganoderma.

The Blood Ganoderma needed to be nurtured by the flesh and blood of living cultivators and immortals, which went against the natural laws. Therefore, those whod discovered it had been waiting for Yi Tianling to raise the ganoderma to full maturity before reaping the gains.

Though it was rare, and no Blood Ganoderma had ever appeared in the ancient world of immortals, it wasnt completely unknown; records could still be found in some ancient ruins.

Lu Yun and Qing Han had become targets as soon as they entered the city; the silverback gorillas provocation was to create an excuse to take them away. What truly surprised Lu Yun, however, was that the city lords disciple was a monster spirit!


The registration process this time had been replaced with obtaining Life Glyphs. Anyone who had a Life Glyph could participate in the Sovereign Meet.

“Are we in the right place” Lu Yun and Qing Han had arrived at where the glyphs could be acquired.

It was an enormous plaza that looked about six hundred meters wide on the outside, but was in fact compressed by a spatial formation. The true plaza was ten kilometers across. At the center of the plaza was a stone stele of about nine hundred meters tall that had countless names etched on it. One simply had to etch their name into the stele to gain a Life Glyph from it.-

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