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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1468: Threat

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Chapter 1468: Threat

Lu Yun had cultivated all six orders of the highest degree at the same time in the chaos to later give rise to the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals. That cultivation system still existed within his body.

There was no inherent hierarchy between the worlds, chaos, and Hongmeng. The orders, rules, and laws within were all impartial definitions—unaffected by the will of living beings. They differed only when the realms denizens wielded them with varying skill.

The six orders of the highest degree also existed in the Hongmeng, but they didnt oversee the realm. Despite that, it didnt affect their innate might.

Lu Yun didnt deploy the formation in his body this time. With his achievements in supplemental dao, he could certainly separate the formation from his body and have it stand alone.

Enormous balls of light formed from the six orders of Inception, Ethos, Burgeon, Creation, Opposition, and Nirvana, slowly rising from his body and arranging themselves in perfect circulation according to the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals.

“What kind of formation is this!” Qing Ting, Qing Yan, and Feng Qi stared at the abrupt materialization. They wanted to back away, but realized that they couldnt exceed the formations range no matter how far they moved.

“Stop,” Lu Yun called out to them. “We can safely enter the lake only with the formations protection.”

The trio stopped agitating after they heard his explanation, but they still shifted uneasily. These were the six orders of the highest decree, and they were right in front of the three!

In the Hongmeng, cultivators practiced great daos and laws, but it was very difficult for them to directly access bonafide orders. Thus, they were both respectful and fearful toward orders.

“The Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals! Blasted remnants of the mythological realm!” came a furious roar from the void.

Lu Yun looked up to see a large hand descending from the sky, wanting to smack his formation out of existence.

“A mere seventh step king dares jump around in front of me” he leered. Though he was yet to set foot into titled kinghood, he was a supplemental king, and the greatest in the realm!

Itd be one thing if the seventh step king had kept his mouth shut in a quiet ambush, but when he so blatantly attacked the formation Lu Yun was no fool.

He raised a hand and activated the array with a rumble—the six orders instantly became one. Purest strength of the six royals crashed heavily into the seventh step king.


A stunning explosion rocked the void, raising mammoth waves on the lakes surface. The seventh step king was blasted up into the sky and vanished without a trace.


Sword light flashed out like a shadow, piercing a hole in the Thousand Obliteration Formation and instantly reaching Lu Yuns side. The keen dark light stabbed straight for his temples.

“No!!” Feng Qi caterwauled with outrage when he noticed the color of the sword light. “Supreme Shadow, Ill wipe out your entire family if you dare harm a single hair on the Immortal Kings head!!”

His howl of despair was so agonizing it was as if hed lost his parents. The meal ticket that hed found with such great effort was about to be ripped in half!


With another loud collision, the dark sword light returned to where itd come from just as quickly as itd arrived. It solidified into a man in black robes who swiftly retreated out of the formations range. He regarded Lu Yun with utter shock.

The ripples of strength from his body were roughly the same as that of a ninth step king, but he was in the true ninth level instead of a ninth step king!

“Supreme Shadow, Ill kill every last one of your family members if you dare hurt my meal ticket!” Feng Qi snarled at the man. “Youll be dead meat and not even a chicken will be left of your Nildeath Sect!”

Hed flown into a true rage. The man known as Supreme Shadow was plainly from the Aer divine nation, and the Nildeath Sect that he belonged to one of the most pivotal factions in the kingdom. Feng Qi obviously thought nothing of the sect or person. He was the son of the Aer Potentate and could depose even the divine nations ruler if he wanted to. What did a sect matter

Face filled with consternation, Supreme Shadow opened his mouth and spewed out a mouthful of blood. A purple-golden tower had appeared over Lu Yuns head at some point in time—the Army Pagoda!

He hadnt brought out this treasure when he fought the Fish King because he wanted to keep it in reserve for something like what hed just encountered. The Army Pagoda didnt require the holder to reach a certain cultivation level. Simply supplying it with sufficient purple crystals was enough to operate it.

When the seventh step king appeared and attracted his attention, Lu Yun had quickly understood that it was a diversion. Hed immediately called upon the Army Pagoda for personal protection, and he wouldve died to Supreme Shadow if not for this precaution.

“Hes from Aer too” Lu Yun glanced at Feng Qi and snorted, “Your divine nation sure pays me a lot of attention. First your sister sends you to kill me, now this guy”

“Supreme Shadow!!” Feng Qi roared at the man. “Who sent you!”

“In response to Your Highness, Her Highness Miao sent me.” Supreme Shadow knelt on bended knee and lowered his head, not much emotion marking his tone.

“Ahhhh!!” Feng Qi bellowed. “Go back and tell my sister that shes not allowed to plot against the Immortal King anymore! Hes my meal ticket, and if she wants to rip it up, Ill go back and eat the treasury! Ill clean it out!”

Supreme Shadow shuddered at the thought.

“Clean out the treasury” Lu Yun stroked his chin. “What a good idea…”

He materialized a ball of purple-golden fur with a wave of his hand—the Hongmeng Treasurehunter Rat that hed tamed.

“This Hongmeng Treasurehunter Rat now has the innate talent for dismantling formations. Ill add something to it that will make it invincible in front of your treasurys formations!” Lu Yun used karmic power to carve a dark-gold glyph on the rats body. It squeaked with excitement and shot up Feng Qis body.

“This is… the extinct Hongmeng Treasurehunter Rat” Feng Qi swallowed hard. “With this thing by my side, I might actually make it into the treasury…”

Supreme Shadow stared at Lu Yun and Feng Qi with disbelief. Did these two want to turn everything upside down

The Treasurehunter Rat had evolved in another direction. While it was weak, its strength multiplied at an exponential rate when faced with treasures. The stronger the treasure was, the stronger it was.

If it made it into Aers treasury… would it turn into a true king

“Alright, go back and tell my sister that if she sends more people after the Immortal King, Ill eat the treasury down to the last crystal,” Feng Qi leered threateningly.

Eh, kid, remember thats your home that youre threatening… Hes an interesting one.-

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