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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1383: Little Boy

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Chapter 1383: Little Boy

The Treasurehunter Rat often visited Mount Cloudcover because it sensed Lu Yuns presence beneath the big grave. Lu Yuns future self was also Lu Yun, but he was now a dao fruit that rested silently inside the grave.

A complicated mix of emotions rose in Lu Yuns heart. When hed reached the dao immortal realm, hed walked the path of using himself as a dao fruit. After he found the dao fruit of his past self, hed not only absorbed his past cultivation level and experiences, but his strength had taken a massive leap forward as well.

If he could recover his future self, hed gain more than that… hed be able to see the various permutations of the future!

His future self was far more important than his past self. And just like his past self, he couldnt form any karmic ties to the future. He would silently cultivate and observe from the shadows just like his past self—of that Lu Yun was certain of.

The future Lu Yun was also Lu Yun, so he was very cognizant of what he should be doing then.

“Come on, lets go take a look!” Lu Yun set his jaw. He also wanted to know what his future self was doing here. When the little fox opened the passage to the future, hed distinctly felt that it was an inordinately long road. That path wouldnt have led to this day less than a hundred years later!

There was only one possibility—Lu Yuns future self had come back on his own.

He had to understand what had happened in the future, why his future self hadnt sought out the future Lu Yun and instead, returned to present time.

Based on Lu Yun and Miaos original plans, his future self would convene with the future Lu Yun to be his dao fruit.


The bronze doors were incredibly large, like the gates to a world. They were just a shadow in the air—their true forms were hidden in layers of space. However, there was a tiny door next to the massive ones—less than fifteen centimeters across. It was a tiny thieves tunnel. Plainly, it was the Treasurehunter Rats handiwork.

It had tremendous innate potential and could solve many layouts and formations. It was like equipping a tiger with wings after it learned feng shui and the art of tomb raiding.

Lu Yun had never fathomed that the rat would be able to dig a tunnel here.

“The tunnel is just a bit short of perfection. Though it accesses the inside of the grave, there are countless planes of space inside. Youll only end up on its outskirts.” Lu Yun glanced at the rat thatd jumped onto his shoulder and caressed its head.

“It looks like theres only one door to the grave, but there are many layers to it—a full three thousand, six hundred and fifty copies to be exact. Each one leads to a different grave, but theres only one real one.

“Who set this grave up …me” Lu Yun stroked his chin. “I do have the ability to set up something like this, but there are many things I cant see through here. If that wasnt the case, the person behind Ghost Dragon and Ghost Phoenix wouldnt have set up a layout of dragon and phoenix to break it.”

He subconsciously wanted to operate the Dragonquake Scripture, but a hint of warning emanated from the depths of his heart when the thought occurred to him. He immediately stopped calling upon the method.

“Dont go inside!” Qing Yu suddenly blocked Lu Yuns way, her face ashen. “Dont come here before you make titled kinghood, or this will be a layout of death for you!

“I, I derived how to get inside and successfully made it to your future self,” she murmured. “But its all fake. Your future self told me this is fake and that you shouldnt come here before youre a titled king!”

“You can see my future self” Lu Yun gasped.

“I cant.” Qing Yu shook her head. “But you can see me.”

Dismayed, he understood what Qing Yu meant.

“Is the future really a dead end” Lu Yun murmured. “Did he come back because neither you nor I exist there” He glanced at the little fox. “Can you sense your soul force replica”

“My soul force replica didnt follow you to the future. It dissipated on the way there,” came the disappointing reply.

Lu Yun nodded. “Lets go. I keep feeling like theres something behind the door thats luring me in. We need to leave, and fast, before I cant control myself.”

Cold sweat suddenly beaded his forehead and he hastily opened the Gates of the Abyss, jumping through with Qing Yu, Miao, and the rat.

A pale, chubby boy roughly eight years old walked out of the bronze doors after Lu Yun left.

“Did he get away What a pity.” He held a brush in his hand and his expression looked like he was both crying and laughing. He turned around and faced the huge grave in front of him. “What a pity that if I dont have Lu Yun, I can only use the layout of dragon and phoenix to undo this graves layout.

“Damn that Meng! That stupid busybody Meng! If it wasnt for you cooking up Mount Cloudcover, this little master wouldve gotten the thing a long time ago!” He raised the brush in his hand and drew a few light strokes in the air, recreating the vanished scroll painting.

He was the artist behind the painting!

“Ghost Dragon, go to Azure Dragon City and claim one of the Dragonling Assembly spots. You have to participate no matter what and get that old dragons blood!” he roared at the painting.

“Yes, master.” A respectful Ghost Dragon slowly materialized on bended knee.

“Go now.” The little boy schooled his expression and gently waved his hand.


A hazy door appeared in the void and an enormous bridge darted out of it, smashing down on the little boys head.

“…Lu Yun!!” shrieked the little boy and he waved the brush through the air in a gentle stroke, creating a massive spatial turbulence.

The Bridge of Forgetfulness fell right into it and flared with fiery black sparks that pierced through the spatial turbulence. It continued descending onto the little boy, unabated.

“A creature of the fourth realm!” The little boys eyes turned blood red and his features turned into the laughing and crying ones of an akasha ghost.

“Waughhhhh!!” He howled at the sky and swished the brush at the bridge.

The bridge jolted and evaded the brush, ripping straight through the scroll painting and tearing it to shreds. A faint purple figure appeared and yanked the still kneeling Ghost Dragon and Fire Parasol Tree thatd been ejected from the painting, then vanished without a trace.

The little boy remained screaming on the spot, releasing terrifying malice from his body that contorted his figure.-

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