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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1469: Entering the Lake

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Chapter 1469: Entering the Lake

“I, I dont know whats going on.” Feng Qi looked around unpleasantly when Supreme Shadow left. He said haltingly, “Id thought my sister sent me to you because she knows that you can feed me, but now it looks like she really does want to kill you.”

“Mm, I see.” Lu Yun nodded noncommittally.

“Youre not really going to do something to my sister, are you” Feng Qi looked carefully at his chef. “My dad will never forgive you if you do something to her.”

Lu Yun rolled his eyes at the strange young man. The hell was with his wording

“Dont worry, my current level of strength doesnt give me the right to do anything to your sister. Ill let this go, for your sake,” he answered with a look at Feng Qi. He wanted to pry into the secrets of the proper path through the strange young man and find a way to set the orders of the realm back in proper order, so that the denizens of the Hongmeng could walk the right path as well.

Lu Yun knew that if he brought the realm back to the proper cultivation path, it would be a deed of incredible merit that would greatly benefit his own cultivation of order.

No matter why that Feng Miaomiao wished to kill him, he currently lacked the ability to bring her to task for it. He had to endure whatever he could and save his revenge for when he attained absolute strength.

“Alright, lets enter the lake.” Lu Yun put away the Army Pagoda and reformed the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals with a wave of his hand.

“What… what are you doing here” Feng Qi exclaimed, staring agog at the space next to Lu Yun.

“What!” Qing Ting and Azureclad jumped with shock. The Fish King had left a while ago, but had just reappeared next to Lu Yun and was looking merrily at the Immortal King!

“What do you want” Lu Yun frowned. Hed discovered the Fish King when she came back, but he didnt understand why shed returned. She didnt have the face to remain on the premises after the Terra Potentates decree was smashed by the Talisman King. The mission that her master had set her was also a fail, so there was no reason for her to be present.

“Id like to visit the Azure Dragon Lake as well.” The Fish King blushed with embarrassment. “Im growing a bit curious about you too. You might have something to do with my master, but more importantly, I wonder why the Talisman King appeared for you.

“If I follow you, I might have the chance to see powerhouses like the Formation, Pill, and Weapon Kings,” she enunciated carefully with shining eyes.

Lu Yun still bestowed her with a strange look. “I cant stop you if you want to tag along, but you must seal away your cultivation and limit yourself to Feng Qis level.”

“I can do that,” she nodded. Lu Yun was undoubtedly entering the Azure Dragon Lake for a reason and had left behind Jin Naluo for another reason. Thus, she wouldnt object to his request to restrain her cultivation level.

She was a supplemental king at the end of the day. Her title of the “Fish King” came from her supplemental dao and not from her cultivation level of true ninth level.

She took out a talisman and stuck it to herself, constraining her cultivation at true first level.

“This isnt the best place to enter the lake,” she couldnt help but speak up when she saw Lu Yun continue his preparations. He evidently wished to enter the waters from here.

“Fish King, have you not been able to tell that this is a large tomb” Azureclad flaunted his knowledge before Lu Yun could respond.

“Oh” She looked askance at the Azureclad Duke.

“This is the most dangerous part of the lake, but its also the safest part of the tomb! We want to enter the tomb, not the lake,” he declared with gusto. He couldnt help but preen a little before stunning beauties such as the Fish King. And of course, Azureclad was just repeating what Lu Yun had told them earlier.

He was no feng shui master. Though the art of feng shui was not lost in the third realm and went hand-in-hand with formations, not everyone was well versed in these disciplines. Feng shui masters were still extremely rare in the Hongmeng.

How fortunate for them that Lu Yun happened to be a true feng shui king! Thus, he could see straight to the lakes true nature, whereas other feng shui masters wouldnt even be able to identify the tomb.

The Fish King furrowed her brows tightly and sent two beams of pale purple light from her eyes to scan the lake.

“There… is indeed the shadow of a tomb here.” Shed never considered the possibility before, but the mention from Azureclad gave her enough inspiration to assess the lake with new eyes.

That was sufficient for her to trace the outlines of a tomb through the landscape.

“Whose is it The dead dragons No… thats not right. The dragon is one of extreme ying, while the one resting inside is…” Despite peering intently at the tomb, she couldnt make out who was within.


Lu Yuns Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals was complete. Light of six different colors shaped into a bridge and extended from his body, sinking into the vast lake in front of them. The moment it formed, those within the formation couldnt help but follow the bridge in.

What greeted their eyes completely shocked them. There was no life beneath the surface, just endless power of destruction that rampaged tirelessly.

Even high level kings would be crushed by this overwhelming strength!

“What terrifying force… where does it come from” murmured the Fish King.

No answer was forthcoming from Qing Ting, Azureclad, or Feng Qi as they couldnt speak despite the protection of the formation.

“Opposition.” Lu Yun frowned. “Water virtue and fire virtue are clashing together and creating the order of opposition. However, thats the only order to arise from them—its not progressing toward the order of nirvana, so this power remains just a purely destructive force.”

He held nothing back when it came to his marital granddaughter. That the Fish King didnt know the nature of their relationship didnt matter.

“…just a purely destructive force” She couldnt help a shudder. Nirvana was the order that sent all life to the final stillness after annihilation visited them. It wasnt just one type of force—the power of destruction also came under its purview.

In the Fish Kings eyes, this kind of power was inordinately terrifying. She, too, would die here if she made the slightest misstep.

The Thousand Obliteration Formation built to its greatest peak. The orders of inception, ethos, burgeon, creation, opposition, and nirvana revolved in a perfect cycle that complemented each other, separating the order of opposition from the power of destruction around them.


A tremendous explosion blasted through the water, almost shattering Lu Yuns formation. A pair of yellow eyes slowly opened in the depths.

Its not the best translating, but when Feng Qi asks if Lu Yuns going to do something to his sister, that can also be innuendo for sleeping with his sister.

And I swear, if Feng Miaomiao ends up having something to do with that damned fox…-

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