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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1365: Feud

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The great battle between the Hua brothers drew a tremendous amount of eyeballs. High level kings rarely appeared in the Hongmeng—not only were two at Cloudexit City at the same time, but they were fighting with no holds barred! A battle between two seventh step kings was very beneficial for low and mid level kings.

Lu Yun also made use of this opportunity to depart from Cloudexit.

Starspace Region was at peace once more and anything regarding the fugitive Moon King was out of his hands. There was nothing he could do about the possibility of her stirring up future trouble. He was only a humble half step king, was he to stick his nose into the entire realms affairs

It should be the Enforcer Alliance in charge of the whole affair, anyhow. And of course, the Moon King was now listed on their Bounty Ranking after the dust had settled.


All was as quiet as usual within Redbud Region. The Redbud King remained firmly inside her territorys boundaries, but the outside world directed significant dissatisfaction at her. Countless Cloudexit cultivators had been sacrificed in this war to protect Redbud Region, yet she remained aloof and indifferent from beginning to end. She didnt even express any condolences or sentiments!

As the criticism grew, the Immortal Pagoda came out to clarify that all of the purple crystals awarded for ghost crystals came from the Redbud King. Even the mission and bounty were her ideas; the pagoda was just the administrator.

Only with that announcement did Redbud Regions outlook stabilize and a chorus of grumblings silenced. Otherwise, persons with ulterior motives mightve further fabricated problems or false flags as an excuse to redistribute the land and resources of Redbud Region.

Likewise, Lu Yun couldnt be bothered with the fight between Hua Fengwen and Hua Fengzhan. The brothers were evenly matched, making it impossible to determine a victor within a short period of time. A duel to the death was even more outside the realm of possibility.

The two restrained themselves somewhat after he left. It was important to be on guard against ambush from third parties—the dao rules of seventh step kings were very valuable.


“What did you teach that big dragon… Why can it escape the fetters of the Hongmeng and begin evolving into a true life form” Dragon Butterfly regarded Lu Yun with discontent.

The great dragon of Starspace Region had arrived with the Starspace King a few days ago and flashed into Redbud Mountain. Its arrival reinforced the mountain immensely and increased the strength of the landmass innate Hongmeng qi. The dragon also found it easier to cultivate inside, forming a complementary relationship.

Dragon Butterly knew everything having to do with the realms dragons. When she saw the changes in the Starspace dragon, she immediately knew that Lu Yun had taught it something unusual.

“Would you dare learn it if I taught it to you” Lu Yun grinned at Dragon Butterfly. “That great dragons already regretted the knowledge and constantly thinks about how to end the karmic tie with me.”

Dragon Butterfly paused. “It cant be… that! You know that”

She instantly realized what Lu Yun had taught the big dragon.

The Dragonquake Scripture!

Only the Dragonquake Scripture possessed the ability to propel a dragon with a tiny bit of true spirit and will down the path of a true life form.

“Yep, that.” Lu Yun nodded. “But youre already a real life form, so you dont need it, do you All you need is the ancestral dragon blood for you to recover your true body.”

Hed made some preliminary deductions to determine Dragon Butterflys current condition. The first azure dragon of the Hongmeng had also evolved from a great dragon, one unfathomably more colossal than Dragon Butterfly. Prior to the azure dragon, Dragonhollow Mountain in Azure Dragon Region had claimed the title of the greatest dragon of the realm.

If Dragon Butterfly could obtain the blood left behind by the azure dragon, she would possess the will it once had and completely subdue her body beneath Redbud Mountain.

“Are we going to Dragonhollow Mountain now” Dragon Butterflys eyes lit up and she flushed with excitement.

“Yes, right now!” Lu Yun nodded. “But… how are you planning to get that ancestral blood Are you going to lay careful plans after getting inside, or just outright take it There are ninth step kings inside the mountain, after all.”

“Um…” Dragon Butterfly cast a blank stare at the Redbud King next to her, who smiled faintly back without a word. Redbud was also a Hongmeng-level shut-in. Whatever perplexed Dragon Butterfly would also stump her.

“How much time will you need to refine the ancestral blood after you obtain it” Lu Yun asked with a frown.

“Just a split second!” she answered quickly. “The azure dragon shares the same roots as me. Theoretically speaking, were brothers and sisters. I can refine his blood in the blink of an eye and my will and true spirit will immediately ascend to controlling my body!”

“In that case, lets head into Dragonhollow Mountain and search for the dragons ancestral blood. Bear in mind, though, that theyll certainly erupt with open hostilities toward you after that and view you as their most hated enemy,” Lu Yun explained solemnly.

Everyone knew of Dragon Butterflys existence and cultivators within the realm didnt dare covet Redbud Mountain because of her.

It wasnt because they feared her, since they could gravely injure her by paying the price of a few ninth step kings. It was that there were countless kings in the Hongmeng and those hidden in the shadows the most voracious of them all. There were certainly people just waiting to swoop in after someone was seriously wounded upon attacking her.

For instance, the goal of the Starspace ghosts had been very clear—Redbud Mountain of Redbud Region. Despite that, very few high level Hongmeng kings had come to support Cloudruin Region. Theyd at most sent their disciples or descendants for an adventure and to temper themselves.

If it hadnt been for Lu Yun, the ghost tomb in Starspace Region wouldve come to fruition and Redbud Region invaded by ghosts. This was also a tacitly understood outcome accepted by certain people.

As frustrated as they mightve been with the Immortal Pagoda and Haotian Tower intervening, there was nothing they dared say about it. The Ten Valleys of Evil were very likely behind the Immortal Pagoda, and it was the Supplemental Dao Alliance behind Haotian Tower.

It wasnt for no reason that Lu Yun commanded the Autumn King to hold down the fort in Redbud Region.

“Dragonhollow Mountain… it isnt the first time that theyve schemed against me. I wouldnt be in such a rush to take tangible form otherwise and couldve crafted a ninth step king body for myself!” Anger dawned in Dragon Butterflys eyes when she mentioned the mountain. “Itd be one thing if it was any other faction, but Dragonhollow Mountain I wont forgive them for this!”

The mountain had done certain things and inflicted serious losses to her before the Redbud Kings birth. She nursed a death feud with them!

“In that case, let us go to Azure Dragon Region now.” Lu Yun nodded, all of his concerns assuaged.

Dragonhollow Mountain also had their eyes set on the world of immortals and had created something as terrifying as the Abyss of Divine Burial in his home. They were his enemy as well.

“Just a moment, let me take human form. If I leave just like this, Dragonhollow will detect it and they might do something to Redbud.” Dragon Butterfly looked worriedly at the Redbud King.

Redbud was a peak sixth step king and invincible against peers when physically present in her own region, thanks to the one hundred and eight thousand layouts that Lu Yun had set up. However, she was still no match for high level kings.

“Dont worry, I already have a ninth step king hidden on the regions borders. Whoever comes will get quite a nasty surprise,” Lu Yun chuckled.

“Thats right, and theres also the big Starspace dragon.” Dragon Butterfly relaxed. “It rivals a peak ninth step king…”-

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