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Chapter 1542: The Cultivation Method of Soul Force

No one else dared approach the man in silk robes after the Hoarfrost World King sent him flying. They were deathly afraid of angering a Void World King.

“So its you.” The man calmed his roiling blood and waved a hand when he recognized Lu Yun. “Youve got some nerves, kid. Arent you afraid of offending a world king”

Lu Yun shook his head slightly. The four world kings had approached the entrance to the tomb and was ignoring everything happening beneath them.

“At least youve got a good eye.” The man stood up and shook himself off. His wounds were completely healed. “Those four are dead without a doubt, look at them opening the tomb like brainless fools! Are they complete idiots!”

He was so bitter that he was calling Void World Kings idiots! In his hometown, he called Void World Kings “fellow daoist” when he wanted to make their acquaintance. But calling a world king an idiot was to have a death wish even at home.

And he was hardly at home now.

Everyone around him shuddered and kept their distance from the impudent man who didnt treasure his life. It was only a matter of time before punishment came for him.

“Oh” Lu Yun paused and carefully observed the tombstone that reared up like a colossal mountain. It seemed perfectly fine; he didnt see anything dangerous about it.

In fact, he could see where its flaw was and how it could be opened. If he could see it, then the four world kings with their experience and perception could naturally see it as well.

“Thats fake!” Gray ripples oscillated through the mans eyes and a door seemed to open within them.

Theres definitely something different about this guy! Lu Yun adroitly picked up on the change. Hed given instructions for the Divine Fire World King to rescue the man in silk robes. Lu Yun had already realized then that this man was quite uncommon.

The man was a supplemental master at the very least, and a very strong one. His cultivation level far exceeded Lu Yuns and it was unknown which discipline he specialized in.

The supplemental daos in the fourth realm were as voluminous as the open sea. Despite being stronger than the Dao King in the Hongmeng, Lu Yun counted as someone whod only just set foot into this field when he was in the fourth realm.

Though his perception and judgment were remarkable enough to identify the tomb, he was wholly unfamiliar with the supplemental daos of the fourth realm. What hed deduced in Dragonmountain Clime was just an introduction.

That the man in silk robes dared call a Void World King his fellow daoist indicated that there was something extraordinary about him.

“The Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor was crafted by the Hallowed Emperors good friend—the Cloud Sovereign, a supplemental sovereign of the Nihil World Sovereign. Though the Cloud Sovereign has passed on, will a mere Void World King be able to break apart a great tomb created by such a supplemental sovereign” sneered the man in silk robes.

“I am Feng Feifan. I dont believe Ive had the chance to learn your name,” Lu Yun introduced himself once more. Strictly speaking, this wasnt a fake name. Hed used it when he was in the mythological realm and become a real being of that time.

The man took a deep look at Lu Yun and said slowly, “I am Xing Wuliang.”

“Xing Wuliang…” Lu Yun memorized the name and nodded slowly.

Xing Wuliang: ……

“Have you not heard of me before” He was waiting for Lu Yuns face to light up with recognition and for the young man to fawn over him, but no such response was forthcoming!

Lu Yun shook his head blankly.

“No wonder… It looks like my name has yet to be known throughout the Boundless Planes. Thats fair, Im only ninth step in my supplemental dao and still a step away from grandmaster. Its normal that you havent heard of me,” Xing Wuliang replied noncommittally.

“Uh huh.” Lu Yun nodded.

The cultivation levels in the fourth realm were defined more granularly than in the Hongmeng. One started at the first step, eventually reaching ninth step. Post ninth step made one a grandmaster, and supplemental dao was also an all encompassing category in the fourth realm. There were plenty of subcategories, but the four of equipment, pill, formation, and talisman remained the undeniable titans.

There was no formula dao in the fourth realm and ninth step supplemental masters were only a step away from grandmaster. They were lofty personages in the fourth realm that even Void World Kings would treat with utmost courtesy.

Most importantly was that while supplemental dao was complimentary to cultivation in the fourth realm, it also had its own unique cultivation system. One could progress through different cultivation levels of supplemental dao.

The fourth realm had progressed through so much time and history that even the destruction of the original Hongmeng didnt mean much to it. Everything was possible in such a long period of time and all of it could progress to its highest peaks. Supplemental dao had long since departed from certain restraints and become its own system.

Lu Yuns supplemental dao was rudimentary because he wasnt familiar with how to cultivate it. His formula dao could derive many things, but it couldnt derive the supplemental cultivation system of the fourth realm.

There hadnt been a single supplemental cultivator in Dragonmountain Clime.

“Im a ninth step supplemental master, and a ninth step formation master!” Xing Wuliang pointed at himself.

“Mmhmm.” Lu Yun nodded.

Xing Wuliang: ……

He suddenly felt very defeated, but then another thought struck him. “Cant blame you for this, your Eastern Planes are a poor area deficient in supplemental dao. None of you know how to use it either!”

He smirked proudly again when his thoughts traveled here.

“A poor area deficient in supplemental dao” Lu Yun blinked.

“Thats right, your supplemental dao has been locked away,” responded Xing Wuliang. “As for why… heh heh heh.”

He chuckled and didnt explain further.

“Because… we dont want that Hongmeng to grow and develop again” Lu Yun asked probingly.

“You know So you know of some things, kid.” Xing Wuliang looked at Lu Yun up and down. “Your supplemental dao potential is uncommon, you just havent been taught the right cultivation method…”

He thought of how Lu Yun had easily determined the mountain was a tomb the first time he saw it. Judging from their exchange, this Feng Feifan really hadnt known about the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor then.

An amusing notion suddenly occurred to him.

“If I pass some cultivation methods onto you…” Xing Wuliang stroked his chin.

“Does that mean I need to take you for my master” Lu Yun asked subconsciously.

“Well, no. Those old guys have wandered off the right path a long time ago. They stop at nothing to prevent that Hongmeng from revitalizing, and my master happens to be at odds with them.” Xing Wuliang thought for a moment and transmitted the rest. “Im going to teach you a cultivation method for soul force and help you officially set foot through the doors of supplemental dao cultivation. But you must swear to never reveal that I passed this method on to you!”

Lu Yun looked at Xing Wuliang with surprise, having no idea what the man was thinking.

“Heh, dont look at me like that. Youre not afraid of offending the Hoarfrost World King and approached me anyway. That proves youre no simple character either. I can tell that youre highly skilled in supplemental dao, but you circle around the outside of the door.

“You only know a few basic refining methods, but you dont know anything about its cultivation. Ill pass on the most basic method of soul force cultivation to you and we can be friends, alright”

Xing Wuliang hadnt planned on getting to know Lu Yun, but a few gestures from the young man had spoken of his worthiness to be considered differently.

“Alright,” Lu Yun agreed without hesitation.

Xing Wuliang sent a cultivation method into Lu Yuns mind with a flick of his finger.

“What the… your soul force is so strong! You… How is this possible You, you… you” Xing Wuliang took the opportunity to gently probe Lu Yun when he sent the method in and discovered with great shock that the young mans soul force was as boundless and vast as the seas. He just hadnt been able to utilize the strength due to a lack of a proper method.

“Is it that strong” Lu Yun closed his eyes to digest the “Three Thousand Soul Daos”. While it was a very ordinary rudimentary method, that also meant it was full of possibility to give rise to stronger methods.

Unbidden, he sank into careful perusal of the three thousand soul daos.

Frowning slightly, Xing Wuliang quietly watched his new acquaintance.

“Those old creatures once laid down a massive curse formation together. Anything from the Eastern Planes isnt able to cultivate soul force, even if they go to other planes.” He stroked his chin thoughtfully. “But hes done it. Is he not from the Eastern Planes"-

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