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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1398: Suppressed By Order

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Chapter 1398: Suppressed By Order

Lu Yun stared fixedly at Ghost Dragon, viciously aiming every single one of his moves at Ghost Dragons vital points. He needed to be swift, decisive, and ruthless.

Though the Ghost Dragon in Dragonsea City wasnt the real one—just another paper figure drawn by the bizarre little boy—Lu Yun had to remain firmly on his guard. The current Ghost Dragon was stronger than the version thatd appeared in Coiling Dragon City. If it wasnt for the experience that Lu Yun had gained over the past two days and him perfecting the second technique of his sword dao, he would be no match for his former friend.

Ghost Dragon remained expressionless, not reacting much to Lu Yun. But the more he was thus, the more frustrated Lu Yun became.

After being exposed, many people knew that Ghost Dragon was part of the ghost race. Thus, there was no need for him to hide anything and he could call upon his strongest battle strength at any time. Qing Di was right—even ghosts would submit to Azure Dragon City if the faction was strong enough!

It wasnt ghosts and enemies that were frightening, but ones own weakness and impotence.

Though everyone understood that Ghost Dragon was here with ulterior motives, Azure Dragon City had still dared recruit him. They were wholly confident of keeping him in check and under control.

Such was the difference between the weak and the strong.

Compared to Azure Dragon, Coiling Dragon was indeed a weakling.

“Champion Duke!” Ghost Dragon suddenly howled. “I couldnt use my full strength last time in Coiling Dragon City. We fight for real this time!”


He flared with dense ghostly qi that overflowed with the wails of ten thousand ghosts. Ghost Dragon and his dragon-shaped spear swiftly disappeared into the energy.

He immediately reappeared everywhere the ghostly qi touched, stabbing out with his spear and locking Lu Yun in place. Shocked, the half step king assigned to fight with him swiftly retreated to the side and didnt dare work with Ghost Dragon any further. It was too likely that hed be dragged down onto the wrong side.

Instead, he turned around to coordinate with Qing Di and attack Qing Ting!


“Should we help” the Blackclad Duke asked quietly. Some of the other half step kings in the city had gathered around to spectate the epic battle.

“Help Help who Neither side is worth helping!” Seven Slaughters sneered. “At least the Robber Couple did their deeds out in the open—the seven guys from Azure Dragon City used their name to rob others. Thats a bit underhanded. Let them have their dogfight, well just watch the show!”

Puzzled, Seven Slaughters took another look at the Azureclad Duke standing off to the side. The Robber Couple had been exposed as little princess Qing Ting of Coiling Dragon City and the Champion Duke of the Trueriver Sect.

Those two were part of the Coiling Dragon faction, yet theyd robbed people from their own city quite a few times. Even the Azureclad Duke walked around with a long face.

Was there internal discord within Coiling Dragon City

Seven Slaughters couldnt make sense of it. From his perspective, he would absolutely join a strong band of robbers if his Exalted Sky Region boasted of one. There was nothing wrong with what the Robber Couple had done; this was the Dragonling Assembly—a chance for the younger generation to fight and train against each other. Robbing others was also a kind of training.

Blackclad shrank in on himself and spoke no further. As strong as he was, he was at most on par with Qing Dis followers. Maybe a tiny bit stronger than Leng Che and You Cang, but not quite rivaling Azureclad and Crimsonclad.

Hed finally identified his true level of strength and no longer strutted around with such self assurance.

“But… an identity token for the assembly is very important. We didnt travel a hundred million kilometers to Dragonsea City to simply watch a show. Well make our move when both sides are injured!” Seven Slaughters whispered.

Blackclad nodded, while Azureclad and Crimsonclad were preoccupied with the Battle of the City Walls.

“Well Are you disgruntled to be beaten by your own baby sister” teased Crimsonclad.

Azureclad shook his head with a rueful chuckle. “She was always so young in my eyes and so inexperienced. It looks like Im the youngun here and the one who needs to see more of the world. Shes taught me quite a lesson.

“Let us wait for now—everyone in the city is watching their fight. When both sides are injured, well buy some time for Qing Ting and the Champion Duke.”

Azureclad could naturally tell that this fight wouldnt be decided so quickly. Seeing as this was the last day of the chaotic melee in the city, both parties would be grievously injured if they wanted to swiftly decide the outcome.

“Mmhmm.” Being a clear-minded person, Crimsonclad nodded in agreement.


Faced with endless copies of Ghost Dragon in the ghostly qi, Lu Yun deployed Dragonrise. A cerulean dragon crouched at the bottom of an abyss slowly lifted its head and emanated the aura of a divine dragon.

Second move—twin dragons soar!

Two enormous cerulean dragons soared into the sky at the same time, forming the layout of twin fish of yin and yang. They bore down on Ghost Dragon with indomitable sword light.

This second move that was called Twin Dragonsoar was part of Lu Yuns perfection of his sword dao. While the two dragons were the cerulean blue of Stellar Light Magneticus, silver light danced in their eyes.

There were thirty strands of order in Lu Yuns body. Since he couldnt use the other hellfire for the time being, he incorporated the fire of order into his sword dao.

The combination of order and sword dao enabled him to release power more than thirty times stronger than his usual capabilities.

He repeatedly slayed Ghost Dragons within the ghostly qi; a strange power lingered after the copies died and was absorbed by the order of fire.

A thirty-first tendril of fire appeared.

“This strange power is the complete opposite of order… Is this what the hell of order suppresses” Understanding dawned in Lu Yuns mind. “What order suppresses is… chaotic disorder. Only through suppressing that can order come into being, and thereby life!

“I can meld my sword dao with order and develop the sword dao of order. Itll be able to cut through disorder then!”

Following his thoughts, a hint of change appeared in his dragon-shaped sword dao. It was the most minute of changes, but it caused a drastic chain reaction. A silver seed appeared in Lu Yuns sword dao!

A seed for the hell of order!

The fires of the Hadal, Sanguine, Nihil, Abyssal, and Nether Hells emerged from the Tome of Life and Death and surged into the seed, the flames fully becoming Lu Yuns.


The cerulean sword light morphed into pure silver. Two silver dragons around Lu Yun snarled and rushed into the ghostly qi.

It dispersed seconds later as Ghost Dragon fell heavily to the ground.-

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