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Chapter 1483: The Fire and Ignis Potentate

“Youve come to this Hongmeng as well!” The Fire Virtue Potentates scalp went numb when he saw the big-headed doll thatd turned himself into a Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals.

While the strange young man bore the presence of the Hadal Hell, he was just a superior realm cultivator. The potentate could still make his escape if he wanted to.

But if he faced the big-headed doll A completely different story since this was another little monster also from the fourth realm!

The Thousand Obliteration Formation enveloped their surroundings like an enormous pot lid descending from the air. The potentate was truly beginning to feel that his back was against the wall.

“Whats going on” To his surprise, the azure dragon detected a distinct lack of battle intent from the Fire Virtue Potentate. The azure dragons rebuff hadnt drawn an answering blow, and the potentate seemed to be more focused on running as far away as possible.

“This is the Fire Virtue Potentate who once rampaged through the land and wants to devour others even when dead” the azure dragon murmured with incredulity.

“The lad has something that can restrain the potentate, no wonder he dared make this trip.” The Fire King instantly grasped the situation when she noted how the potentate was scurrying around, trying to find a way out.

Reality was shaping up to be much different compared to their expectations.

The Thousand Obliteration Formation could resonate with the seal and borrow its strength to kill the Fire Virtue Potentate. But if that came to pass, the azure dragon would also die and the big-headed doll badly crippled.

Additionally, if the execution was done poorly, that might actually release the potentate and set him free in the Hongmeng.

“Wait, theres another kind of power hidden in the formation that he gave us, it can also restrain the potentate!” The Fire King blinked and turned to the doll, “Dont refine the formation just yet and dont try to grasp the secrets of the Six Royals through it. Youll become one of his if you do so.”

Caught in the throes of excitement, the doll shook like a leaf when he heard the warning.

“Dont use your own strength, use the formations strength to fight the potentate,” she continued, having finally understood Lu Yuns intentions. He wasnt here to kill the Fire Virtue Potentate, but to refine the latter.

There was a strange power in the formations that hed set up, one that could refine the potentates strength and also completely imprison him, never to reincarnate or find release.

It was why the potentate was running around like a headless chicken—hed discovered the same thing.

“Damn that Lu Yun, hes so shameless and dishonorable! He was plotting against me even here!” The big-headed doll gritted his teeth and reluctantly gave up the strand of comprehension hed just gained about the Six Royals.

This Hongmeng was very likely the origin of the fourth realm, which made the energy here fundamentally different from that of all other Hongmeng worlds. They could also spy into the core essence of the third realm through this world.

“Big sister Fire King, someones coming. Please hold them off for me!” Lu Yuns voice traveled leisurely up from below. He seemed to have sensed something.

The Fire King hadnt truly taken any action yet. She was just directing Lu Yuns formation against the Fire Virtue Potentate, chasing him with a giant fly swatter.

“Alright.” She was very much at ease since it would also greatly benefit her if they could eliminate a great enemy of the realm. Shed wanted to destroy the potentate previously, but had no way of doing so.

“That kid really does have the ability to kill the potentate… The potentates power of fire virtue is mine after his death!” A man wreathed with blazing flames abruptly appeared in the air over Azure Dragon Lake. When he took a step forward, it parted the lakes waters, allowing him to sink right to the bottom.

Even true kings would have to treat the order of opposition and power of destruction in the lake with care, but the man had parted the waters with a simple step. He was plainly stronger than true king.


A Hongmeng potentate had joined the fray.

“Fire Potentate, that Fire Virtue Potentate is a very important character. You cannot interfere before hes completely dead!” Another blazing figure darted into the lake and halted the first man.

“Ignis Potentate, youre also here for his power of fire virtue!” scoffed the Fire Potentate. “If that Lu Yun wipes him out of existence, neither you nor I will gain anything!”

The Ignis Potentates flame-colored brows furrowed slightly. “So what do you want”

“Take it from the boy!” chuckled the Fire Potentate. “We can save the Fire Virtue Potentate before he dies and split his core essence, how about it”

The Ignis Potentate quieted down. They were heavyweights that had become potentates later in history. Though they knew of the devastating battle years ago, they hadnt experienced it for themselves.

Thus, they didnt know the evils that the Fire Virtue Potentate was capable of.

“Very well!” The Ignis Potentate nodded. “Well do as you say and refine his core essence after we save him!”

An answering smile crossed the Fire Potentates face before both of them leapt forward and made for the seal at the bottom of the lake.

Since the azure dragon was present, the seal was now wispy and intangible. Hed sent Qing Yan and Qing Ting away to safety. The two potentates easily passed through it and came to the land of fire virtue.

“What fine energy! If I can obtain these examples of purest fire virtue, my divine nation of Ignis will surpass Yin Yang and become the greatest divine nation among the realm!” The Ignis Potentate could barely control himself after he encountered the power.

“The Fire Virtue Potentate is barely holding on, its the perfect time to act!” The two potentates looked at each other and shot for the area with the purest of fire virtue.

“The two of you can go back to where you came from,” sounded a gentle female voice.

Fiery radiance flashed by as the Fire King appeared where the two would have to travel through.

“Fire King! You are the manifestation of a Hongmeng order and cannot interfere in the affairs of the realm!” The Fire Potentate wasnt surprised by her appearance. Theyd known she was here and were wholly unafraid.

“I have no choice when it pertains to the survival of the realm. I will call upon the Hongmeng Tower if the two of you take another step forward and withdraw your power as potentate.” The Fire Kings expression grew frosty.

“Withdraw our power” snorted the Fire Potentate. “The tower is currently a masterless treasure and its mistress vanished all those years ago. What will it use to retract our power”

So some of the divine nations share the same element because weve got the five elements VS the four origins again. The origin lands get the fancy Latin names because I didnt want to do Fire Element Divine Nation VS Fire Origin Divine Nation. Just too… literal.-

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