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Chapter 1620: Territory

Though the overlord of Ice walked over from the other side of the void with the big-headed doll, he didnt seem to see Lu Yun. The latter was in Yueyis world of order; it would take another sequence expert to see the young mans existence.

However, Lu Yun could see the outside world just fine.

“Martial grandfather, I will take the overlord and three brushes with me. It would be a disaster if they stayed by your side as you cannot protect them,” Yueyi said as she watched the overlord approach.

Lu Yun nodded. There was no point in refusing, Yueyis gaze was resolute. Shed plainly come with this idea in mind.

She was also right, the brushes of the three reincarnations were too important. Just like Lu Yun, they were existences thatd broken free of the cycle of reincarnation. In the endless loops hed experienced, theyd never existed.

As a sequence expert, Yueyi could naturally see that there was something special about them. If she could, so could other sequence experts. Thus, if the brushes stayed with Lu Yun or the overlord, they would ultimately be taken by someone else.

“And that Brightheart, I see some traces of myself in her. She seems to share a destiny with me, so Ill also be taking her back with me.” Startled appreciation flashed across Yueyis face when she looked at the girl next to Jian Juexian.

“Shes the Cicada Sovereigns disciple.” Instead of refusing, Lu Yun clarified Brighthearts background.

“So the girl is one of hers, no wonder,” Yueyi nodded. “Then, martial grandfather, until we meet again.”

She bowed to Lu Yun and gently waved her hand, shifting the overlord, doll, and Brightheart out of sight.

“What just happened” Jian Juexian jumped with shock. Brightheart had suddenly disappeared without warning; shed been right next to him! “Was that the Moon Sovereign King of the Luminaries She saved us” It was all too incredulous to process.

“Yes,” Lu Yun nodded, then spoke with some trepidation. “Thats it for everything here. Thank goodness I had the Blood Sovereign move my men, or they wouldve all died.”

All of the Hongmeng worlds and various planes in the Eastern Cluster were empty. Everyone had been buried under the dao of burial emanating from the Tomb of the Original Emperor and turned into a zombie, or refined by the Corpse Sovereign.

If Lu Yuns people had stayed here, the same fate wouldve befallen them. The Blood Sovereign was no match for the Corpse Sovereign. As opposed to staying to their deaths, they were now in the innermost depths of the Boundless Planes.

As former prisoners of the Hadal Hell, they were prodigiously strong in the past. Not only were there Nihil World Sovereigns among them, but there were also sequence experts. The Blood Sovereign was helping them recover their past selves instead of staying put and training in one location. Even the weakest Bridge of Forgetfulness and She Nong were uncommon individuals, so who knew what the rest might be

“So the emperor of the original Hongmeng is still alive. Yueyi said just now that the original emperor is in the unknown expanses.” Lu Yun thought about it some more. “If there are no living beings in the Eastern Cluster anymore—does that mean its mine”

One plane cluster was infinitely vast, containing four hundred and eighty million planes. And they were now all Lu Yuns!

“When the immortal dao traverses the fourth realm, lets rename this cluster to theImmortal Region.” A smile curved Lu Yuns lips.

There was an Immortal Region in the Hongmeng as well. The Dao King had established it to help facilitate the immortal dao take root in the third realm. Unfortunately, the Curse Kings curses had proven too strong—the immortal dao of the worlds had never been able to fully develop. The Curse King even infiltrated and controlled the faction in the end.

In the battle between the Dao King and Curse King, the Dao King was unquestionably defeated.

But now, the Curse Kings replica—one with the true strength of sequence—was no more after a single blow from Yueyi. The curses and pawns hed left in the Hongmeng were left without support, making them easy targets for the people that the Dao King had left behind in the Hongmeng.

However, there was still something that bothered Lu Yun.

The Poison King.

The Curse Kings senior brother had been able to kill Yueyis primary body, forcing her to reincarnate into the Hongmeng. The poison had been so strong that itd continued to attack her then, transforming her into a ghost. It wasnt until Lu Yun happened to hit her with the Dragonquake Scripture that it was dispelled.

“The person who didnt have the luxury to consider anything else and called upon the great dragons of the Hongmeng… that probably had something to do with the Poison King. I wonder if this Poison King is still in the Hongmeng”

Yueyi hadnt spoken about her battle with the Poison King, but judging from her expression, it was highly likely that he was still in the third realm.

“What are you thinking about” Jian Juexian asked curiously when he saw Lu Yuns expression flicker rapidly.

“Im wondering just what are you to have Quiet meld with your sword dao.” Lu Yun summoned the sword back to him with a wave of his hand.

Though the Quiet Sovereign King had perished, there remained a hint of instinctive sword dao within the sword. Lu Yun had melded his sword dao with it to communicate with Quiet, thus establishing a partnership between equals.

At the same time, itd never accepted Lu Yuns sword dao. Itd only allowed the young man to borrow the sword dao in the weapon.

But when it landed in Jian Juexians hand, the mans sword dao immediately became one with the sword. Their combined might resulted in terrifying power. If it hadnt been for Jian Juexian being suppressed by the Curse Kings order, he wouldve killed the Shadow Sovereign.

“I… dont know.” Jian Juexian shook his head with bafflement, looking at the sword with a trace of fervor.

“I cant give you the sword,” Lu Yun huffed at him. “You lost Immortals End already!”

Quiet hummed at the end of Lu Yuns words, as if agreeing with him.

Jian Juexian smiled ruefully.

“You have no other place to go to, want to stay here and help me”

“Didnt you say youd take me to the old man” Jian Juexian grumbled. Though hed already inwardly agreed, he still had to make a show of protesting.

“Your old mans in there. If he wants to see you, hell come out to see you.” Lu Yun pointed at the plane of Fire where the Central Hongmeng was.

Jian Juexians eyes lit up.

“Alright then, Ill stay here to protect your territory.” Jian Juexian nodded. “You want me to kill anyone that comes out of the Central Hongmeng if theyre not one of yours”

“No,” Lu Yun shook his head. “But do capture any of the Curse King or Poison Kings men. If you cant, kill them.”

Since Yueyi had just killed the Curse Kings sequence expert replica, he wouldnt dare court death again in the short term. Yueyi didnt just represent herself, but an entire organization with three sequence experts.-

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