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“Whats all this about Whats got him so mad” Taken aback by the sight of the Deaf Prince shouting in midair, Lu Yun was unsure of how to react.

The Pavilion Lord was just as confused as he. Fairy Qing Xun had messaged back all thatd transpired here. He knew about theDraggin Prince, a man who swung his enormous wealth around like a hammer. However, he hadnt thought hed encounter the infamous prince so soon.

Currently, the Deaf Prince seemed to have gone berserk. He held a silver treasure box whose glow seemed to control the rhythmic smashes of his crystal mountain.

This place….

This place was the heart of all of Levitating Island! Myriad Returns City, the center of the floating isle. Although the market occupied the floating island as a whole, the city remained Levitating Islands core. Indeed, the market only existed because of the city.

But now, under the slams of the enormous crystal mountain, the entire floating island was shaking and hideous cracks were spreading in every direction. The Great Formation of Myriad Returns was quite powerful, given that a master who understood Return to Origin had set it up. Alas, no amount of mystifying technique could spare it from the Deaf Princes alpine blows. A few more bashes were enough for the formation to crumble altogether.

Fang Feixing wanted to cry. Hed come to extort some crystals from Lu Yun and the Deaf Prince, that much was true. Unfortunately, the Deaf Prince, whod been so incredibly generous before, had practically exploded at his words. Hed taken out his mountain of crystal without a second thought!

Fang Feixing knew about the deafness of the xiangliu prince. As such, hed explained everything in a direct transmission alongside a demand: Lu Yun should pay two million in reparations. 

How was he supposed to know the prince would get right to smashing

If hed been a bit weaker, he probably wouldve already been mashed into a pulp. What, one or two slams arent enough Hes coming back for another round!

Fang Feixing really broke into tears this time.

All of Myriad Returns City was in ruins now, its busy sea market little more than dust. The great formation continued crumbling, and the formation that refined illusion into reality returned to illusion.

Countless immortals fled in every direction, and the floating island itself began to break apart.




The Deaf Prince remained relentless. His mountain of crystals pounded upon the floating island with vicious force. At this point, Fang Feixing was long gone. Hed fled into the air with a shifting talisman.

“Get out here right this instant, boy toy Fang Feixing! If one smash isnt enough to kill you, this prince will just try again!” the Deaf Princes voice rumbled through the sky.


An inky trail of sword light slashed at his head!

“No matter who you are, anyone who destroys the North Seas Myriad Returns Market will be executed,” a cold voice followed closely behind.


The black streak was deflected by a pillar of crimson light before it could get anywhere close; Hongxius form slowly materialized at the princes side.

“The Dark North Sword Sect… we will remember your attempt on our princes life.” Contempt curled at the corner of her mouth. “How dare you North Sea monster spirits extort our prince Youve made enemies of the great East. Any North Sea immortal who dares trespass in the East Sea henceforth... will die!”

“Hmph!” A black-robed man wielding a black sword soared through the air. A peerless immortal from the Dark North Sword Sect, he was the one whod made a pass at the Deaf Princes life just now.

“Who gave you the gall to lord your East Sea privilege here in the North” the man in black sneered. “You forbid our immortals from your sea Why dont you try leaving here alive first!”




A shadowy thicket of dark blades materialized in midair, locking down the airspace. At the same time, a burst of white light erupted from the floating island beneath, caging the enormous crystal mountain within its power.

“The Myriad Returns Market doesnt belong to the North Sea alone. Its a valuable resource for innumerable immortals throughout the world,” the peerless immortal in black declared with heartless indifference. “Your destruction of millenniums worth of heritage makes you their public enemy. I, Canghai Chengkong of the Dark North Sword Sect, shall cut you down for the sake of all!”

The black sword shadows quivered as he spoke, thickening the fabric of space all around them. One hundred and eight blades completely sealed off Levitating Islands sky. The immortals whod missed their chance to escape from the floating island were stuck, as the North Sea court and Ingress Islands immortals had flocked to assist Canghai Chengkong.


Amid the ruins, Aoxue and Beigong Yu protected Qing Han and Xing Mou from the oncoming storm above.

“This Canghai Chengkong is very strong!” Beigong Yu raised his head in mild shock. “Hes only a little weaker than me!”

Qing Han and Xing Mou rolled their eyes. This fishbird of a fish was just flattering himself!

Still, he wasnt wrong about the man in black. As a peak peerless immortal, Hongxiu was as strong as someone of her realm could be. Furthermore, her real body was that of a tremendously powerful immortal beast. The ability to repel her with a hundred and eight sword shadows was already an enormous feat.

Lu Yun stood up, his eyes fixated upon the airborne blades with curiosity and admiration. He was just as astounded as his Infernum. 

“A sword immortal! Theres more to the Dark North Sword Sect than I thought.” The young man took a deep breath.

Many immortals in the world studied sword dao, but sword immortals were rare. If Dongfang Hao had been able to attain immortality, he wouldve been a sword immortal. In some ways, this Canghai Chengkong was very similar.

“Theres more to the Dark North Sword Sect than meets the eye, so surely a peerless sword immortal is something to worry about Arent you concerned about your friends over there”

The equally protective Pavilion Lord was baffled by Lu Yuns reaction. Wasnt he friends with that third prince over there

“The Dark North Sword Sect is impenetrable, and Ingress Island even more inscrutable.” Lu Yun nodded a little. Ingress was the realm after the dao realm; there had to be a deeper reason behind Ingress Islands name!

Wait, does anyone know that theres aningress realm in the first place    

“But, the Deaf Prince is also much smarter than he looks. The East Sea immortals came north for the sea market here, not the skydragon tomb.” Spotting a large boulder out of the corner of his eye, Lu Yun casually sat down on it.

The Pavilion Lords face paled.


“Hahahahahaha—" an equally loud voice responded with raucous laughter. “For the sake of all, eh The ** are you talking about You think a slimy old snakehead like you can represent this young master Are you courting death, or suffering from dementia” Coarse and broad, the voice was brimmed with a tyrannical rage.

“Yeah! Whore you trying to represent here, Canghai Chengkong We Lins of Primus Major, or the Beicangs of Lazuli Major” another voice ripped through the air, just as arrogant as the last.

Every single one of them represented a major faction in the world, and there were five in total. Adding the Deaf Prince to that number made six. In what ways were they alike Rich, haughty, and insufferable, every last one of them. An alliance of profligates!-

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