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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1498: Betrayal

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Chapter 1498: Betrayal

“Rednote, Big Dragon Cong, youre here!” Longshan Yin stood firmly at the highest vantage point of Dragonmountain Clime and looked down at the two coming for him.

Hidden in the void, Big Dragon jerked with surprise. He hadnt thought that Longshan Yin would discover his existence!

“I am a Void World King. You mere World Manifests are unable to hide beneath my all-seeing eye.” Longshan Yins aura flared to its utmost—rich and robust in its strength. There were no signs that he was heavily injured at all, as if the wounds hed suffered in the heavenly tribulation were all illusions meant to beguile his attackers.

“Youre complete hot air!” sneered Revered Rednote. “This is the day you die, Longshan Yin. Our blood feud formed when you killed my dao partner and exterminated my clan. Today, I return all that and more to you!”

“Your clan was a rotten and corrupt menace. It stopped at nothing to do evil and it was drowning in retribution. Even if I hadnt taken action, the Nihil Tribulation of Demon Refinement wouldve erased your people!” Longshan Yin enunciated clearly from his position.

“Die!” Revered Rednote flew into a towering rage; the time of verbal jousting was over. A crimson cape unfurled behind him with a shake of his body, turning the void into a fiery sea. “Go!” he roared.

Big Dragon Cong didnt dare bring anything less than his full effort to the fight. If he didnt, Longshan Yin would easily overcome him.

Two quick moves from the attackers filled the air with enough energy to pressure a trickle of blood from Longshan Yins beet-red face. He was indeed heavily injured and had been playing for time earlier, trying to recover as much as possible.

Revered Rednote naturally wouldnt allow him that breathing space.

Having just broken through to Void World King and being gravely wounded, Longshan Yin lost control over his injuries as soon as he suffered the brunt of the joint collective.


“Please take to the field, Three Brahmas, and help my father!” Longshan Shui bowed to the three next to him.

The Three Brahmas were three elders in green robes that looked remarkably similar to each other. They floated around effortlessly, the very picture of ephemeral serenity.

Longshan Shui was enormously grateful as they were willing to receive their payment of the Radiant Moonpearls after the crisis was over. He couldnt pay them beforehand since the treasury was still locked.

Longshan Shui swept a glance at Longshan Yan. The latter was keeping a close eye on the fight in the air with a grave expression.

Confusion was beginning to overcome Dragonmountain Clime; numerous fourth realm denizens blasted through the defensive systems and rushed inside. Longshan disciples held fast in the face of danger. They assembled into enormous defensive formations and withstood the invaders, protecting their homes.

“Hahahaha!!” The foremost Brahma laughed heartily. “Fret not, fellow daoist Longshan! This Brahma is here to help you!”

“Kill!” came an unknown shout before the neat and tidy defensive response collapsed. Longshan disciples thatd been fending off outsiders suddenly turned on those next to them!

“What is this!” Highly self assured in his wisdom, Longshan Shui panicked and gaped at the sight of his kinsmen killing each other. He rubbed his eyes fiercely, unable to believe what was happening.

“Father! A wise man submits to fate! Grandfather acted against what is right and ended the paths of countless experts! The Longshan fortunes have run their course!” A young man stepped forward and roared, “Only by throwing ourselves on Revered Rednotes mercy will we be able to salvage a tiny bit of survival for our family!”

“You!!” Longshan Shui looked at the young man—his most favored son, Longshan Yue. The scene went black before his eyes and he almost fainted on the spot.

Longshan Shui was Longshan Yins firstborn; he wouldnt betray the family even on pain of death. But his son had And was leading a band of Longshan disciples to Revered Rednotes side!

“Hahahaha!! Indeed, a wise man submits to fate. Youve done well, Longshan Yue.” The foremost and second Brahma were already in the air to “help” Longshan Yin. The weakest third Brahma looked at Longshan Yue with merry approval.

“Three Brahmas!” Longshan Shui finally realized that things were drastically wrong. The two Brahmas who were supposed to help his father were working with Revered Rednote and Big Dragon Cong instead!

Ready to erupt with outrage, Longshan Shuis reaction was prematurely cut short by a casual backhand from the third Brahma.

“How dare… how dare you plot against me!” It was only now that he realized that the Three Brahmas were in Revered Rednotes camp!

“I leave your father to you. Hoi, Longshan Yan, youre a decent talent. If you surrender to Revered Rednote, I can make the decision to spare your life. How about it” The third Brahma ignored Longshan Shui. That was just a piece of trash who liked to aim too high and possessed puny capability to back up his grandiose aims.

How else would the three of them so easily enter Dragonmountain Clime

Longshan Yan swept a dismissive gaze over the interloper. “How dare a puny minor World Manifest speak to me like this”

“Huh!” The third Brahma, Longshan Yue, and the suppressed Longshan Shui blinked with consternation.

Longshan Yan looked around and murmured to himself, “All of the traitors and enemies have revealed themselves, havent they How about you, Longshan Huo Are you also going to betray the family and scrabble in the dirt for the rest of your life”

He suddenly looked to the side and frostily regarded a young man in crimson brocade robes—his only son.

Longshan Huo trembled before his flaming long spear turned around and ran through an enemy charging up to them. “I will live and die under the Longshan name!”

“I will live and die under the Longshan name!” His call rose and fell as it was picked up by increasing numbers of Longshan disciples.

“Idiot as stubborn as a mule!” sneered the third Brahma. “Since you refuse to see the light, Longshan Yan, I will kill your son before you and see what you do then. A puny minor World Manifest Thats still not a level that your pathetic true nihil realm can hope to reach!”

He erupted with a piercing streak of fiery sparks and slammed his palm toward Longshan Huo busily killing enemies.

Longshan Huo was also in the true nihil realm, but hed just broken through and thus stood no chance before even a minor World Manifest.

“I said that youre a puny minor World Manifest, and you are indeed nothing but a puny weakling!”


Longshan Yan made his move at the same time.

“A major World Manifest!” gasped the third Brahma.

Yeahh that gets the heart pumping!-

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