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Chapter 1619: Yueyi

Lu Yun was a little lost for words. He looked back at Jian Juexian and Brightheart—they still had worried expressions on their faces. It would seem that they couldnt hear the Moon Sovereign Kings conversation with Lu Yun.

He felt that this was the corniest, most cliche plot hed ever heard of. The big bad guy out for his head in the fourth realm, his greatest enemy for the moment, was his martial grand disciple


Lu Yun had indeed heard of the name before.

The Fish King had once told him that Lu Qing had three disciples—first disciple of the venerated enforcer, second disciple Yueyi, and third disciple the Fish King.

But Lu Yun was still confused. Yueyi was the Moon Sovereign King A sequence expert How damn awesome was his son to have these kinds of disciples

“Are you… really Yueyi” Lu Yun asked dumbly.

“That is me,” Yueyi nodded. “But master only knows that Im called Yueyi. He doesnt know my true identity.”

Lu Yun raised his eyebrows.

“The Central Hongmeng is mysterious and dangerous, many powerhouses from the Boundless Realms have set up schemes there. The Luminaries have naturally done the same, so there I went,” Yueyi sighed. “After my primary body entered the Central Hongmeng, I fell into a trap set by the Curse Kings senior brother—the Poison King. I almost died and had to reincarnate into the Hongmeng for survival. But, my injuries were so severe that I completely forgot who I was in the natural fog of the womb.”

She didnt speak of what happened after, but Lu Yun could make a few educated guesses. Despite the natural fog of the womb, Yueyi was still exceptionally talented; shed possessed some of the greatest potential in the realm. Lu Qing had happened upon a young Yueyi and accepted her as his disciple.

What surprised Lu Yun was that his sons good fortune was simply a little too good for words. Hed run into such a pivotal character, just like that, and successfully recruited her as his disciple

Aw yeah, hes my son alright!

“My primary body isnt actually here to track you down, little martial forefather. Im not here to take care of that Longshan Yin either.” Yueyi called Di Yin by his old name—a strong indicator that she didnt think much about this descendant of the emperor of the original Hongmeng.

She thought for a bit and continued, “I left the Central Hongmeng not too long ago. Weve met there before too. Its thanks to the martial forefather that I was able to recover my sense of self and return to the Boundless Planes.”

“You are…” Lu Yuns eyes widened. “The Moon King”

There was a familiar presence on her thatd been immediately apparent when Yueyi appeared. Hed been so preoccupied then that he hadnt had the chance to muse over it. Now that she raised the point, he instantly grasped the implications.

“That is correct, the Moon King thatd turned into a ghost king and plagued Starspace Region was me,” Yueyi replied. “Though Id reincarnated into a Hongmeng denizen, the Poison Kings ghost poison was still on me. Ultimately, I turned into a ghost due to its effects. Once a ghost, I was like any of their kind—obsessed with occupying the Hongmeng and destroying it.

“In the last battle of Starspace Region, martial forefather awakened the great dragon with the Dragonquake Scripture. One blow from the scripture vanquished the corpse poison inside my body.

“Not only did I become the Purple Kings disciple again, but I also regained myself in the Boundless Realms.” A smile appeared on her face. “I left the Central Hongmeng to rest and recover in the Eastern Cluster until today.

“I learned about your matters during this period, and also through messages from senior brother and junior sister.”

The venerated enforcer had always known about Lu Yuns existence, but the Fish King hadnt and thus gave rise to many a ridiculous situation. After Lu Yuns reputation rose in the fourth realm, the venerated enforcer and Fish King contacted Yueyi to ensure that she wouldnt follow in her senior sisters path.

However, they didnt know that shed once turned into a ghost king or that she was the Moon King of Starspace Region. While Lu Qings three disciples could contact each other, their methods were more like leaving messages as opposed to real time conversation.

They knew of each others existence, but had almost never met each other before.

“So are you now the Moon Sovereign King of the Luminaries, or Lu Qings disciple Yueyi” Lu Yun asked calmly as he looked into her eyes.

“Whether it is the Moon Sovereign King or Yueyi, they are all me,” she answered with a smile. “Are Feng Feifan and Lu Yun two different people”

“Thats different,” Lu Yun shook his head. “Feng Feifans ideals are the same as Lu Yuns, but Yueyi differs from the Moon Sovereign King.”

Yueyi started and fell silent for a long time. “How much of the Luminaries do you know, martial grandfather”

“Not much, all hearsay, really.” Lu Yun shook his head. “But its true that the Luminaries want to kill me.”

“Bai Hongtian has executed the Great Brahma who attacked you, because he slaughtered more than three billion lives on the World Star,” Yueyi announced.

Lu Yun blinked.

“What people know of the Luminaries is similar to what martial grandfather knows of us. All hearsay,” Yueyi murmured. “We have never wished to conquer the Boundless Planes, or at least, I havent. All we want is for the great dao of the Boundless Planes to prosper again, for those clans and factions who shut their doors to share their great dao with the realm. Only then will the realms orders be truly perfected and not require a specific existence to keep them under control.

“Perhaps our methods are too radical… which gave rise to the notion that we want to conquer the Boundless Planes.”

Lu Yun paused, then nodded. “Your goals are all the same—to maintain the order of the realm. But your ideals and methods are different.”

“That is correct,” Yueyi nodded. “If the original Hongmeng appears again, it will result in what happened last epoch—distilling all daos into seeds of nothing and using them to suppress order. But the original Hongmeng failed.

“No matter why it perished, the ending has been written. If we try again, there will be no other ending.”

Lu Yun finally stopped with shock. Previously, hed refused to admit that the original Hongmeng had failed. In his understanding, itd self-destructed due to a mistake. But… defeat was defeat, what did it matter if there was a difference in process

If it hadnt been for external invasion, would that existence have used the Dragonquake Scripture unless they had to Would they have called upon all of the dragons in the original Hongmeng if theyd had any other choice

“I never once used the Dragonquake Scripture to revitalize the original Hongmeng in the thirty-three loops, likely because of this same reason. Was I convinced by another, or did I come to that conclusion myself” Lu Yun turned things over in his mind, having drawn certain conclusions.

“Thus, martial grandfather, what difference is there between Yueyi and the Moon Sovereign King” Yueyi smiled and waved her hand. A figure approached them from the distance—the overlord of Ice. Hed been freed from the unchanging ice and a big-headed doll followed by his side—the future brush.

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