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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1456: Ancestor God

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Chapter 1456: Ancestor God

The Fish King reached behind her and undid the satin ribbon tying her hair. Her black hair cascaded behind her like a waterfall, undulating upon the air in the gentle breeze. The pale-yellow ribbon turned into a river of flame at the Fish Kings wave and snaked toward Lu Yuns magnificent canopy.

What was a casual gesture for the king translated into an incredible attack on Lu Yun. The five elemental clouds that hed gathered were swiftly washed away by the ribbon. Caught off guard, the incredible backlash drilled him into the ground.

Qing Ting and Azureclad jumped with shock and dove to pull him out, but Jin Naluo quickly stopped them.

“Dont touch him if you want to live! Theres a strange power surrounding him. At your level of strength, youll be crushed to pieces if you touch him.”

The brother and sister duo shuddered with dread and yanked their hands back.

Lu Yun seemed to be nailed into the ground; his canopy overhead was weakening and approaching collapse. It wasnt just the canopy, but also the Purple Stellar Mountain that was its basis!

The Fish Kings treasure was strong enough to destroy one of Lu Yuns greatest treasures!

He was unable to move from his position underground, but he remained staring fixedly at the air.

“Not bad, the Fish King isnt just a formation king. Shes also skilled in other supplemental daos!” He took a sharp breath and began burning with a silver flame that slowly dyed his hair pure silver.

He possessed one hundred and eighty tendrils of order, but the flames overall strength remained unchanged from before. However, the rootless hellfire of order was now tangible since itd put down roots in the Hongmeng.

The hadal, sanguine, netherdark, nihil, and abyssal hellfires were as if five enormous roots, assimilating the hellfire of order into the third realm. This process transformed the Hongmeng Pearl as well, shifting it from hazy purple to silver.

Its shadow twinkled in Lu Yuns eyes and the earth around him fissured. He rose into the air while the crumbling canopy stabilized with the aid of the silver flame.


Silver radiance intersected in the void and completely melded into the canopy. All of the formations within nine hundred million kilometers turned into purest silver. The magnificent canopy ponderously rotated in the void and smashed heavily into the pale-yellow river.

Lu Yuns hands wove through the air, sending talisman upon talisman shooting out from behind him. They reassembled into a talisman formation and contended with the Fish Kings tremendous array.

On the other side, the Fish King also rose into the air while the seventh-rank lotus flower beneath her feet blossomed in full glory. A pale-yellow flame rose from it to defy Lu Yuns flame of order.

“What kind of fire is that Its not very strong, but it encompasses a meaning that is the highest in the realm… No, that eclipses what can be found in the Hongmeng.” She frowned faintly at the unfamiliar flame.

The grand formation shed set up threatened to collapse the moment that strange fire appeared. If itd been anyone but the Fish King facing Lu Yun—even the Wild Formation King—they wouldve already been defeated.

“Incredible, no wonder he refuses to take the last step. Hes tempering this silver flame and wont enter thetrue realm before it reaches great perfection.” She saw through Lu Yuns condition with a single glance.

True realm was the realm after superior realm—the equivalent of titled kinghood in the current Hongmeng. What was generally understood as the battle strength of titled kings was actually the battle strength of the true realm

Having just set foot into this realm, Feng Qi was true first level realm. The Fish King was peak true ninth step, just a hairs breadth away from true king. Her real strength, however, had long since reached that level.

On the other hand, though Lu Yuns strength was far from true king, his cultivation level was that of the fourth realm. That was how he was able to use his comparatively puny strength to deploy fearsome power through the supplemental arts and fight the Fish King.

The seventh-rank lotus flower bloomed with splendor while the pentacolored canopy shot into the sky. Two formidable powers raged through nine hundred million kilometers, conducting a soundless slaughter upon their battlefield.

Whether it was Jin Naluo or Feng Qi, both irreverent beings shut their mouths and silently watched the awe-inspiring fight in the air. If any of this power seeped out, they would be vaporized in the blink of an eye.

“No wonder this kid refuses to ascend to kinghood… Is there a difference to him whether hes a titled king or not” Jin Naluo swallowed hard.

“Not titled kinghood, the true realm,” Feng Qi corrected.

“If this is all you have, Immortal King, then this is too disappointing indeed,” the Fish King announced lazily. She didnt seem to have used her full strength and remained completely at ease.

“So you havent sent out everything youve got either,” Lu Yun chuckled. “Im worried that Ill accidentally flatten you if I use too much power. Thatd be so boring.”

“Your glib tongue is unparalleled, at least.” The Fish King wasnt angered by the response. Instead, she also sent out a talisman formation with the wave of her hand. It rushed out from behind her and condensed into the shape of an enormous beast that pounced on Lu Yun.

It was gigantic at a thousand kilometers across. Although it was shaped like a tiger, there were a pair of razor-sharp wings on its back. It was a white tiger!

“Mother of all thats holy, a white tiger! That girlie brought out a white tiger!” Feng Qi yelped with shock.

The white tiger was one of the four ancestor gods of the Hongmeng, on par with the azure dragon. This Fish King had utilized the white tigers strength to project the great god!

Its power of yang metal exploded as soon as it took shape, shredding Lu Yuns shirt to pieces before it even drew close.

“Using the connate five elements in front of me” Lu Yun threw his head back with laughter. “Youre teaching your granddaddy how to suck eggs!”

Flinging out that modified Earth idiom, he reached out with his right hand and grasped toward the south. Blazing fire appeared in his hand and a piercing bird call echoed from it—the vermilion bird!

Death art—Mastery of the Five Elements!

Hed utilized the art to summon connate li fire from the south to coalesce a vermilion bird!

Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise were the four ancestor gods of the Hongmeng. Though their core essence wasnt that of wood, fire, water, and earth, their places of birth corresponded to those elements. Thus, they were able to wield these four elements as well.

After descending to the chaos and worlds, they left their core essence in the Hongmeng. Take Azure Dragon, for example. He controlled creation in the Hongmeng, but he utilized eastern yi wood in the chaos and worlds, not creation.-

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