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Chapter 1607.2: The Luminaries Arrive

“Do I really not need to practice soul force” Qing Yu looked blearily at Lu Yun after she put her clothes back on. Her dao partners accomplishments in soul force were so great that she couldnt fully see them.

“My current level of strength isnt a result of immortal dao. If my true cultivation is raised to the same level, then my soul force and six hellfires will immediately retreat, becoming pure immortal force.” Lu Yun chuckled, “What do we need to practice soul force for”

Pure immortal force filled Qing Yus body; she was the Dao Sovereign and cultivated the immortal dao. Whether it was soul force or the “nothing” of the fourth realm, all became immortal force once they entered her body.

Though the immortal dao was yet to traverse the Hongmeng, the third realm possessed its shape thanks to Qing Yu. Hence, Lu Yun used the methods hed derived to forcefully raise Qing Yus cultivation level and strength.

There was no qi in the fourth realm or on the World Star. All beings cultivated “nothing”. However, Lu Yun forcefully distilled qi out of the void through his formations and directed it into his dao partners body.

This was qi of the fourth realm.

Qing Yu reached peak potentate level after three days with no negative consequences from this method of advancement. It wasnt too hard for Lu Yun to manage a feat like this since he was a Nihil World Sovereign.

“Do we go to the Sword Clan now” Qing Yu breathed out more easily when she saw that her beloved was still present after she broke through. Shed been deeply concerned that Lu Yun would leave her behind and make the trip himself.

“No, Im going to Ingress Sword Island,” Lu Yun shook his head. “Jian Juexian has been locked up because of me, I cant hang him out to dry.”

“Then Ill wait here for you.” Qing Yu didnt bother advising Lu Yun against his course of action; there was no way shed change his mind.

In the same vein, she wouldnt make the trip with him because thatd only burden him. Hed just end up putting her into his inner world. It would be better to wait for his return and then go to the Sword Clan together.


An enormous explosion sounded outside the World Star before he had a chance to respond.

“The Great Brahma of the Luminaries has come. The Star Sect will swiftly open its doors in welcome!” echoed a dignified voice.

The entire World Plane began to shake and the multicolored ribbons outside the World Star undulated and tangled with each other as a disorderly ball, creating disaster upon disaster.

Worlds clashed together, consigning many beings to grisly deaths.


“The Luminaries are here” A bored Ah Zhi maintaining her door of order jerked her head up with a sharp look. “Is this a test” She cocked her head and murmured to herself, “They know that my primary body isnt here and that Ive left only a replica to oversee the rules of the World Plane, so this so-called Great Brahma…”

“No, this isnt a test. They know youre not here and so have come to kill Xing Chen.” Yun Zhongzi raised his head to Ah Zhi standing at the peak of the mountain. Only he among the crowd knew that it wasnt her primary body present.

With the open door of sequence, the massive disruptions outside didnt affect anything on Divine Alchemist Mountain. Though it was just a replica, it was a replica thatd set foot into sequence nonetheless.

“How dare a mere Great Brahma try to kill Xing Chen!” A stretch of stars reflected in Ah Zhis eyes—the Great Brahma stood among them.

A trace of vicious cruelty appeared in her lazy expression. All of the World Plane was under her protection; this interloper had killed an untold number of denizens with a single move. This wasnt a probing gesture, it was outright provocation!

“The Great Brahma is the foremost head disciple beneath the Sun Sovereign King of the Luminaries. He does indeed possess the strength to kill Xing Chen,” she said with resignation after a momentary pause.

The Luminaries were the strongest faction in the known expanses of the fourth realm because they possessed three sequence experts—the Sky Sovereign King, the Moon Sovereign King, and the Sun Sovereign King.

Theyd once sought out the Ah Zhi and invited her to join them, thereby completing the sun, moon, and star trio. Shed sent them away with a simple response of “Im too lazy”.

The Star Sect was one of the few sects in the known expanses with a sequence expert holding down the fort. They held themselves removed from everything and rarely interfered in Luminaries business.

But this time, the faction came kicking down their door.

The Great Brahma was still showcasing his might outside the World Star, twisting the multicolored ribbons into knotted skeins and annihilating countless living beings. All of the World Stars Nihil World Sovereigns were gathered on Divine Alchemist Mountain. Due to the protection of sequence, they didnt know what was taking place outside and remained enthusiastically conversing about the derivation of formula dao.

“Ill go,” Yun Zhongzi sighed. “Though the body Im possessing isnt a premier Nihil World Sovereign, I am confident that Ill be able to send that Great Brahma away.”

He and the Hallowed Emperor had received invitations from the Luminaries as well, prior to the construction of the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor. Theyd also refused and subsequently been hunted down and harassed for it.

Yun Zhongzi didnt understand why the Luminaries were suddenly attacking—were they not afraid of Ah Zhis wrath after she returned According to his calculations, they should be attacking the Sword Clan first.

Regardless, this salvo indicated that the Luminaries were about to engage in a series of high profile maneuvers. The Nihil World Sovereign thatd emerged from the Central Hongmeng was likely the spark thatd lit the match.

In all of the Star Sect, Yun Zhongzi was the only one who could defy the Great Brahma.

But before he could take the field, an enormous ray of sword light erupted from one of the World Star residences and slashed at their attacker.

“What” The Great Brahma watched the sword light descend upon him and could do nothing but let it crash into him, almost splitting his body into two. “Sword dao from the Hongmeng Or sword dao from the Sword Clan”

He was one of the strongest Nihil World Sovereigns in the fourth realm and one of the most elite powerhouses in the Luminaries.

“Neither of the above,” rang out a cold voice. Grasping Quiet tightly in his hand, Lu Yun stepped forward with sword light circulating around him and his face and presence completely concealed. “Since the Luminaries have offered their head on a platter, this sovereign will not stand on ceremony.”


He operated the method of nothing and summoned the world of order, imbuing himself with the order of time and slashing forward at the Great Brahma. This stroke crossed endless empty space and was more terrifying than the one before.

“Theres actually people who use cheap tricks to access sequence and wear it on themselves What a joke!” the Great Brahma laughed heartily, the trace of alarm in his heart instantly dissolving into contempt. Accessing sequence through a shortcut That made this upstart the same as the sealed overlord of Ice—utter jokes, both of them!

He reached out a hand to grasp the cutting sword light.


Radiant sword light flashed by and sliced off half of his hand.

“…the Quiet Sovereign King! So you are indeed dead! Hahahaha!!” gasped the Great Brahma as shock quickly turned into delight.

Hed recognized the sword—the Quiet Sovereign King, first connate divine sword to form in the fourth realm and for the purpose of eliminating the Luminaries. The faction had refused to believe that hed truly died, but since his sword form was grasped in a Nihil World Sovereigns hand, that was proof that he was well and truly dead!

The Luminaries plan to root out the Sword Clan could finally begin.

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