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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1464: Corpse Poison

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Chapter 1464: Corpse Poison

Pure golden karma intersected in the void when the Karmic Tree appeared, forming an enormous boundary that counteracted the terrible poison. However, the poison was so potent that even the Karmic Tree being present on the scene couldnt swiftly eliminate it.

“Master, this poison exceeds the Hongmeng… it comes from the fourth realm!” Standing atop the tree, Xingzi summoned a poison fiend to devour the poison. Despite her nurturing it to the level of a Hongmeng superior realm cultivator, the fiend instantly died when it encountered the jade-green light.

“I know.” Lu Yun furrowed his brows with a dark expression.

A poison that not even the light of karma from the Karmic Tree could vanquish was horrifying indeed. While the Alchemist King may have refined the one hundred and eight poison pills, he certainly hadnt created their core essence.

The poison reached the fourth realm, and Xingzis strength was true first level!

As Lu Yuns Envoys of Samsara, the ten Yama Kings had long outgrown the world of immortals. Their strength eclipsed even the chaos and was in the Hongmeng proper. Bolstered by the Tome of Life and Death, they were all in the true realm and walked the proper path of cultivation.

However, the danger facing the world of immortals still existed and the things beneath the Nihil Hell threatened it at every second. That was why he hadnt called his envoys to the third realm. Plus, with the powerhouses of Hopeless Major present, he didnt lack for subordinates.

But with the threat of this horrific poison, he had no other choice but to summon Xingzi. She was the real mistress of poison. Although hed received her potential, she was constantly improving her skills and getting better.

“This is a type of corpse poison.” Xingzi frowned furiously to see her painstakingly raised poison fiend disposed of so easily. Its corpse was showing signs of mutation!

She struck again and completely terminated the transforming fiend, leaving no trace of it behind.

“This is unbelievable corpse poison. What perished powerhouse does it come from—one of the fourth realm” Xingzi studied the poisonous light with an ashen face. “No, no, the poisons qualities differ from that of the Bridge of Forgetfulness or She Nong. The poisons strength has reached the fourth realm, but its form is still of the third realm…”

She quietly operated formula dao to deduce what could be gleaned from this poison. The Karmic Tree was now fully present in the Hongmeng and radiated karmic light to deflect the deadly attack.

“Do such heavyweights exist in the third realm” Lu Yun blinked.

Jin Naluo had already refined a karmic fruit and rushed out to help Feng Qi. Meanwhile, Qing Ting and Azureclad were each completely wrapped up in a karmic fruit. With their level of cultivation, they would fly apart on the wind if they came in contact with even one whiff of the poison qi.

Xingzi shook her head blankly. She didnt know much about the Hongmeng. Although she knew many of the realms legends and great events because she often visited Violetgrave, it was still different from a personal trip to the Hongmeng.

“Not only is there that terrifying corpse poison in this poison, but theres also some aspects that dont belong to the third realm…” Xingzi furrowed her brows tightly and continued to operate formula dao. “Thank heavens that the Alchemist King is so mediocre that hes almost been completely subverted by the poison. If he was actually a poison master who could perfectly control it, we wouldnt be able to do anything here.”

Her brow relaxed when she honed in on the appropriate manner of response. “Master, Ill take care of him!”

She wrapped herself in a tongue of black flame and shot toward the poison fiend that was what the Alchemist King had become. The black flame was hellfire of the Hadal Hell. Though the portion that Lu Yun commanded had been sent into the Hongmeng Pearl to support the hellfire of order, his ten Yama Kings each possessed some for their core essence.

All of them had been reborn through the hellfire of the Hadal Hell.

With the aid of this fire, Xingzi faded away to almost nothing. The all-pervasive poisonous light couldnt locate her.

“As I thought, Ive gotten rusty since coming to the Hongmeng. The vaunted Alchemist King is mediocre to Xingzi” A twitch developed on Lu Yuns cheek. He summoned one hundred and eight karmic fruits with a wave of his hand and sent them circling around his body.

Then, he shot out of the poison formation.

Within the formation and under the protection of karmic fruit, Feng Qi and Jin Naluo joined hands to keep up a relentless offensive on the Wild Formation King and others. Affected by the poison, the Wild Formation Kings group was constrained in their movement and couldnt bring their full strength to bear. In light of their limitations, Feng Qi and Jin Naluo completely suppressed them.

Bolts of poisonous lightning flashed outside the formation, absorbing the poisonous light in the air and drifting toward the Wild Formation King. There also seemed to be a mammoth entity raging in the frothy waters of the nearby Azure Dragon Lake.

Azure Dragon City was being eroded away and the great protective formation on the brink of collapse. Once it shattered, the city would be well and truly done for.




The one hundred and eight karmic fruits around Lu Yun exploded into pure karmic power that enveloped the city. He stood in the air, etching formation glyphs with one hand to repair the citys formation. His other hand deployed the Thunder Palmstrike death art, attempting to attract the poisonous lightning in the sky.

The consequences would be unimaginable if the Alchemist King obtained the lightning.

Hed lost his mind and become a jade-green poison fiend. Now equipped with three heads and eight arms, each arm wore a curious treasure of immense poison. These werent the treasures of the Alchemist King or poison fiend; they belonged to the master of the corpse poison!

The corpse poison in the jade-green light seemed to be alive and was deploying a combat art similar to the nascent spirit observation method. They wanted to project their master! Since the one hundred and eight poison pills had all entered the Alchemist Kings body, hed completely lost the form of a human being.

Thankfully, Xingzi had identified the method to dispel the harrowing poison. Hadal hellfire and karmic power perfectly melded together in her grasp. Her hands fluttered up and down like twin butterflies, dismantling the poison at their core.

Wisps of orange poison qi were stripped out of the jade-green light and the horrific poison immediately decreased in rank when the orange qi appeared. The latter was the corpse qi that Xingzi had mentioned.-

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