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Jin Heyi looked like a typical scion from a rich family, but his tone dripped with malice and his expression radiated an eerie energy.

He would wait for Lu Yun to become an immortal

He scanned Lu Yun like he was staring at a growing plant. Once it matured and bore fruit, he would pick the fruit and devour it!


There was a flash of white before a delicate fist slammed heavily into one of Jin Heyis eyes. He screamed and flew back off his feet, neck elongating impossibly long until the rest of his body followed.

“Anyone who offends Sir Lu must die!” Killing intent had replaced the sunny smile on Su Xiaoxiaos face, hardening her charming face.

“Such strength!” Disbelief colored Jin Heyis expression as he was thrown back. Although he was only a golden immortal, he was no ordinary golden immortal. Hed cultivated the zombie method as a human and turned himself into a zombie, so he could tear apart even a peerless immortal.

Though Su Xiaoxiao was a peerless immortal, she hadnt seemed particularly powerful. Jin Heyi might have stowed away the Great Formation of Corpse Refinement and the eighteen Celestial Mistfield Banners, but no regular peerless immortal shouldve been able to draw close to him.

Yet Su Xiaoxiao had knocked him off his feet with a single punch!

“Dammit, we need to go!” Panic overtook his expression as he brandished the eighteen banners again. Meanwhile, the Great Formation of Corpse Refinement swept over his companions and shot them out of Levitating Island.

With a wave of her hand, Su Xiaoxiao cast a handful of inky-green smoke. The zombies closest to her spontaneously disintegrated into pieces of rotten flesh and flopped to the ground.

Jin Heyi was scared witless because he could sense that the dark-green smoke was a poison specialized for taking down zombies. Hed turned himself into a zombie through practicing the zombie method and this poison would cripple him, if not outright kill him. Even the dao immortal zombie under his command had deteriorated upon contact, fully dead with no chance of resurrection!

“Youre not going anywhere!” With a scoff, Su Xiaoxiao manifested a giant palm and grabbed at Jin Heyi.

Now he panicked—the poison glinted a terrifying green from the enormous palm! Jaw tightening, he threw out the eighteen banners, having them burst into black smoke in midair and block the palm strike.

A grayish-yellow bag appeared in the lull and released mighty corpse energy, whisking him, Jiangchen Wushang, and Beigong Chonglou away to safety.

“The Bag of Corpse Refinement!” Su Xiaoxiao now had the eighteen banners in hand, but her expression was dark. Shed never fathomed that she would encounter this treasure in the current world of immortals!

Shed crossed paths with the Corpse Refiners back in the ancient times, and they were the reason why Su Xiaoxiao had committed genocide in eighteen major worlds.

There had been a Corpse Refiners during her time, one that was far more powerful than the sect today. Known as the foremost evil sect in the world of immortals, theyd wreaked havoc everywhere they went. 

No atrocities were beyond them.

Su Xiaoxiao had been a golden immortal, but her mastery over both medicine and poison granted her unfathomable strength. Shed even invented a poison specifically for killing zombies, which almost annihilated the Corpse Refiners overnight.

In retaliation, theyd set a trap for Su Xiaoxiao.

They rained terrible corpse poisons onto eighteen major worlds, turning all of the denizens into half zombie and half human chimeras. If any of them had made their way to other worlds, the poison would spread and more worlds would fall to it.

Therefore, Su Xiaoxiao had to do what they expected her to do, even though she knew full well that it was a trap. She poisoned to death every living thing in the eighteen worlds, leaving them barren and lifeless.

That earned Su Xiaoxiao her notoriety, and Qi Hai had crippled her cultivation and kicked her out.

Shed tried to explain herself, but her master, the person she respected the most, refused to believe her. All hope had withered for her on that day. Since then, she became a true Doctor Poison, one who drifted across the lines of good and evil in a whimsical manner and was only known for her eccentricity.


“What happened Why wasnt the bag destroyed Why has this demonic treasure been passed down” Confusion flashed through Su Xiaoxiaos gaze as she turned to Lu Yun.

“Dont ask me,” Lu Yun smiled wryly. “The Corpse Refiners are a mysterious bunch. All I know about them comes from you.”

The Bag of Corpse Refinement was undoubtedly a powerful treasure. Lu Yun wouldve killed Jiangchen Wushang long ago, if it werent for the bag, and itd now taken Jin Heyi and his companions to safety. Not even Su Xiaoxiao could stop them.

“The current Truespirit Celestial Emperor is the leader of the Corpse Refiners,” Qing Han said suddenly, his expression tinged with excitement. “Why dont we go to Truespirit Major and pay their new celestial emperor a visit”

“Well go once your poison is cleansed,” Lu Yun solemnly declined.

Qing Han pouted with resignation.

“Bastard Chonglous gone!” the Deaf Prince said with great dejection. “When are we going to kill that Beigong little **”

Since he couldnt hear their conversation, all he could think of was Beigong Chonglou, murderer of the young princess from the Unsullied Sea.

“Well go now!” Lu Yun perked up. “Set out for the capital of the North Sea!”

With a wave of his hand, he summoned his almost offensively extravagant fortress ship. Levitating Island had been destroyed, along with Kunpeng Palace. They would have to take to the waters to navigate their way to the capital.


Once the pirates plaguing the North Sea were either flushed out for execution or ran away, the six princes gathered again.

Beicang Qiong hadnt ascended to the void realm, but he was very close. The others sucked in a breath when they heard that the Deaf Prince had run into Beigong Chonglou and almost killed him.

“Good thing hes still alive,” coldly remarked Jing Dichen, the third princess of the Unsullied Sea. “Itd be too merciful to crush him with a crystal mountain!”

“Thats right! Im gonna skin him alive and make snake stew out of his flesh!” Beicang Qiong grinned wolfishly. “Come on, lets follow senior brother Lu to the imperial seas!”

“Well kill Beigong Chonglou and turn the North Sea court upside down!” The six of them whooped and hollered in high spirits.


The fortress ship took flight and made its way toward the capital of the North Sea. Before their departure, Lu Yun had Su Xiaoxiao scatter potent poison all over the ruins of Levitating Island. It would never rise again.-

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